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Kouwan Seiki – Kantai Collection – 1/8 WHS Exclusive REVIEWKouwan Seiki – Kantai Collection – 1/8 WHS Exclusive REVIEW

Kouwan Seiki – Kantai Collection – 1/8 WHS Exclusive REVIEW

Hello MFC!
Today I am very excited to present a review of a well anticipated figure in my collection – The mighty Harbour Princess – Kouwan Seiki from the “Kantai Collection” series. This figure is 1/8 scale and is a “Wonderful Hobby Selection” exclusive figure. The “WHS” figures are renowned for being rather exclusive, large and an excellent quality.

The “Kantai Collection” series has some amazing character designs, which takes famous warships and “personifying” them into human characters. One side of the Kantai series that is often over looked is the incredible designs of the “Abyssal fleet, which is essentially the “enemies “in the series. They are humanoid abominations symbolising different fights/wars throughout history as well as being a product of deep ocean creatures and machinery. I fell in love with the Abyssal fleet designs immediately and have jumped on the chance for any scale figures straight away.
I have been waiting very patiently for the Harbour Princess to arrive, so without further ado lets begin!


One element I always look forward to with WHS figures is not only the figure quality but also the box designs – and HP ( Harbour Princess ) is no exception. The box is a simple square shape with no windows, instead - beautiful photos of the figure covers the box creating quite the atmosphere for the type of figure that awaits inside. The box radiates with this deep blood red colour and it absolutely stands out, it has this gloomy horrific vibe to it that really captures the character quite well.
The back showcases photos of different angles of the figure to get an idea of what is inside, but my favourite photo is the one used on the sides of the box – so creepy!


Because of the windowless design, the box opens up like a treasure box rather than with the standard flap on the top and bottom. This effect really does feel like you have acquired something special. When you raise up the chest lid you are greeted with the brightest shade of red and the blister.


Once you have swam past the sea of red that oozes out of the box, you are greeted with the blister housing the main figure. The blister houses 4 separate parts
1. The main base
2. The creature
3. A cord
4.The main figure- Kouwan Seiki
The blister is nicely compact and has just enough room to hold all the contents of the figure – no drastically oversized blister here, which is fantastic – considering how much she costs you really do not want to be paying any extra due to an oversized box/blister. There is also a little breathing circle for you to get a tiny sneak peek while you open up the blister.
I will give a little warning though – the buttons on this blister are absolutely huge, which is great for keeping HP safe, but I had quite some difficulty trying to pop open the buttons. Ripping open the lid could easily cause an “Exploding” effect if you will, sending HP and her parts flying across the room, so take extra care when opening it up and be patient.


Also inside the box is a small piece of paper with some instructions – one side completely in English while the other side is in Japanese – Thanks Max Factory!
Putting HP together is pretty simple and only requires 3 steps, we will be looking at this process below. But before that, let’s have a look at the base in greater detail before we plug it all together.


Before we get stuck into the gritty details of the base, let’s have a look at how it all plugs together. The base essentially comes in two different parts – The main base and “The Creature”.


On the left hand side of the base you will notice two large empty sockets, this is where the creature plugs in to. The sockets are moulded to fit the plugs so you shouldn’t have any trouble plugging the two together. It might be a little stiff at first but a little bit of light pressure will securely lock the plugs in place.


Here we have the completed base in all its industrial glory. The one element I love the most about this figure is the atmosphere it creates, and this is really all held together by this incredible base. The main surface of the base is this black and red rock like surface. On the right hand side we have a steal frame rising out of the tar twisted and bent, while on the other side we have the armoured creature with a warship “run way” attached to its head oozing out of the thick black tar.


A close up of the steel frame, Max Factory have done a fantastic job of really making this look like a realistic twisted frame work. The way the steel frame bends is quite impressive, I especially love the little piece that has snapped off and bent downwards, really nice touch. The frame itself seems to be sinking down, or rising out of this black tar like substance. This to me symbolises the oil and tar polluting the oceans which would be a result of all this horrific war machine creatures in the deepest darkest pits of the abyss.


