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LED base part 2

RajkeRajke8 months agoMisc
Hi MFC. A while ago i posted a blog about a selfmade LED base blog/32910 . This blog continues the progress of this base but will also focus about some things i tried with wood in this progress.
Before we started: this blog is (like always) picture heavy.


1. Testing some tools on wood.
View spoilerHide spoilerLast time i mentioned that the only thing that was needed to complete my base was some layer of paint. The problem was that i could not decide on the color. And i thought that only painting it would keep the base somewhat plain. To give it some nice details i tried some things on a small piece of wood. The results of the techniques that i used differs. The first thing i tried was a graphing tool. The results where not that good. After that i used a grinding stone, small drill and a polishing tool. After many tries i got some good results (hard to see on the pictures) with a small disc grinder tool.
Besides that i really wanted to learn how i could burn the wood in any way i wanted, writing on it for example. So when i was going out for paint i came home with the paint and a burning tool. A warning beforehand: This tool works on LPG (instead of electricity) and it may not look like when you see the first results but i took two hours of preparations. (It is not a tool that you can switch on and use instantly) This tool is very dangerous if you don't know what you are doing.

2. Burning art.
View spoilerHide spoilerYou can see that some kind of side project has started with the burning tool.
Now that i have tried and prepared the burning tool i tried to make an easy image on the wood. (P.s.: I really cannot draw so i cut up the image to draw) The first attempt was with a wider part that i switched halfway with the small part because it was too hard to handle properly. A big mistake i made (and realized later) was that i keep the hole for the flame down. That causes the burn marks on the first try.
You could say i was not satisfied with the first result. And what can you do best when you fail? Yes. Starting over again. And the second one i really like. It is not professional or outstanding but for a first serious attempt i like the result. Next time i will try out some other kind of wood.

3. LED base part 2.
View spoilerHide spoilerNow it's time for the main part of this blog. I could not decide about what color i want to use. And after giving the base some details i realized what kind of paint i want to give it. But first things first.
I wanted to give it some details and after beating up some piece of test wood i could start with a serious part of it.
I made two extra layers for the base that i carved all in the same way. You can see that the third layer was the first i made because the other three are looking better. I made a tile floor like pattern on each layer of the base. After that i used four screws to attached the three lowest layers to each other.
The next step is painting it. The tiles are gonna be lichtblue and yellow. The rest is gonna be white. With that the colors are close to the racing Miku's color scheme (and that of Katsuragi).

4. Try some LED lights tricks.
View spoilerHide spoilerOne of the things i enjoyed about making this base is that you can create a lot of effects simply by adding some small parts like plastic cases or placing the lights under another angle. Also those white plain bases are usefull too. Add some small plastic part on top of the led to make the outcoming light more effective.

In the first picture i raised the base of Asuna with a transparant square.
It was not that succesfull.

One thing that did Griffon good is that the underside of the base is flat without irregularities from the pegs of the figure. With 2 transparant squares and a small miror i could create this effect.

In the picture with Rias you can see that i add a small coin case (not that one from the game corner) and that the effect of it is very big.

With a small round coin case i can give a nice effect to figures with a white base. A small note: most of the white bases are very thin and with that it is possible to add some light to it. If you don't want to see the light coming through from above you can add a small part on top of the coin case.

When it goes about the High Grade Figure line Sena i only hear negative things about it. But her base is very usefull for some lights. It works the same as with the beach queen Sena except that i cover the part above.


And with that this blog comes to an end. I hope you enjoyed it.
Edit: painted and the final result.
View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/image/Rajke1504640541.jpeg

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Rajke Ca fanatic
MugenTenshinFRD (8 months ago) #21553120That looks pretty neat! The light effect gives it an illusion of a floating base/figure for some figures. It works better of some figures than the other. Nice idea overall!
Thanks. It is a lot of fun to try some things out with lights. I learned a lot by just trying things out. After i painted this one there is a big chance that i make a second one but then with some other type of LED and with another set up. Never thought i would give Griffon a compliment about their plain bases but they are very usefull in this case.
8 months ago
That looks pretty neat! The light effect gives it an illusion of a floating base/figure for some figures. It works better of some figures than the other. Nice idea overall!
8 months ago