Oboro Muramasa - Yuzuruha - 1/8 (Alter)Oboro Muramasa - Yuzuruha - 1/8 (Alter)Review

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Howdy doo, fellow figure collectors! ChocolateSpider here with another spideyrific review! Today I am reviewing a figurine from Alter many of us have been eagerly awaiting for several years. Today I am reviewing their recently released 1/8 scale Yuzuruha from Oboro Muramasa.


I picked up mine from Hobby Search during a bargain sale they had a couple of weeks ago for a total of 12,042 yen (about $108). Immediately upon opening my package, I realize what a serious bargain this was. The box is gorgeous. If you are one of those collectors that prefers to leave the figure inside, the box itself is definitely an eye catcher at any angle.




Take her out of the box, assemble it following the instructions and whoo nelly! Look at all that gorgeousness!


The figure is based on this official illustration. As you can see, it is a direct translation of this drawing into a three dimensional form.


Let's take a closer look at this beauty. The base is quite small compared to a typical circular base, but it is extremely detailed.


What we have here appears to be a small portion of a Japanese style garden featuring some stepping stones, a stone wall and some plants. I absolutely love what has been done with this base. The traditional circle base with a design printed on it certainly would have gotten the job done as it does for the majority of figurines, but this design gives the presentation of this figurine something of a purist feel as the base is completely unified with the character. I am also relieved to see metal pegs where you fix her into place. This makes it much less likely I will have to face the dread of them breaking in the future.

Now let's take a look at her umbrella. It is very well shaded making it look like the sun as it is rising at dawn. In the center appears to be a flower shaped ornament. The warm orange color contrasts excellently with Yuzuruha's green, blue and white color scheme.



The pole is a thin metal rod with a simple coat of black with some brown at the end. I am happy to see this was made with metal as well. I was concerned about it bending and possibly breaking when inserting it into place, but this puts my concern to rest. It may be fun to see if I could get her to hold something else or have another figure hold her umbrella.


Up next is her face, which is pretty darn sexy.


Yuzuruha is not what you would call subtle when it comes to working her womanly charms. Her mature and almost hypnotic allure has been faithfully captured in the sculpt and paint. Her lovely pale skin has been carefully shaded to provide a realistic representation of the softness you can only imagine it to be.

Her eye decals have been cleanly printed on to give the best view of her sapphire eyes. I especially like the attention to detail on her lips. It is painted with a mildly glossy coat of a faded pink with a reddish part in the middle of the lower lip to make it look like her lips are parting just enough for her to be whistling or softly cooing you into following her.


A lot of effort has been put into the detail of her ears and the leaf on her head. Her ears have been shaded to make them look super soft and fluffy. The urge to scritch behind them rises. (o3o)

I like the gradient of the coloring for the leaf on her head. You can see how precise the lines and shading are when zoomed in.


Up next is her most defining feature, her huge hair.
She has enough hair to make a whole T-shirt!


There are only two words to describe this hair: massive and meticulous. Her hair has been precisely crafted to show the numerous strands and the many branches of her hair parting and swaying in the wind. It has also been lightly, but effectively shaded in a greyish-cream color with some light brown at the ends. Be very careful when handling this area of the figure is it will bend a bit when you touch it.


Now let's examine her iconic green kimono with blue sash. Just like everything else, the shading and folds of the fabric have been meticulously crafted for maximum realism. This shade of green is suspiciously similar to Kermit the frog. It must be a subliminal messaging conspiracy of some kind. I base this statement on absolutely nothing.


I really like the luster of her blue sash. It gives off a lovely shine when light is cast upon it. It almost has a metallic look to it with the bits of purple that shows off in the right light.


The bottom of her kimono is swaying around her legs in the same direction as her hair. A lot of work has been put into the creases and folding of the fabric down here.



Just like in the original illustration, this figure has a lovely buttocks that commands your attention. You can see how this region has been lightly shaded to make it look like her skin is just barely showing through the fabric. If there is one thing Yuzuruha is good at, it is teasing you until you are ready to punch yourself in the face because you just can't take it anymore.

There have been some complaints about how much her back is bending. Admittedly it would hurt a lot if your spine bent this way, but the exaggeration works well for Yuzuruha. I would not call this a flaw, but rather an interesting abnormality.

Finally, we shall look at her cute little footsies. (◕ω◕)


Here we have some traditional okobo shoes which are normally seen worn by geishas They are painted in finely a polished crimson. Her tabi socks have been painted nicely as well to make them look soft and cozy.


My final verdict? As usual, Alter has gone above and beyond with the details and making this figurine truly artistic. The typical full price for this beauty is between $137-$149 at most of the mainstream shops, but you definitely get what you pay for. I am lucky to have gotten mine for such a good bargain, but I would have been totally pleased with having paid the full price for such a carefully crafted figurine of what I consider to be one of the sexiest women in video games.


Thank you for taking the time to read this review. I hope it has aided you in your decision whether or not to add this piece of art to your collection. I will be reviewing the rerelease of Kongiku once my pre-order from Anime Island arrives at the beginning of July.

Due to a unplanned, but fortuitous purchase and rerelease, I am making a sudden change to my subject schedule for my blog. As many of you now know, Phat's 1/8 Kill la Kill Ryuuko Matoi is currently set to be reissued in December. This is a figure I have been hunting down since regrettably not pre-ordering back in 2014.

I purchased a first release copy from JESS-KANE along with Satsuki Kiryuuin a few days prior to this announcement. I will be reviewing Ryuuko next to show you what you can expect to have in your collection should you decided to pre-order her. I will also have pictures of Satsuki ready for review in case she is put up for rerelease as well.

After that, it will be time for more shenanigans in my May 2017 Loot post followed by a tour of my room. It is still a work in progress, but a lot of changes have been made to it in the last year.

See you all next time. This is ChocolateSpider signing out.
*scurries back into my web to watch RWBY*
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I don't see why anyone would complain, honestly...
That's a beautiful ass right there. (♡-♡)
Quality booty.
3 years ago
CaptainZ3 years ago#21556798Absolutely stunning figure, one of Alter's best. It still amazes me how much hate this figure got. It looks like it was ripped straight out of the game.
I know, right? No one complains about jumbo balloon boobs, but people complain about a spine that has some extra flexibility? #Priorities.
3 years ago
Absolutely stunning figure, one of Alter's best. It still amazes me how much hate this figure got. It looks like it was ripped straight out of the game.
3 years ago