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Nagisa Kaworu - Plug Suit ver. - 1/6 (Kotobukiya)Nagisa Kaworu - Plug Suit ver. - 1/6 (Kotobukiya)

ShuuruShuuru5 years agoReview
Hello, today I will review Kotobukiya's Nagisa Kaworu 1/6 scaled figure from the Evangelion series.


WARNING!! This review may contain spoilers from the Rebuild of Evangelion movies. Thou art warned.

Nagisa Kaworu is both the Last Angel and the Sixth Children. Although classified as an Angel, Kaworu is similar to Rei Ayanami in being a Seed of Life inhabiting a human body. Sadly, his role on the Rebuild movies is still a mystery so we will have to wait until the Third Movie.

This figure was made by Kotobukiya and was released on October 17th, 2011. It was sculpted by Shirahige Tsukuru

Let's start with the box.

Packaging: 9/10

Height: 27,1 cm (10.66 in)
Width: 17,2 cm (6.77 in)
Depth: 15,2 cm (5.98 in)
Diagonal: 32,09 cm (12.63 in)

Here you can see a small package that can be shipped with SAL. The box was not made of cardboard but plastic, which was very original in my opinion. At the front you can have a nice glance of Kaworu as well as his base. WE also have NERV's logo, the name of the series and character and the company that produced this figure. At the back we can see the official Evangelion sticker as well as the name of the character and SEELE's logo.

We have the same image for both sides, the transition between red and white was nicely performed and contrasts nicely with Kaworu's blue Plug Suit, the Evangelion logo as well as the name of the character and the sculptor are also shown.

The top of the box shows us again the name of the series as well as the name of the character, with NERV's logo and Kotobukiya's logo. The bottom has the expected warnings such as choking hazards and so.

A typical two-piece blister was used to protect the figure. Tape was used to avoid the blister opening by itself and, with only six joining points, this was appreciated. Plastic was used on Kaworu to avoid any kind of paint transfer. His base suffered the same treatment. As usual, Kotobukiya left a circular window for us too see Kaworu's face more clearly.

A view from the sides.

The only detachable parts this figure comes with are the Evangelion's ones. You have to be careful with this because they did not come it its right place but where inside the box and it would have been hard to spot the two of them if I were not paying attention at that time. I read somewhere they were forgotten during production and they put them just before packaging everything, which is the only thing I can think of, too.

Inside the box you can find a piece of paper with instructions on how to mount Kaworu onto his base as well as how to install the Evangelion's horns. This was rather unnecessary but appreciated.

Base: 9/10

This base represents Kaworu's very own Evangelion, Unit 06. It was greatly executed and every texture makes it look just like real stone.

The base has a great balance and it is able to keep Kaworu in his place perfectly. It supports the theme of the figure and also looks fantastic while displayed.

The installation of the horns is really straight-forward so you will not have any kind of problem with it.

Remember to watch closely the official shots so the horns will be properly placed. That is to say, shorter horn under the longer horn and in the middle they must form something similar to a circle.

A couple more shots.

There are no holes or peg to hold Kaworu onto his base so it all depends on balance. You have three strategic places: His right foot rests on the stone, his hips on the Evangelion and his hand on the helmet. If you are confused, pay close attention to the shots in the review.

Sculpting: 9/10











Starting with his face, it looks beautiful and it has great amount of details. From his eyelids to his nostrils, everything was sculpted with care and precision. His tender-looking eyes and his big smile match Kaworu's personality perfectly. His ears may look a little big but they are re not distractive and they are well-detailed.

His hair was made of ABS. It was a nice decision from Kotobukiya because it looks great near bright lighting. The layers of hair were executed properly and the typical line that divides the hair was nicely hidden. It took me some time to realize where it was. His hairstyle was based on Rebuild of Evangelion character design rather than The Evangelion Series character designs but it was also inspired in Sadamoto's drawings.

