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Question about amigurumiQuestion about amigurumi

johntheo95johntheo959 months agoAsk MFC
Hello guys

a quick question/poll
a good friend of mine started making amigurumi for fun but now he`s thinking of making anime themed ones and might start selling them.
He was wondering how much would a fair price would be so i though of asking here since its a related to anime/manga

Here are a couple of pics he sent me.He`s a bit small but looks great up close :)
He is thinking of making the others about twice as big so how much should the bigger one be priced

Thanks for your help
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That's a pretty good link to read about general pricing for amigurumi. And honestly for amigurumi, the shops I've seen on etsy tend to sell more amigurumi patterns than they do for the plush. So if your friend doesn't want to crochet a lot, he can always sell the pattern if he wishes.
9 months ago
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