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  • I've built quite a few GKs over the years so hopefully some of my experiences will help.

    Pinning (along with the glue of course) is almost always a definite must, especially on larger scale kits. In my experience you generally don't have to pin EVERY piece together but there are usually joints that are high stress points that should be pinned. As an example, pinning a standing figure's feet to the base is almost always a must, or pinning a standing leg that needs to be attached to a hip. Ultimately the design of each kit and how the pieces are connected will determine this. As a general rule, if it looks like a joint will be taking a decent amount of stress from weight, then I would pin it and not rely on the glue alone.

    As far as glues go, I use any type of cyanoacrylate glue such as Super Glue or Zap-A-Gap. If possible, make sure there's no paint on the areas you are gluing together without pins since the glue may simply stick to the paint, which could peel away if bumped hard enough.
    3 years ago
    It is absolutely ok that they've sent you slightly unassembled GK because resin is very fragile, unlike pvc, and it easely can be broken during shipment, so GK builders prefer wrap the details separetely to protect them.
    If the parts fit correctly, without gaps and don't fall to pieces after attaching, you can just glue them and don't worry about it, it'll be enough. The best glue for assembling GKs is two-part epoxy glue. And if the hands need an additional support because she holds heavy guns or smth and you are afraid that her arms will fall off in time, you can add pins in them. But since she is already pre-painted you can ruin the painting by drilling the details ^^"
    Small pieces like her hair drills can be glued with cyanoacrylate glue (any super glue in small tubes) and it also will be enough.
    3 years ago
    Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
    Maybe check out chobbitsu his blog about GKs? Theres one about assembly:

    BLOG #33136
    3 years ago
    You probably would want to pin the figure.

    There should be videos on youtube with tutorials on anime figure garage kits on how to get started.
    3 years ago
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