I really wanted to include a close up of the “Run way” featured on top of the creatures head. Because of the angle this thing is on, once HP is attached to the base and her hand is resting on the run way –it’s hard to appreciate how great this feature is. I love the cracks in the concrete road at the bottom and in the corner as it bends upwards, it has that destroyed “Apocalyptic “like feel to it. But the one effect I really wanted to bring attention to is the lovely red speckled texture along the surface of the road. There is this beautiful dark red gradient along the whole run way which is then covered by this almost blood like speckled red – it looks absolutely fantastic and really stands out in person. This effect is used in the original artwork for HP and has that really strong glowing effect to it – amazing.


A close up of the machine creature underneath the runway. This thing is horrific, the sculpting and paint work on this menacing abomination is incredibly impressive. I love the sculpting work on its teeth and the bone like structure to its jaw line. The main surface of the creature is covered in this “Marble” like armoured texture which creates this smooth and slimy effect on it. Really makes it look like he has just emerged from the black tar. Underneath the marble armour is this fleshy purple muscle texture, combined with the armour it creates this really neat layered effect.


I had to include a close up of this angle…because this things tongue is disgusting in the most wonderful way. Who would have thought you could put so much care into sculpting and painting a monster tongue. It looks so real it’s rather unsettling, if you brush your finger along the surface of the tongue you can actually feel the indentations of his taste buds, eek!!
I also love the tone of red they used for the fleshy parts of the monsters gums – really effective and stands out against the black marble armour.


Now it’s finally time to check out the princess herself – Kouwan Seiki.
The first thing I noticed when I took her out of the blister is how heavy she is! With those massive claws and heavy head of her she is a very heavy piece of plastic.
That being said, she is absolutely beautiful, the sculpting work is incredible and Max Factory have taken extra care to capture every aspect of the characters body and expression.


Shots from both the left and right side showing off her incredibly impressive claws and her beautiful curvy figure.


A shot from the back showing off her long beautiful white hair. I know a few people have mentioned the seam lines connecting the different layers of hair together – from this angle the seam lines become much more apparent, and while the way her flows looks gorgeous, you are mostly viewing her from the front so the seamlines really don’t stand out amongst the rest of the figure. It certainly doesn’t bother me, but I’ll let you be the judge on that one. It’s very hard to not appreciate the sculpting work on a character with such naturally long flowing hair, they have done a great job to illustrate both its weight and movement.


A close up of HP’s upper half. There is just so many elements that I adore about this figure, but first I want to talk about her face. The detailing/decal on her face is probably the most interesting and unique work I have ever seen on any figure. It has this unique blend of sculpting for the eye lashes mixed with the decal/painting for the eye itself. The result is the most captivating expression with a real sense of depth – besides the base this has to be one of my favourite aspects of the figure. The expression is full of sorrow and melancholy, with her mouth slightly open and her eye brows tilted ever so slightly. There is a sense frailness and a glare full of pain and suffering.

I also really love the armour that wraps around her collar – reminds me of a shackle, almost as if she is bound to the oceans and its horrors lurking beneath for eternity. Out of the figures in my collection, HP certainly has the largest “bust” and her clothes are doing everything they can to keep them contained. Because of the nature of this figure, HP really has no sex appeal what so ever, which makes her curvy body and clothing a real work of art in body sculpting. The way her clothes cling around the bottom of her breasts is great, especially that little bulge where her breast is “falling out “to reveal the most amazing side boob.


A close up of HP’s lower half. What really makes HP stand out in her design is her massive claws. This is what I loved the most about her and they translated beautifully in sculpted form. They are absolutely huge, it’s really hard to capture just how large they are and they look truly menacing. The main joints are painted with a stone like texture which creates this amazing “bone” effect. The whole claw is capsulated by this circular armour attached to the sleeve, which creates this sense of mystery where her arm ends and her claws begin!?
In this shot we can also appreciate the sculpting work gone into her clothes. The cloth has lots of natural bends and creases to help create her curvy body shape and make her clothes look real. I am assuming her clothes are made from some sort of jumper/sweater like material, as illustrated by the lines and “stretchy” nature of the material as it hugs her body.


