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Nendoroid #682 - Uzumaki Naruto // ReviewNendoroid #682 - Uzumaki Naruto // Review

Hai hai!! Shiromikuro is back after over a year of disappearing~ A lot has happened over the year and I don’t have the time I used to anymore. Other than that, I’ve decided to change the format of my reviews a bit, since I started thinking that the number of pictures was a bit overkill. So, I will just keep it short and simple.

The lucky one today is Uzumaki Naruto! Dattebayo!

He’s the first nendoroid released of the Naruto Shippuuden series, also the main character of it. Honestly, I would have never thought that GSC would have been able to get the license to released nendoroid characters from the Naruto series. The next two in line are Sasuke and Kakashi respectively. I’ve been waiting impatiently for this nendoroid to be released!


First up is the outside look of the box of the Nendoroid #682! This box came in a bit differently than the rest, the front is completely covered by a sleeve that has Naruto’s printed nendoroid on it. The box itself has a matte finish as usual, except for the picture of the nendoroid and the name parts. And unlike most of the other ones, this one has GoodSmile Company’s title printed on the bottom right, with their Nendoroid series’ logo on the top left and the anime series on the top right.


The sides are completely sealed off as well, seeing no inch of the nendoroid packaged inside. Instead of the normal transparent sheet we see, the nendoroid number is written at the middle of each sides, with Naruto’s clan emblem on top.

At the back of the box, most of the instructions and warnings are written in English instead of the usual Japanese. If you’re wondering, I’ve purchased this and most of my nendoroids from AmiAmi and all the words were usually in Japanese, but if we put forth the reasoning that the Naruto nendoroids were only meant to be released outside of Japan, that would explain the reason why.

Let’s not forget about the Shonen Jump and VIZ media logo on the top right at the back of the box.


Once we open the front sleeve, we can see the usual box design with the window, allowing us to see the nendoroid from the front. On the inside part of the sleeve, there is a picture of the anime Naruto.


In the box, we will find the kyuubi’s transparent sheet(which is stored on the back of the inside sleeve, an information booklet, and obviously, the nendoroid and the additional parts.


The booklet is in both English and Japanese, listing the parts and warnings as usual.


I took out all of the extra parts for a closer view in a turntable.

The additional parts include :

- 2 face plates
- 2 left arms and 2 right arms
- 1 rasengan ball
- 1 rasen-shuriken and support
- 2 legs
- 1 hip and legs part
- 1 nendoroid stand and arm stand
- 1 sheet holder
- 1 extra joint

A first look at the standard pose in a turntable

The nendoroid is a very well made replica of Naruto, nearly all the details from the character are present. The little indents on his collar are visible, along with the sewing lines on his pants are visible on the side of his legs. We can practically feel the layers of bandage where his kunai pouch is placed. Goodsmile didn’t forget about his tiny weapon pouch held behind his hip level.

On another hand, I observed a few paint flaws on this nendoroid while unpacking it. Note the circled areas, these were the more visible parts where paint was uneven or bleeding.



This is not really paint related, but there is a visible dent on the top of the hitai-ate when I opened it. And on the right, we can see a slight stain on the metal plate.


Other than this, the standard pose comes with a smiling expression, also the only expression that actually has Naruto’s bright blue eyes. The knot behind his head is also movable, allowing us to change the direction it’s flowing in. It doesn’t look like it, but his feet are also removable from his legs, so you can replace them with the other ones that came in the box. There’s a round joint in the middle of his hip, making it a tiny bit more flexible, but not by much.

The next pose we will review is the pose where Naruto is holding his rasen-shuriken in his sage mode.

I’ve used his second face plate, which is the sage-mode face plate that came in the box. Using the one piece legs part is the only way of getting this position with his legs, but as we can see, there is still some flaws on the kunai pouch bandage area.

For the rasen-shuriken, I slipped the effect part into the top part of the support and installed it into the stand. Be extra careful when handling the rasen-shuriken piece, as it is sharper than we think, it could damage the nendoroid.


The support looks a bit like a clip, but it is actually a perfect fit slip-on, the extra joints on the support also helps us get a better distance between the nendoroid and the rasen-shuriken, allowing us to place it higher.

You might have also noticed the hole on Naruto’s right hand. In fact, I used the hand in which he held the rasengan, so the hole was meant the fit the rasengan, so unless you look at it from a certain angle, you won’t really notice the hole.


The famous Naruto pose! Kage-bunshin no jutsu! Shadow clone technique!
Who can forget his all-time favorite jutsu? Using the same leg part of the previous pose, and replacing the arms by the ones on the left of the box, you can obtain this cute little pose were he creates his clones (honestly I would’ve loved to get a few more of them just to get that effect!).

Last but not least, the pose with his demon fox eyes and rasengan in his right hand. The last two leg parts I used makes him look more in action than a static pose.


The rasengan looks pretty firm in his hand at this angle. And there’s also a bit of paint stain on his white bandage.


While I was placing the nendoroid leg, I noticed some black stains on the skin part. It isn’t very noticeable when it’s fully fitted into the leg, but it’s still present.


Cute little Naruto on the move!

To sum everything up, this character was a great addition to the Nendoroid series, and the sculpting was very well done, but I was a bit let down by the quality and design of it. First, the quality is a bit behind the other nendoroid I’ve seen, it seemed like this one has a lot of paint bleed and dent flaws. There was also some parts where it seemed like the finished was a bit damage since it seemed more reflective than elsewhere.

As for the design of the nendoroid parts and posing, I felt that it was a bit slack. The posing is very limited due to the leg parts they included with Naruto, since he is a very hyper and energetic ninja, we can imagine him in many many different poses, but the leg parts that are provided give us a very limited variation of what we can do with them, since they are either straight, comes all in one part or bent to a way that it’s not really possible to move them. And as every people that watched Naruto knows, he’s a very expressive anime character, so we’d expect a bit more variation of face plates than the 2 extras that came with it (the sage mode and kyuubi mode).

Nonetheless, the addition of Naruto to the nendoroid series was something I’ve hoped for since I started collecting nendoroid. Even though I feel like he’s missing some of his Naruto’ish hyperness and his silliness, Goodsmile Company has done a good job at recreating some important parts of him in the nendoroid, like the Kyuubi, rasengan and the kage-bunshin pose, which also played a big part of his evolution throughout the anime.

Thank you for reading until the end! Please feel free to leave any comments or critics so I can keep on making the reviews better :) Also do not hesitate on asking me anything about this nendoroid! Have a nice day :)
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Thank you very much for this review! :) I'm quite amazed I don't hear a lot of people talking about this figure, I was expecting him to be way more popular actually.
1 year ago
The figure looks great and the box is more luxury than your usual Nendoroid!
I remember when this figure was only available to order in Japan only, then they changed it later on when they realized they would miss out on a lot of revenue.
1 year ago
He looks awesome, I do not have any Nendo, but he may be the first one for me :)
1 year ago
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