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Recommendation for figure like GSC's Altera

monkrymonkry8 months agoAsk MFC
Hello :)

So, I'm searching for scale/figure like this item: ITEM #464644. To be specific:

- Female
- Has been released already
- Has body like Altera's above: very skinny and flat chest
- Reveal especially the belly like Altera's pose
- can be non-scale, but NOT action figure (figma, SHF, etc)

- Not rare
- Not that pricey (something below $80 aftermarket price)
- Beach Queen figure
- Skin tone that isn't too fair/pale

Any recommendation for a figure like that?

If I post in wrong place, please tell me where should I post it, or where should I ask for recommendation if I need one next time. Thank you! :)
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Moony (8 months ago) #20485186BVibes (8 months ago) #20498907

Thank you very much! Good alternatives! :)
8 months ago
ITEM #206803 her price has been lowering, so she might be in your price range in the future. The character is short and she looks good next to one of my 1/8

I also thought of ITEM #198428
ITEM #153427
ITEM #99080
ITEM #91353
8 months ago
First figure that came to mind: ITEM #78618
8 months ago
Nih (8 months ago) #20474267ITEM #371735
ITEM #331484
ITEM #396992
Moderate chest sizes :p

Thank you very much! Haha to be honest, I was interested with that Wixoss figure indeed, but simply because the design is intricating
8 months ago
Nih ~Spiritless~
ITEM #371735
ITEM #331484
ITEM #396992

Moderate chest sizes :p
8 months ago
KalasRaven (8 months ago) #20461362
Bea2028 (8 months ago) #20464418
tharglet (8 months ago) #20464200
kyoshinhei (8 months ago) #20461631
Demitria (8 months ago) #20463235

woogh thank you very much for your suggestion everyone! I've seen them and some of it fits what I search, and TBH none of figure above come to my mind when I search for a figure like Altera, so it's a really big help ^^
8 months ago
I just thought of this Racing Miku when reading this post: ITEM #396855
This Menma figure is one of my favorite figures and I wish to have her someday: ITEM #98864
8 months ago
I have this Miku that I like the belly on - ITEM #140561

Other figures I have that show belly:
ITEM #30 Shana definitely has small breasts, and is often showing her belly, so if you like her, you might want to search MFC for choices

ITEM #23307 - bit of an oddity, including it anyway

ITEM #20819 - a relatively plain figure, but I got it at a good price

ITEM #200 Beach figure.
8 months ago
Demitria (8 months ago) #20463235ITEM #568903

"Has been released already"
8 months ago
ITEM #568903

OPS.. I didn't pay attention to the "already released" point lol

Maybe ITEM #435 ITEM #117975 ITEM #188 search.php?orig...
8 months ago
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