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    Rajke Ca fanatic
    Nice figure. ITEM #10199 When you look at this page you see there isn't much info or pictures of this figure. And i guess from seeing your pictures that there is something to tell about her. And having a little bit of curiosity is not a sin right. ;) (Until someone decides to add an eight sin) Figure collecting can be much more than only having a figure. Discussing a figure or character, reading others opiniums, hunting for that one figure, making pictures (what you already do) and so on.
    What i see are good pictures with a nice figure but i know nothing about her or why you like her. I have placed some questions in the spoiler that came to mind when reading your blog.
    View spoilerHide spoilerWhat do you like about this figure?
    Did the anime inspire you to hunt for it?
    How is the quality and paintjob?
    Does the pose matches the character?
    How does she fit in your collection?
    Do you have other stuff that is related to Tayutama?
    How did Mashiro became your Waifu?
    What kind of shelf are you using for display?
    Was it hard to find her and did you also search for the color variant?
    9 months ago
    Ok so this is almost exactly like the other blogs you posted. Instead of one photo you have two and intend of one sentence you have barely four full sentences. Instead of writing who the character is and what anime she's from, you can easily link the figure that has all that info. Maybe make your new figure addition into a review, a more detailed loot post, or even a story about why you love her character so much.
    9 months ago
    Priceless comments are priceless. :')
    9 months ago
    9 months ago
    9 months ago
    Doesn't read like a loot post, maybe this should be a diary entry instead? Oh well... Happy for you :)
    9 months ago
    Well that's just great and I'm happy for you and all that jazz, but don't you think it'd be a tad better if you provided photos and/or links as well as a review that isn't fanboy squeeing? Come on sonny, you can do better than that.

    Little rant aside, I saw the girl on your profile and I guess I can see why you like her: a foxgirl with a false air of Holo wielding an awesome hammer, what's not to like?
    9 months ago
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