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March 2017 LootMarch 2017 Loot

murialitamurialita1 year agoLoot
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March 2017 Haul!

A little more timely this time around. Some lovely figures came home in this haul, and it's time to open them up and look them over. Expect some boobs and luscious booties in your near future. Also some Tamamo goodness came home to!


Mishima Haruna ITEM #397068

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Have you ever seen a figure that you have no idea who it is or where it came from, but you just know you have to buy it? That is what happened to me with Mishima Haruna. Once I saw the painted prototype, I knew she was going to be mine. Even before I knew what CHUNITHM was, even before I knew she was designed by Kurehito Misaki. Everything about her just hit my "must buy" nerve. (If you are interested in seeing what type of game CHUNITHM is, here's a link to someone insanely good at it playing: www.youtube.com...)

Haruna stands on a stair-step representation of the CHUNITHM playing screen. The pegs are metal, and hold Haruna securely. The part that goes up into her heel gap is at an angle, so make sure when you are putting her on or taking her off the base, you do so at an angle rather than straight up and down. Her other foot is not attached, but still rests nicely on the base.

She holds an umbrella in one hand. The umbrella has a peg on it which pegs into a hole in her palm. The umbrella is not necessary, and the hole is hidden by her fingers, so if you don't want to use it, you don't need to. Though her hand is in an awkward pose without it, so I'd suggest making her hold something at least.

Her hat attaches securely to her head with a magnet. The magnet is well hidden, so it is not visible at all. Once again, the hat is not necessary, but without it, her hand is again in an awkward position. Once on her head, the hat does not fall off, even if you hold her upside down.

Haruna's outfit is lovely, and very eye catching. The contrast between the pure white and the brown works really well. She has a gold chain across the front of her corset. The fabric flying out behind the skirt has a nice polka dot pattern on it.

Her hair is lovely! There is a ton of shading in it, rather than just being a glob of brown. There is so much sculpting as well. There are a couple seams on the top of her head, but if you have her hat on, it is not noticeable. Also, on the inside of her hair, near the tips, the hair fades to a nice purple color, which is a nice touch.

The only real complaint I've heard about Haruna (aside from not knowing who she is) is her face. People said it look strange. While I can understand that, I like her face. I think the thing that looks a little weird would be her mouth, but I think that's only because she has teeth, but at a distance, they blend into her upper lip, making it seem elongated. Her eyes are also very beautiful.

As I was taking the pictures, I noticed a big white mark on her bangs. I was all set to complain about it being scratched. I went back and checked out my video to see if it was there from the start or if I had scratched her by accident. The first I noticed it was when I took her head off. I had forgotten that was possible, because it doesn't really make sense for it to be detachable in the first place. The white mark coincided with where her hand is, so I thought, maybe I had accidentally rubbed her head against her fingers when I was taking it off or putting it back on. I went in with a small piece of magic eraser, and it came right off! Hurray for no scratches! Just be warned, paint transfer is possible when you are working with her head.

Overall, I am really very happy with Haruna. As I said at the beginning, even though I knew nothing about her, I knew I needed to own her. I think it was a very good decision!

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All my uploaded pics of this figure: profiles.php?us...


Felicia von Flamberg ITEM #465555

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The first time I saw Felicia as I was browsing AmiAmi, she really caught my eye. Once again, I have no clue about her or about her source material. I just know she looks to be very yummy! However, it took me a while before I decided to buy her. I really wished she was wearing a skirt or some shorts in addition to her apron. So I passed on her for a few weeks. Well, I was browsing again, and happened to see her again. I looked at her more and more, and eventually, the booty commanded me to buy her. I'm very glad I made the correct decision, as she is quite amazing.

I really love the colors on her, as well as the shiny paint used on her apron, thigh-highs, and boots. It contrasts wonderfully with the flat paint of her skin and hair. The same with the blue coloring used on the clothes and her red hair. I also really love the white and black strips on her thigh-highs!

The frill on Felicia's apron is not attached, and is removable. It does help hid her underwear from the front, and removing it fully exposes her white pantsu. However, as it's not attached to the apron, if you look closely towards the back, you can see a gap.

Felicia is a little embarrassed (totally understandable), and she is pouting. Her cheeks appear to be a little puffed out. Unfortunately, I am not a fan of this, and it makes her face look too squared to me. Still, her face is well done, and her eyes are very detailed.

Her hair is lovely. I like how it fades from red to translucent yellow. It reminds me of a flame effect. The hair is sculpted decently enough, and there are no obvious places where Kotobukiya has attached random strands. However, the hair is also the lowest quality area on her in my opinion. The paint feels very rough. There appears to be some chips in it as well in a few places.

Probably the best feature on Felicia, in my opinion, would have to be her butt! Her ass is totally amazing, and is one of the yummiest booties I've seen in the figure world. It's very plump and curvy, and her thong underwear disappears deep into the crack. It really helps to accentuate it. Also, the cheeks are not welded together! Another wonderful touch is that her underwear is not a solid block, and if you look down the crack from the top, you can see a gap! Her pantsu also appears to be a couple sizes too small as it digs deeply into her hips.