A different angle showing the underside of the claws and HP’s impressive chest size. This shot also captures how sharp and long the horn is protruding out of her head. What I love about the horn is the way the skin wraps around the base of the horn, creating this effect like the horn really is bursting out of her skull, great detail there.


Another angle showing her long gorgeous white hair. One little sculpting feature I love about her hair is the way that one little lock rolls across her arm and is tucked in behind her with the rest of her hair.


Time for the final 2 steps of the small 3 part process. Before we plug HP into the base, we first need to plug in that cord/pole into her back. This pole doesn’t add any structural support for the figure, but more so as an aesthetic element.
To differentiate between the two sides – the end with the longer plug with the purple colour goes into HP’s back, while the shorter plug with the dark red/brown colour at the end plugs into the base.

Attach the pole into HP’s back, then carefully align the other end of the pole to the hole on the base just at the back of the creature amongst the black tar. There is also a little plug sticking out of the base next to the hole for HP’s left foot to lock into, this will make sure she is locked into the right place so her claws are resting on the base in the correct spots.


The final figure in all her glory. One HP is plugged into the base the figure suddenly bursts into life in such an amazing way. Kouwan Seiki’s soft white skin and clothes mixed with the shades of red and blacks on the base makes for a really impressive contrast in colours. Truly stands out amongst the other figures on the shelf. The red and white colour combination is stunning. Having her plugged into the base really puts into perspective the size of her and her crushing claws. The way her hands are positioned makes it look like she is crushing the steel frame and squishing the creature under the weight of her massive claws.


A shot from the side showing how the claws wrap around the top of the steel frame.


This particular shot from the back holds so much detail it’s a shame it’s tucked away behind her. The curving broken run way, the pole poking out of the crevice in her back sinking into the black tar behind her – amazing sense of atmosphere and character.


I think what would of made this figure perfect is if the creature was on a slightly different angle so we could see him a little bit more. The amount of detail gone into the sculpting and textures to bring this creature to life is often shadowed by HP herself and becomes a base accessory. It’s a shame because this shot really shows how well the two go together and I just love those teeth!!


HP’s expression really just brings this whole piece together to create such a wonderful and slightly horrific figure. This beautiful pale skinned girl corrupted by the dark elements of the deep, trapped and bound by the horrors and power of the abyssal fleet. She has this sense of beauty and innocence, but also authority and scale. All will lay waste to the destruction of the Harbour Princess!



Max Factory have delivered once again with an incredible WHS figure for the Kantai collection series. The figure comes housed in a nice sturdy windowless box with a beautiful red colour scheme that is bold and effective. The blister holding the figure is efficient and held tightly to ensure no damage to the figure occurs during transit and storage.

The main base of the figure is wonderfully detailed and sculpted, realistic looking steal frame with some impressive bends for a powerful effect and a monstrous creature with some amazing texturing and colouring (I’ll never get over his tongue I swear...)

The main figure herself, Kouwan Seiki is a beautifully sculpted figure with some amazing attention detail. Gigantic claws with a nice bone like texture, menacing and huge. One of the greatest facial expressions I have ever seen captured in a figure using a blend of sculpting and decals to create a melancholic expression full of sorrow and fear. Unique armour and clothe designs making good use to illustrate the characters curvy body and powerful pose.


I am really impressed with this figure and the wait was really worth it. She comes at a hefty price, but she is honestly worth it for such a different and uniquely designed character.

As per request, i have taken some photos of the other Abyssal girls that i currently own along side HP for size comparison!
Here we have HP along side next to "Kuubo Wo-kyuu" produced by GSC, she is 1/8 scale.


Next up is HP next to "Senkan Re-kyuu", also 1/8 scale and produced by Max factory.


And to finish off, all 3 of the Abyssal girls all together for reference.


