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Moving on to the next target(s)Moving on to the next target(s)

Lepetit89Lepetit898 months agoDiary
Greetings, my friends.

It's been a while since my last post and I am, once more, somewhat happy.

Regarding the picture of the cat - that's Bobby, one of my best friends, though he died in 2009; just felt appropriate for some reason.

Disregarding that, while my ongoing efforts now finally allow me to proudly exclaim that I have finished adding my entire collection of Doujinshi to the database, this, of course, leaves a certain void.

I still have a few older entries to correct and also need to add some official items, but aside from that, I suddenly have a lot more free time since most of that previously went towards the database, being annoyed by authors who cause more work by inviting 6 other people as guests for a book with not even 24 pages or dreading pixiv releases with more than 150 authors involved.

So as I'm sitting here on this eventless Sunday evening, pondering the meaning of life and the emptiness left in my, apparently, really small heart, I find myself overwhelmed by the amount of possibilities I now have.

Time that previously went towards the database can now be used for other things - I can finally play games, watch movies, study something or do even more sports without feeling like I wasted time that could have gone towards finally finishing this job I started about two years ago.

I do not know where my road will take me, but it's good to know that, I too, can be casual at last. I will enjoy quietly spending one or two evenings a week adding entries as opposed to seven + mornings + weekends, though I'd be lying if I said that I didn't enjoy it. On the contrary, I greatly enjoyed it, though the final push was a little taxing.

Anyway, it's been a pleasure being overly active. I shall now simply be active - I'm looking forward to working with everyone else involved in the future as well. Thank you for all the feedback and help I've received on this long road, I've greatly enjoyed our exchanges.

Oh, and I still hope that Doujin games and music CDs can be added one day, that would be great!
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Congrats man! You did a great job! Now when I see a book being sniped right before my eyes on Mandarake and than added to MFC a week later I'll know if it was you or not ^^

btw. I'm always baffled to see that you're not the first on Top Item Additions. But on the other hand adding doujinshi books often requires a lot of research which can be very time consuming (compared to official stuff).
8 months ago
Thank you for your hard work even if i'm pretty sure to see some new entries with your name. You deserve your free time !
8 months ago
darkfader lolicon
Congratulations and thank you! Omedetou to otsukaresama deshita!
8 months ago
I, too wish that MFC would someday allow doujin CDs, but I sometimes use discography and that works pretty well, although there aren't as many contributors for vocal/touhou stuff on there.
8 months ago
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