Building a "better" strap/charm/keychain displayBuilding a "better" strap/charm/keychain displayTutorial

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This entry totally doubles as a MysMe collection tour, sans the dakimakura covers from my last blog.
The liner notes:

1. If you take nothing else from this blog, please take this:
Ever so often someone asks: "How do you/I display rubber straps?" And depending on the current frequency of the question being asked, the response may end up being "why don't you search?"
If you have previously written a blog about rubber strap/charm displays or do so in the future, please tag those entries! Here's the thing: the blog search only picks up terms from the blog title itself, not the body of it, so a lot of entries with good ideas aren't easy to locate, e.g. If you title it "Here's a great idea I had!" no one will find it. Tag them, and search tags by typing in tag:search_item !

2. There are product links below. None of them are affiliate links.

3. This will be my segue; by "better" I don't mean better than anyone else, as I've seen people on here come up with some gorgeous strap display ideas from corkboards and shadowboxes to garlands and mobiles. By "better" I mean better than my own stupidly low strap/charm displaying standards.

That is, prior to this my rubber straps ended up with one of three fates.

1. Stuck in a storage container, either in a closet or under my bed.

2. Hanging from this single square of corkboard.

3. In thiese rubber strap/can badge storage books, which are actually really nice! It's like having a mini artbook of straps.



The strap book is pretty one and done, but it can only fit straps and badges of the "standard" size. For anything larger/thicker like the Sega Hard Girls or the doujin acrylic charms I got from Toranoana, displaying is the only option. I told myself that one day I'd make a really nice corkboard set for my straps and the various keychains/doujin charms/etc I acquired, either by painting corkboards or covering them in fabric or something, but years have passed and that day still hasn't come. So I think it's safe to say it never will.
And yet, I realized my favorite part of collecting figures is figuring out how to arrange things in a display. But, I never did the same for my hanging goods. So, since I collected a bunch of MM charms over the span of 5 or so months (30+ and that's not counting duplicates) I decided I'd work out a way to display them instead of cramming them in a storage bin somewhere.

But, there are a few caveats. Usually displaying rubber straps is remove string via lobster clasp > pushpin > corkboard > done.

The charms with strings aren't built to be taken apart the same way, have nicer strings and/or have special attachments that make it a whole piece,

Some have keychain hardware that I don't really want to dismantle lol, and

Some are double sided and either have a second image or fancy pattern on the back.



So how do I display these varied beauties somewhat elegantly?

My first thought was a shadowbox, but then shadowboxes are covered with a frame so I could never flip any of the two-sided keychains...

So then I looked around for a mirrored-back shadowbox but guess what? According to my searches that doesn't exist.

So... *deep breath* I looked into making one, but unlike picture frames, an 8" x 8" shadowbox is that size in total, not 8" of display space + frame. So even though I found affordable tile mirrors, they wouldn't fit into the frame or even in place of the backing board. And I didn't want to make too difficult a project out of this by delving into heavy trial and error. Plus, mirror or not, how do I hang them? Pins won't work, so I looked up adhesive pins and magnet pins came up instead. There are small decoration hooks like Command makes, but they seem a little big and distracting when combined with keychain hardware PLUS I'd need a ton of them and the hooks only came a few per pack. Too costly.


Out of nowhere, ZOEMCHLL mentioned buying a MAGNET BOARD at IKEA and not knowing what to do with it.

I had no idea IKEA sells magnet boards (As it so happens, in my local IKEA, they're stored on a wall that I pass often but never notice). In any case, this... this is brilliant. Time to shop!

Starter materials: magnet boards, magnetic pins, adhesive tabs

I got three magnet boards from IKEA, two for the MM charms and one for all my other rogue hanged-up goods. Just add nails/screws to hang them from. (Bring your own, none are included).

I made a sketch on paper on how I wanted to lay things out roughly. With a measuring tape I measured and added 4 magnets to make up a grid of nine sections approx 10" each. The magnets are actually REALLY strong and I'd say be careful when pulling them off. You can definitely use them to hold something heavy/thick in place.

The adhesive tabs are for attaching prints I bought without making for too much damage to the prints themselves - no stabbing with pins like with corkboard, no scotch tape shenanigans.
They come in removable, poster, and permanent levels of stickiness. I used the removable so I could peel them off with ease, and they do indeed have the perfect level of stickiness without leaving residue or getting stuck to the magnet board. Poster works well too without leaving residue, but in case it isn't obvious - don't use the permanent strength dots.