His Plug Suit was obviously inspired by the fact that, in the Rebuild Movies, Kaworu is the Sixth Children instead of the Fifth. This was made clear by putting a big Six on his chest and on the triangular apparatus on his back. In the center of his plug suit we have this "core," maybe representing Kaworu's nature as an Angel. His chest and collarbone was executed perfectly and it shows too many details even when Kaworu himself has not been seen clearly wearing his Plug Suit. Nevertheless, from the short footage we could see, it looks pretty faithful.

Both arms are symmetrical but there was an inconsistence in the sculpting on the right arm. Even if that's the case, it is not distractive and you would probably not notice it if you had not read about it. I am truly amazed by the way Kotobukiya managed to join every part of this figure without leaving any kind of scar. I am starting to assume Kaworu was sculpted on a single piece of plastic, thing that makes me confused and amused at the same time.

Moving on with his hips, they are as nice as the rest of the figure. I loved how Shirahige Tsukuru made stand out his spine so perfectly on his back, also giving the effect the Plug Suit he is wearing is tightly put on him. Because Kaworu was sculpted to match 1/6 Kotobukiya's Evangelion pilots with their Plug Suits, he had to appeal to both male and female buyers so his masculine zone is a bit non-existent but, of course, that is not a problem at all.

Both hands were sculpted beautifully. His hands are symmetrical and also very masculine. His left hand is very important because it is the one that holds most of Kaworu's body onto his base. The details of his Plug Suit near his hands were nicely sculpted as well as his well-toned fingers. His right arm resting on his leg gives Kaworu a relaxing sensation that matches his calm personality.

His legs match perfectly Sadamoto's character design. They are long and look beautiful for a 14-years-old looking Angel like Kaworu. His right leg is essential while keeping the figure balanced while displayed on the base and his left leg gives extra support to the figure, doing a great teamwork to make him look beautifully relaxed.

No real sculpting issues to talk about his well-toned legs. No shadows were painted on this figure, but natural lighting itself is somewhat enough to appreciate his Plug Suit and body nicely.

No issues to report with his feet, either. They are accurate and are as detailed as the rest of the figure. Be sure that, while displaying him, no paint transfer may occur in the base of his feet.

A nice detail was to include the red marks under his feet, matching the red of his neck and wrists. I was happy to see that even such a trivial part was taken into account when this figure was sculpted.

Painting: 9/10

The contrast between the types of blue and red picked up my eye immediately. The paint job Kotobukiya performed here was excellent. I could not find a single flaw regarding the painting on this figure. I have to mention the paint job performed on the base is also high-quality and making it look like stone was just terrific to see.

Posing: 9/10

Such a perfect pose that matches Kaworu's personality greatly. That knowing smile and those eyes are Kaworu's trademarks that are a must for him. He sitting on his Evangelion was maybe inspired on the first Rebuild movie, when we have a gaze of him in the moon. It also matches the rest of this series of 1/6 Evangelion figures by Kotobukiya.

Enjoyment: 9/10

Being a Kaworu fan, I enjoyed this figure a lot. He is my first 1/6 figure and I must say that this quality and size on a male figure was such a nice surprise. Even when Kotobukiya is known by slipping throw quality from time to time, this figure looks absolutely gorgeous. I highly recommend getting him if you happen to see him somewhere, especially if you are a Kaworu fan like myself.

If you had doubts about getting this figure, I hope this had helped you.

Next review will be Alpha x Omega's Kukurugi Suzaku so look forward to it!

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Have a nice day!

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Great review! I love this figure, it was my best buy yet.

And unimportant note, but in Rebuild Kaworu isn't the 5th Child or 6th, he's just "SEELE'S boy." The 6 on his plug suit is just for the Mark.06~ (like how Shinji has 01 on his suit) /random kaworu knowledge
4 years ago
I didn't knew he was an 1/6, that makes me kind of want;
5 years ago
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Please, press in dire situations.

itsame00 (5 years ago) #1003839His base looks sick.
You mean it is about to throw up? In any case, Mari's base is the sickest:

DasFrog (5 years ago) #1003866Great review, thank you!
Thank you very much for reading.
5 years ago
Great review, thank you!
5 years ago
His base looks sick.
5 years ago
Boomsickle Galge Gamer
5 years ago