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3 years of figure collecting and life hits me like a rock3 years of figure collecting and life hits me like a rock

Hello fellow MFC members. 2017 marks my third year of figure collecting. I felt that needed a blog.
I have been an anime fan my whole life and a obsessed for the past 6ish years. 3 years ago I started collecting and purchased my First figure. That was The Mikasa Figma from Attack on Titan and it all started there.
I spent my first 2 years hunting bargains and I built up a pretty decent collection. I really enjoyed hunting and I still do that now. However, 2017 has been a rough year for me. I have had some pretty bad events happen this year. I nearly lost someone very close, this had made my anxiety go through the roof.
One of my methods of cheering myself up is figures. This year I have learnt to limit my spending. I have found that I can look forward to my next preorder and really enjoy that experience. That's not to say that I am less interested. I think it's more that I understand my means and how far they can stretch right now.
I guess you could say I have grown up this year (only happens to be the year I turn 24).
I have matured in other ways too. I guess I analysed myself and felt I could be a better person. This may sound cheesy but after 12 years of Anxiety, I want to make a change. I have been doing my best to do that (i.e. Spending what I can afford so money won't stress me).
I guess this years blog isn't the dream I wanted it to be. To be honest I have been lost and now I want to find my way.
I completed my MSc last year and things were on the up. This year has been a slope so far. I guess I'll update you guys on this stuff in December ?.

Anyway, I know many of you will wonder why I posted this blog. To be honest I want to Document my life as a collector and the things that happen behind the figure photography.

Anyway I am glad I have this hobby, sometimes this website is my escape. I come on here and look at your lovely photos or read some blogs. Those things can really cheer me up. I want to thank you guys for that.

What anniversary is it for you this year?
How has the year been so far?
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Next month will be two years for me. Collecting this year has been fun except for Alter's endless delays wreaking havoc with my pre-orders every month.
11 months ago
3 years and a few months but I've slowed down to a near stop this past year. It's due to a mixture of being away at univerisity 75% of the time and the change in exchange rate after Brexit, which made ordering more expensive.
1 year ago
Panda_Chan Impey's Princess
Wow it will be 3 years since I started collecting figures! :D
1 year ago
Valestein3 Here with you to Knight
Wow, I never really thought about anniversary.

Starring with Figma Yukiko back in 2014, it's almost been 3 years now for me too.

It's a fun hobby! I have over 1000 photos from my old phone depicting my Figmas doing human things ala Toy Story.

I've been slowing down my buying a little.
1 year ago
I've been collecting in general my whole life. I think first it was seashells and stamps. Then miniature lighthouses. Then anime figures and plush toys and dolls (bjd and regular toy fashion dolls).

It is hard for me to remember when my first anime figure was... It was probably Sailor Moon or a Pikachu or some DBZ action figure. That would have been... 18 years ago? I didn't collect as much figures, but I bought or asked for what I could as a kid. Had some Gundam and Cardcaptor Sakura...

I got a lot more into it after I graduated high school. Probably because I had the money. I finally joined MFC a mere 4 years ago. This database has helped my hobby, but it sure has hurt my wallet!
1 year ago
I've been collecting for 3.5 years (around the same time as you!), and feel like I'm in a figure slump too that coordinates with my rise in anxiety/depression. I've been up and down ~70 figures but that's because I'm critically thinking about my purchases and selling those I don't care for anymore. I've moved probably 6 times in the past 5 years so it's hard to re-pack every figure, which is why my number is so low. Plus, I'd rather own figures of characters I find charming/love to death now. Unlike when I was younger, when I would just think "this is cute, I'll buy it" because now I'm an adult so I have to do grown-up stuff ugh. Finding a job after college is hard.
1 year ago
8 years, might reach 300 figs.
1 year ago
Stalking Loli hunter
This will be my 8th year as a figure collector; with my first being some ugly lucky star bootlegs I bought back in 2009 heheheh.

Hang in there buddy
1 year ago
I've been collecting for 6 years and 5 on MFC. Anime fan for 18 years and recently I've been watching less anime, RL demand too much time nowadays to maintain up to date with all the seasons. I restrict it to 2-3 series currently, mostly those with a lots of figures coming. I remember a time when it was the other way around.
1 year ago
18yrs if I count from Gundam Wing days... 13yrs if just anime statue and small articulated figs...

Hmmm... this year might be the year I will retire... it's because I just got married... there's a lot of priorities/expenses I have to deal with... unlike when I was still single...
1 year ago
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