I feel this figure is one of Kotobukiya's better ones. Most of the usual problems don't exist. All the fine lines are nice and clean. There is still a little bit of roughness in the paint in a couple places, but she still looks great. I hope she fits in with Amakuni's rendition of Fuyuka ITEM #520685, who is due out in October or November. They are meant to go together, but Amakuni tends to be a much higher quality company than Koto in my opinion. So we will see how they go together when my Fuyuka gets here!

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Tamamo is such a good helper!

All my uploaded pics of this figure: profiles.php?us...


Lucifer ITEM #97000

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*Video is Age-Resticted

Another month, another Sin joins the collection. This time we have the Sin of Pride herself, Lucifer. About a week after I had placed the order for her, Orchid Seed announced the new release of her. So luckily, I didn't have to have the debate I am having with Leviathan over whether to get the original or the new one with Lucifer. I've read about several people that have had problems with her pieces being very loose, and just falling off. Luckily on my copy, most of the pieces are still pretty secure. The exception would be her waist joint, which comes apart very easily. In fact, one of her puffy shoulders was fairly stuck to her, making me think it was permanently attacked in the video. A little prying afterwards, and it popped off.

Like the rest of the figures in this line, Lucifer has a lot of removable pieces leading to multiple ways you can display her. She is castoff-able, revealing a pair of really nice breasts. There are actually a normal size (ie, smaller), and have a really nice shape to them, with good separation.

The armor on her knees is removable, but do be careful in doing this. The pieces are pretty much pressure fitted on, and as I unfortunately found out, they can easily transfer paint to her legs. As I have fairly large fingers, I am unable to get the magic eraser where it needs to go to remove it.

Her skirt is also removable. The front petal is a separate piece. It attaches to a slot in the main body peg. I like the way the petals change color, and the nice blue accents on the feathers. I'm not the biggest fan of the tail that stick out from the back, but it is what it is.

Her weapon is very delicate. The handle is very long and thin, and could be very easy to break. While I originally thought the handle was supposed to slide into her hand, she is actually meant to grip it a little higher up, under the creatures tail. The creature that clings to it is really well done, as well.

Lucifer's face was the thing that made me have to consider her a few times. It does seem a little off to me. Still, it is really well done, and painted very nicely.

I love her dirty blonde hair. There are so many strands in it as well. Care needs to be taken that they don't get caught on things and break off. Also, as you may know, pony-tails are the best hairstyle ever.

As I'm not the biggest fan of the puffy shoulder style in general, I plan on displaying her without them. Unfortunately this reveals some bad seam lines. There is a gap where her right arm attaches to the rest of the arm. Looking closely, you can also see the seam where the shoulder pieces attach to her torso. From a distance though, neither of these issues are visible.

Lucifer turned out ok, but to me is the lowest quality of the three sins I own so far. She is fairly wobbly when I walk by my display cases. Still, she looks pretty good, and I'm glad I picked her up, and at a fairly good price as she was from the pre-owned section. There's only one more Sin I have my eye on right now, so it's only a matter of time until Leviathan comes home as well.

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With my other Sins

All my uploaded pics of this figure: profiles.php?us...


With that, my March haul is concluded. As of right now, all three figures are of unknowns. I'm so glad I got rid of the rule of only buying figures of characters I know, because I would have missed out on some lovely ladies again. I can't wait until the new sin anime starts airing next week. Then I'll know more about some of the ladies I've been buying this year then.

BTW, here is a playlists with all my unboxing videos. Check them out if you are interested! www.youtube.com...
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murialita (1 year ago) #19713765Well, Felicia is on the KotoUS site if that means anything. Though she is listed as no longer available.

It's always been sort of a mystery to me which figures Koto will opt to distribute in the US. Back when the dollar-yen exchange rate was bad, it was often much more economical to wait for a US release of Koto offerings, but I got burned a couple of times when they didn't do a US release of certain figures. For example, I was going to wait for ITEM #19914 but then I learned Lynette wasn't going to get a US release.
1 year ago
Panda_Chan Impey's Princess
Panda_Chan (1 year ago) #19714104I need Lucifer in my life ;v;
Which is kind of funny comment because of my profile picture haha
1 year ago
Panda_Chan Impey's Princess
I need Lucifer in my life ;v;
1 year ago
victorviper (1 year ago) #19659940I wonder if Kotobukiya will release that figure through their US distribution network?Well, Felicia is on the KotoUS site if that means anything. Though she is listed as no longer available.
1 year ago
I have the exact same thoughts as you towards theses figures, i don't know where they come from but they are so beautiful i'm stil considering getting them despite my ultimate and unbroken (yet) rule of only getting figures of characters I know and love ..

They look even more beautiful than i thought, really nice blog and really great photo/video quality !

Since my budget doesn't really allow me to break that said rule, i will eventually get one of those later if their price drop a little.
1 year ago
I had to vote for Lucifer because she's a figure I keep coming back to, wondering if one day I should get her or not.

Your photos really gave me more of an appreciation for Felicia, though! I had dismissed her originally because I'm not familiar with the source material, but wow she's lovely. That butt, oh my! Also I didn't realise there will be another figure to pair with her, nice!
1 year ago
Felicia is my runner-up. Lucifer is just so pretty, I think wings/feathers add so much to a figure.
1 year ago
ITEM #465555 is so neat. The bunny ears, maid outfit, thong, and her Nishii origins check a lot of my moe boxes! I wonder if Kotobukiya will release that figure through their US distribution network?
1 year ago