Bonus materials: clear sticker paper, mini cards, instax film, stickers

With the clear sticker paper, I made an RFA decal.

It doesn't show up as boldly on gray, but it's not an eyesore either. (You can always use white sticker paper, but be prepared to do your own cutting)

As for the film/cards:







(work in progress non-MM board)

As you can see by the huge gap, it's not a complete work as I'm still waiting for some charm/print orders to arrive, but it's a huge improvement over my old cork square: more customizable, unlike a shadowbox I can flip the double-sided charms with ease, and like a corkboard the magnet board is actually useful. Since it's intended as a memo/bulletin board, I could easily integrate a calendar or notepad on here. And of course the biased best part, I get even more 707 in my face. LOL
The only thing you cannot do is write directly on the board, as it is not a wipe-off surface. :)

Go shopping!
Magnet board: Your friendly local IKEA
Magnets: Amazon or local craft store
Glue Dots: Amazon or local craft store
Sticker paper: Amazon or local craft store
Strap/Can Badge book: Amazon JP

Fan goods:
Prints: Cryharu
1: Kandismon (go buy/read Catharsis~)
2: Hideaway Melon Tictail / Storenvy also: theyasminshow.c...
3: Soundlesswind also: theyasminshow.c...
4: Oretsuu
5: Eternal-S also: theyasminshow.c... theyasminshow.c... theyasminshow.c...
6: MinoruJoeling also: theyasminshow.c... theyasminshow.c...
7: Rosuuri
8: Himitsu also: theyasminshow.c...
9: Monei *deep sigh*

Other fan goods:
califlair: hug-me minis theyasminshow.c...
cici: pin theyasminshow.c...
Marmalade Ice Cream: 707/Unknown dakumakura covers
707: theyasminshow.c... theyasminshow.c... theyasminshow.c... theyasminshow.c... theyasminshow.c...
Unknown: theyasminshow.c... theyasminshow.c... theyasminshow.c... theyasminshow.c...
*the gun, I'm done lmao
*flip side is Secret Ending visual spoiler



If this helps you in any way to build a strap/charm/keychain display... totally show me. I'd love to see it!
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nightjellie2 years ago#33093137This display is really pretty! I also have a ton of straps/keychains that I store but not sure how to display until I saw this post! I am not into using corkboards in general so I will definitely try out the magnetic boards from ikea! Thank you so much for sharing! *0*
No problem! Glad to see this guide is still getting use ^^
2 years ago
This display is really pretty! I also have a ton of straps/keychains that I store but not sure how to display until I saw this post! I am not into using corkboards in general so I will definitely try out the magnetic boards from ikea! Thank you so much for sharing! *0*
2 years ago
So cool! c: Thanks for sharing. xD
3 years ago
theyasminshow Militant Missionary
Maakie3 years ago#21886856Those cute cat pictures!!! Is that your cat?! :D
Nope, no pets, just 707 Cat ^^
3 years ago
Those cute cat pictures!!! Is that your cat?! :D
3 years ago
theyasminshow Militant Missionary
snufkin3 years ago#21756621Very nice and informative! Thank you so much! Also, could I please get a database link to the Ulala Strap? My apologies if it's in the post somewhere!
ITEM #99483
3 years ago
Very nice and informative! Thank you so much! Also, could I please get a database link to the Ulala Strap? My apologies if it's in the post somewhere!
3 years ago
This is brilliant. I've been acquiring a growing collection of YoI keychains and straps, and wasn't really sure how to display them. I'm not a fan of the corkboard look myself, but this looks good. I'll be sure to incorporate it! Thanks for sharing!
3 years ago
Excellent display. This inspires me to do something similar for my Touken Ranbu keychain/ strap collection. Great job! You have a lovely collection :)
3 years ago
You're the first person I've come across that uses those badge storage binders as well. They're really neat, especially if you like book-like storage options.

Thanks for sharing your magnet board idea! I've never liked the idea of a cork-board because all those holes when you remove the pins drive me nuts. I'll have to keep this in mind for when I actually open up any space on my walls.
3 years ago