I hope you have enjoyed this review and found it helpful! If you have any questions or would like to request any photos of different aspects I didn’t capture; I’ll do my best to help out! If anyone has any requests on ANY of the items I own I would be more than happy to review them also :)
Thank you so much for your time,
Take care
- Ry
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Thank you for this review! I'm so impressed with her quality, but also skipped out on her for reasons other users said: she is expensive and quite small. I still hope to add her to my collection one day. Especially the base is amazing!
1 year ago
She definitely is gorgeous. I was a little let down by her size though. Considering Atago and Prinz are both 1/8th GSC figures that are closer to 1/7th size, and the fact she's kneeling, Seaport feels a bit too small. Add in the fact she's a boss character and should be much larger than Wo or Re, and she definitely seems too small when the three are together. Other than that, I say she's worth it. Her claws and face (those eyes are amazing) are definitely my favorite parts. Now she needs a Hoppou to cheer her up.
1 year ago
Josine (1 year ago) #22889846But - if she's so big IRL (judging from the piece of runway) - how come this is 1/8 scale? ƪ(•̃͡•̃͡ ƪ

Because the runway is scaled down to her size, not the other way around. They don't use full sized planes, they're the size of larger R/C planes.
1 year ago
But - if she's so big IRL (judging from the piece of runway) - how come this is 1/8 scale? ƪ(•̃͡•̃͡ ƪ
1 year ago
Thank you for the awesome Review! :) I wanted to do one too, but this mentioned all of her strong and beautiful features perfectly. Really good Job.

But I for one still can't decide if she really was worth the heavy price.
Yes, she and her base are really detailed and beautifully sculpted and painted, the box feels noble and special when opening and all in all she is indeed a very pretty figure and fits great with the other abyssals.

Anyhow, when I compare her with other WHS figures, she stays a little behind imo. I also own the WHS Sorceress, Link and Saber Huke Ver. (unfortunalety no other WHS KanColle figure, she's my very first). Saber obviously takes the cake with her base, her height (1/7), her brilliant design and the bonus picture included in this enormous box.
Link has his unusual shading, a great choice of scale (1/7) so he really stands out (and maybe Nintendo had something to do with him being WHS, idk for sure, correct me if I'm wrong).
And Sorceress (also 1/7) has this really solid, heavy base and (like HP MOSTLY) you can see the extra tad of effort to make the pose, paint and sculpt really stand out. And she is kind of cast-off-able. I know they f* up with shipping her while attached to the base, the peg on mine broke, too, but it's an easy, fixalbe mistake that you can't see when displaying her.

When I look at all four together, HP just is a little bit small with her 1/8 scale. That kind of takes away her chance to be the real eye-catcher she deserves to be :(
But the seam lines on her hair are the biggest bother for me. To be exact, I mean the seams from the two strands that frame her face so nicely.
Yes, you have to display her a little bit above eye-level to get the maximum impact, so you don't see the seams so much.... But I honestly expect a 200€+ figure with the tag "Wonderfull Hobby Selection" that praises itself with superb quality, to not have those seams :D
And her base is hollow, which is also kind of meh...

Again, this is a beautiful figure and Max Factory did a pretty good job and I still hope for more Abyssals like her, but I don't think she is 100% worth her price, certainly not the insane price now, post-release.

Sorry for the rant, tho ^^' But this bothered me....
1 year ago
Celestrial #1 BRS Fan
PineappleTheDuck (1 year ago) #22882099Crazy stuff here! One question, what kind of camera do you have?

Embarrassinginly iam just using my phone camera. I cannot afford a hardcore camera right now but my phone seems to do the trick for now!
1 year ago
She looks waifu! Can't wait to get mine.
1 year ago
Crazy stuff here! One question, what kind of camera do you have?
1 year ago
Awesome review dude! Nice photos as well :)
1 year ago
Celestrial #1 BRS Fan
BlackLemon (1 year ago) #22879888Thanks for the review! I really like the way the claws turned out. Eyelashes are also pretty unique, so that's cool.
If it isn't too much trouble, could you take photos of her next to other 1/8 and 1/7 scales? I think one of the general concerns for this figure is that she is very small for the price.

Hey there! Thanks for the comment!
No trouble at all! I only own 2 other of the Abyssal girls, i have added the photos to the bottom of the review for size comparison.

Enjoy and i hope this helps!
- Ry
1 year ago
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