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30-Day Figure Challenge---Parts 1-15

victorvipervictorviper10 months agoMisc
The 30-day figure challenge blog/32010 posed by MFC user caneton has yielded some interesting articles about MFC'ers collections, so I thought I'd try my hand at it. Here goes...

1. Your gateway figure.

I can't actually recall what my very first figure was, but I do know that once upon a time, my figure collection consisted of precisely these three figures:


Circa 2008, Haruhi Suzumiya was the big thing in anime, and so Haruhi ITEM #3 was one of the first figures I ever bought. I've also always been a fan of the Dead or Alive franchise, and so ITEM #232 was another early addition to my collection, particularly since these Kaiyodo Bome figures could be found really cheap. Additionally, Gunslinger Girl was (and still is) one of my favorite anime and thus Henrietta ITEM #39 was probably my first must-have figure. It's a shame that so few Gunslinger Girl figures ever got made...

2. Your most entry-level figure.

The best candidate here is a little mini-Nendoroid of Hatsune Miku ITEM #25359.


I'd call it entry level since it was the bonus item that came with a CD ITEM #111330.

3. Most obscure figure

Without a doubt my most obscure figure is an old Volks figure of Ayu Daikuuji ITEM #236652 from the Kimi ga Nozomu Eien anime/visual novel. Apparently only me and two other people on MFC own this figure, and when I wrote a review of this figure, it was pretty clear that not many people really know the KgNE anime/visual novel these days...


4. An impulse buy.

I've made plenty of impuluse buys over the years, but one of the better ones was a Phat! figure of Yuriko Nanao from Idolm@ster! Million Live ITEM #287696.


I saw this figure in AmiAmi's sale section, and they had a new one with box damage to boot, taking her price down to about 50% of the original retail. Something about her caught my eye and so I did some research on the character, as I know virtually nothing about Million Live (other than it exists). Learning about Yuriko's bookish nature elevated this unknown figure, and so I said what the heck and impulse bought it. Now, Yuriko sits prominently on a shelf right above my desk and I like how her expression makes it look like she's always happy to see you :).

Honorable mention: Plum's Saki Nagatsuka ITEM #320011. Again, this was sort of an impulse buy since I didn't really know too much about the Ryo-Kyu-Bu anime; rather, the bunny+glasses+braids combination simply checked a bunch of my moe boxes. I liked the figure so much that I ended up checking out the Ryo-Kyu-Bu anime and I eventually picked up this entire set of figures!


5. Figure you spent the most on.

This was kind of a tough one to figure out for a couple of different reasons. Figure prices have of course been on the rise during the last couple of years, but the USD-yen exchange rate is at least OK these days. Additionally, in 2011/2012, the rate was terrible but looking back I didn't import a whole lot during those years; most of my figure purchases during those two years were items that had been around for a couple of years and which were available at US stores.

I ultimately figured out that my most expensive figure was also my first 1/4 scale figure, FREEing's Kuroko Shirai ITEM #135060. This figure was released in May 2013, and the exchange rate was still less than 100 yen to the dollar back then. I seem to recall paying 14000 or 15000 yen for Kuroko (suggested retail was 17900 yen), and her 1/4 scale meant she had to have cost at least 4000 yen to ship. Back then, the exchange rate was around 98 yen to the dollar, and so Kuroko plus shipping must have set me back somewhere between $185 and $195.


A close second would probably be Kotobukiya's Sasara Kusugawa ITEM #333165, released just a few months ago.


I was kind of surprised at Sasara's price (17800 yen suggested), but my Sasara+shipping ended up setting me back about 18000 yen, making her just marginally less expensive than Kuroko.

6. Best deal you've gotten.

Probably the best deal I've gotten was a figure that I considered a grail item for the low low price of 1900, Aoshima's Kooh ITEM #5840. Back in the day, I was quite a Pangya fan, and I always liked Kooh in particular. There weren't many Pangya figures made, and there were even fewer made of Kooh, so I set about trying to find one. Then, one day, there she was in AmiAmi's preowned section!


The figure has some pretty significant QC issues, but I was happy to find this figure, so I'd still say it was a great deal.

Honorable mention: I've always had a soft spot for the Daphne in the Brilliant Blue anime, so I was glad to pick up a cheap preowned figure of the one and only proper scale figure from that series, Alter's Maia Mizuki ITEM #944. Maia only set me back about 2000 yen, and she's now one of my favorites.


7. Favorite poseable figure.

There's no question here. The clear winner is Kotobukiya's Yotsuba Koiwai ITEM #127107. This figure was a kit, so not only was it was a lot of fun to build, but Yotsuba's camera has proved to be one of my favorite figure accessories.




It's so much fun to photograph Yotsuba photographing other figures! Second-order figure photography, you might say :).

I always liked this shot too. I wonder where she got her hands on the Lance of Longinus?


8. Favourite chibi figure.

Kobato and Maria (ITEM #136448 and ITEM #144290) are cute enough, but I think that in Nendo form, their cuteness goes up to 11.


9. Favorite prize figure.

I've got a lot of candidates to choose from here, but I think the winner would have to be an old Sega prize figure of the one and only Asuka Langley Soryu ITEM #1156.


I like Asuka, I like bunny figures, and to my amazement this is really the only mass-produced figure out there of Asuka in a bunny outfit. That would really be enough to vault this figure into my favorites, but couple that with her melancholic expression, and you have an extremely interesting figure!

