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SAL vs ECO shippingSAL vs ECO shipping

Today is the day I'm FINALLY ordering my husband, Ciel {1\8 by aniplex}.

After careful consideration and much thought I have decided to order him from NY.
I was wondering which shipping method I should use; since I want a fast shipping with insurance and EMS is out of the question for me, Im basically left with two options:
1. SAL international PARCEL - registered + insurance + tracking number starting with CI or CC. (3,850¥)
2. ECO registered + insurance (2,140¥)

Was wondering what is the difference between them, if there isnt a significant difference between them I will probably go for the cheaper option ehich is eco shiiping registered.
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They're both SAL shipping, which has a lower priority than EMS/Airmail, and is loaded when an Airmail shipment has room.

Their 'Eco' just means SAL under the Small Packet designation if available (there are times when it's not, in which case the estimated cost is the same as regular SAL because of it).

Small Packet is applicable for packages under 2kg and has an optional insurance for up to 6k yen.
1 year ago
My experience with Eco- are documented with MFC comments on Item 397068 - Chunithm - Mishima Haruna - 1/7 Figures Database so I won't turn into a drama king here relating it. I ordered Chunithm after release from N-Y using Eco- class SAL that coincided with the April 4 earthquake which affected certain JapanPost facilities. After 4+ weeks of not knowing experience I asked N-Y to upgrade all my PO's to straight SAL rather than endure a possible repeat of sado-masochism to the self using Eco-. An aside: 2 other figurines PO'd in the Eco- class did arrive within 2 weeks' time after leaving N-Y.

N-Y customer service was cordial to me after the 4th week of the figurine "missing in action"; up until then all I received was a polite "later". I suspect shipping tardiness is the norm in SAL and past experience handling upset customers over something beyond N-Y's control has taught them to adapt a specific procedure dealing with it.

My take on it: most of my purchases using SAL do arrive in my lifetime (2-3 weeks to USA is the norm) but do be ready to tolerate unforeseen delays (4-7 weeks or more). All items arrived from N-Y using this class in excellent condition.
1 year ago
Nippon-Yassan's "ECO registered" is just "SAL Small Packet Registered". I know this because I use it exclusively from NY.

Which means there's no difference between SAL international and SAL Small Packet for speed.

The differences are:
- ECO (SAL Small Packet) is for packages under 2 kg and under a certain size
- ECO only has 6,000 yen insurance included (although if you pay by PayPal, you get protection through them anyway)
- ECO's tracking number doesn't work in many countries - it stops working once it leaves Japan, although theoretically can be traced if it's lost, but the sender has to do it, and NY has pretty bad customer service so you'll probably end up relying on PayPal if there's a problem.

Knock on wood, but I always use ECO and so far it arrives just fine. Some were super late around Christmas (because SAL sits around until an airplane has free space, there's no priority for it), but generally 3-4 weeks to arrive on the east coast of Canada.

Hope that helps.
1 year ago
Eco registered sounds like SAL small parcel, so I'd definitely go with that one. It's insured too, so there's no more risk than SAL parcel. In my experience both take the same time to arrive.
1 year ago
Personally I would choose the former purely for the tracking number. I cannot stand to not know where my package is.
1 year ago
UnhappyThief (1 year ago) #22021729According to NY they both take 2-3 weeks to arrive...

The few times I've used SAL parcel it's been quicker than Reg Sal. Normally ~2 weeks vs 4. But to be honest there's a lot of variables involved with post.

SAL Parcel will probably be quicker, but you could save a little if your prepared to wait a little more with the Reg Sal.
1 year ago
Gandalf (1 year ago) #22021232Well SAL parcel should be quicker, at least in my experience. Not as fast as EMS though. According to NY they both take 2-3 weeks to arrive...
1 year ago
Well SAL parcel should be quicker, at least in my experience. Not as fast as EMS though.
1 year ago
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