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Sneak Peek: Kotobukiya Star Wars Celebration 2017 ExclusivesSneak Peek: Kotobukiya Star Wars Celebration 2017 Exclusives

KotobukiyaKotobukiya10 months agoNews
This week is the beginning of Star Wars Celebration 2017!
We welcome you to check out the Kotobukiya booth (#3332), and if you're lucky, you might be able to get your hands on one of our SWC exclusives!

See our Youtube video for an up-close look and a little back story on our SWC exclusive droids: youtu.be/sjx2L6...

Check out the blue sheen on Triple 0's paint!!

Thanks to this R5-D4, our little R2-D2 was able to carry out his mission.

Assassination droid, BT-1

Available online for a limited time to those who are unable to attend Celebration, these guys are now ONLY available at Star Wars Celebration in Orlando, FL April 13th-16th. I am unfortunately staying in Tokyo for this one, but Agent Leu and several other staff members would be glad to see you there!


For a full list of Kotobukiya's Star Wars products at this year's celebration, see the following (and please excuse the image quality):


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heathersaur (10 months ago) #19713797Do you guys have a list of what you'll have for sale besides the exclusives?

Updated above!
10 months ago
Do you guys have a list of what you'll have for sale besides the exclusives?
10 months ago
Got the 000 set... really looking forward to receiving them!
10 months ago
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