10. First grail owned.

The first addition to my collection which I considered a grail was Max Factory's Makoto Sawatari ITEM #11. This is not a super-rare figure by any means, but I started to think of her as a grail because when I was hunting the figure, I had a really tough time trying to track one down! I would see her somewhere, and either someone would buy her before I could even add the figure to my shopping cart and there was more than one occasion where I had her in my cart, but someone else checked out with her before I could!


As an aside, I really like this shot of Makoto, but it came at a price. Three years ago, the area where I live got hit by a hellacious ice storm. The city was paralyzed for the better part of a week and I had no power for three days. So when you have no power, no TV, no internet, and you can't go anywhere since the roads are an icy mess and there are downed trees and power lines all over the place, what do you do? Answer: go outside with your figures and at least try to take some pretty pictures :).

11. Items or characters you have multiples of (includes shrines).

Where to begin?

I have what I would consider sub-collections of the following characters and franchises.

Characters: Asuka Langley Soryu, Super Sonico, Super Pochaco, Sakura Kinomoto, Kuroko Shirai.

Franchises: Strike Witches, Vocaloid.

12. Figure non-collectors would appreciate.

Persona 3 is still a pretty popular franchise, and I think my Aigis Figma ITEM #13229 could be appreciated by non-collectors.

13. Figure you're ashamed to show your family (NSFW figures or lewd figures, particularly).

I think "ashamed" is too strong of a word here, but there is one figure I sometimes do something with depending on who's coming over to the house. That figure is the beautiful but naughty Matsuri Tougetsu ITEM #209601.


In her default configuration, the figure doesn't even draw much notice from houseguests, but she has some alternate bare breast parts, and she also has a hyper-ecchi optional accessory, [NSFW language behind the spoiler tag] View spoilerHide spoilera large sexy toy. I usually display Matsuri in her non-NSFW state, but I do like to mix up my shelves every now and then, so whenever I've got Matsuri displayed either with the optional breast parts or View spoilerHide spoilerwhere she's using her fun toy she gets temporarily put away into a cabinet when some of my more prudish friends are visiting or when mom and dad stop over for dinner.

14. Fixer-upper or a figure you've had to repair (maybe you broke it or it came broken).

I've had good pretty good luck in not getting damaged figures, but I have had to do one significant repair project. I ordered ITEM #12068 from a US shop, as she was very expensive. It was unknown to me at the time that the figure was resin and therefore hyper-fragile.


You can probably see in the photo that Lumiere's "phone" was snapped in half. Her right arm had also snapped off in transit, but fortunately it was a clean break. I thought about sending back the figure, but by the time I received the figure, Lumiere had disappeared from the shop's website; given the choice of shipping it back for a refund and not getting a replacement or trying my hand at repair, I chose the latter.

15. Item with an interesting story.

During the DVD boom of the early and mid 2000's, I shopped a lot at my local Suncoast store, as they often had buy one get one half-off/free DVD deals, and coupled with their rewards card, I could often get DVD's almost as cheap as ordering online. For a while, that Suncoast also stocked all kinds of anime-related goods-wallscrolls, plushies, and for a while they even stocked a limited selection of scale figures, including a figure of one of my favorite characters, Hitomi from DOAX ITEM #422.


Unfortunately, not many of the figures seemed to sell and they took up a lot of space in a mall store! Thus, eventually all the figures got marked down and exiled to the clearance section, including Hitomi. I thought about buying her many times, but I also saw the figures getting increasingly discounted week after week, so I kept holding out for a super deal. Finally, I was in the store one day, and I noticed that Hitomi was the last figure they had left, having been marked all the way down to $19. She clearly needed a good home.

I also vividly remember the checkout process. The cashier looked at me, the cashier looked at the figure, the cashier looked at me, smirked a little bit, and rang up the figure. I kind of miss those days of buying anime goods in person :).


I've written reviews of many of the items in this article, if you'd like to check them out:

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FREEing 1/4 Kuroko Shirai (A Certain Scientific Railgun) blog/8666
Kotobukiya 1/6 Sasara Kusugawa (To Heart 2 Dungeon Travelers) blog/30654
Aoshima Kooh (PangYa) blog/20261
Alter 1/6 Maia Mizuki (Daphne in the Brilliant Blue) blog/12215
Kotobukiya Yotsuba Koiwai model kit (Yotsuba&!) blog/10241
Sega Prize Asuka Bunny (Evangelion) blog/12330
Max Factory 1/8 Makoto Sawatari (Kanon) blog/11493
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heartfulcries (10 months ago) #19961269I didn't know there were PangYa figures! O.O

Unfortunately, there are not that many. There are a fair number of trading figures, but only about half a dozen proper scales, setting aside the many color variants of this ITEM #463 one. One of my super ultimate grail figures is this ITEM #28798 Kooh, but there is little chance of ever finding that figure out in the wild.
10 months ago
I didn't know there were PangYa figures! O.O
10 months ago
WanderingWastrel (10 months ago) #19903495Yotsuba with the Lance of Longinus is both hilarious and horrifying at the same time. :D

That's a good way of putting it :). Yotsuba with the lance, what could possibly go wrong there?
10 months ago
Yotsuba with the Lance of Longinus is both hilarious and horrifying at the same time. :D
10 months ago
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