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Exclusive anime goods from Japan!

Really super duper late B day haul!Really super duper late B day haul!

sophieBsophieB1 year agoLoot
Hi, I wanted to do a birthday haul around my birthday but college and such...Its summer though so I have all the time in the world to post, so lets get started!

Starting off is the nendoroid's by Good Smile Company, these two have literally been my holy grail nendos for a long time. Sadly I missed both pre-orders and kirito's first release. I love him but the crazy markup around 130 to 200$? Yeah no, but luckily I found both on Tokyo Otaku Mode!



So cute!!

watch out Kirito....

Next is figures!
My sister got this figure for me because she knows how much I love this hentai, its called Zettai Junpaku Mahou Shoujo. I recommend it if your into hentai because the story and scenarios are honestly really good and the art is beautiful.
With that.. I got the amazing Misae nee, and this figure took my breath away. The detail is amazing and she looks freaking beautiful. I'm excited to get the rest of the line especially Erika.

Trying to keep it PG (◔◡◔)
this is the other figures in the Zettai Junpaku line. #117973 #98982

Next is Ibuki from Street Fighter made by Kotobukiay. She is a really nice looking figure and a lot bigger then I though she would be. Coming from a person who loves big figures I was pleasantly surprised! There's two bases you can choose from which is a really nice touch.
I got her on TOM the same time I got the nendoroid's and she was a great price for the quality. Its the regular ver. not the picture/1606756... ver. but honestly I would just show her face, its extremely detailed and really cute.


Last figure is the Sento from Amagi Brillent Park pirate ver. made by Max Factory. Wow just wow she is my favorite figure of the whole haul, she is one of the most beautiful extremely detailed figures I own! I am in love with this figure and Tiramie is a adorable extra that I'm glade was added with the figure because he really was the nail in the coffin for me to spend a ridiculous amount of money on this figure. Whatever though its my birthday right..ha.ha...ha...


last but not least is three cute KNB keychains I got at a con I was volunteering at called MTAC here in TN. They where blind boxes but I love all the characters so I'm happy with who I got. I just need Kagami for my ita bag.... but that is for another post!


well, that was every thing I got for my birthday. I know it was long but it was a really great day and I'm so grateful for every one who made that day amazing. Thank You!!!!!!

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This is a very cute loot. I was going to pick up Ibuki, but I passed because she wasn't in my budget at the time. I think I may try picking her up soon. :D
1 year ago