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Suruga-ya loot!

azmiitoazmiito7 months agoLoot

So I caved and ordered a few things I've been looking at for a long time!
I ordered it all from Suruga-ya in used condition and used Big in japan forwarding service to get it shipped to me!
so the box came and was fairly big !

It was in my opinion well packed whit the bubble wrap holding everything tight together and a bit of news paper cushion.


The Loot !!

so first up I got some new merch of my hubbs iwa and tooru <3
and found on of the nitotan plush I'm missing from the haikyuu series!
theirs no smell or marks on any of the straps/plush to indicate that they have been used before witch was great !

next up is a coffee mug with iwatooshi on it, the mug seem like it's new as well and looks as expected!

so on to prize figures...
and the first on is banprestos break time figure of Eijun.
I did expect this figure to be kinda bad and i do think it look wonky irl as well but it's still Eijun so it alright, at least it's not damaged!

so I got to see a few of these aqours SEGA figures irl a bit ago and they are just so big and pretty I couldn't wait to get my 4 fave girls!! and as expected they where worth it !
two of them had some small black marks on them, but I managed to get them our with some water so not at all bad !





and seeing as i finally caved for the hell that is Love live prize figures it would be a shame if I didn't get something of the muse girl that got me stuck in this idol hell !
So it had to be some more SEGA figures of Kotori, and even thou I think the outfits of both of the figures are kind ugly she still looks like a star <3



Well last up is the scales
and first is K-on Yui
and I've been unsure if to get any k-on scales but I do love the show the girls and most of the figures are very cheep so I caved once more !
she looks great for a alter figure that is almost 6 years old.
the condition of the figure is perfect no marks or yellowing of plastic so that was lovely !

and then theirs Mio and I did mostly get Yui to match whit Mio.
this figures was in a not so good condition thou not having any warnings about it on the sale page.
She has a big black spot on the back side of her leg and I did manage to fade it a bit but it's still visible.
then theirs a small scratch in the paint on the hair ( i forgot to take a picture but it is tiny)
last the base is notably a bit yellow compared to Yui's ( it doesn't show in pictures but it is) and the plastic where her foot goes seems to have broken of and been glued back on.
I'm still happy whit getting her and I was expecting something like this since I was ordering a few older figures and Suruga-ya's warnings about items varies a lot it's not to be trusted always.



my last figure is Max factory's Tsumugi waitress ver and I've been meaning to get this ever since I started collecting scales but it's just always been put of for different resonance.
she's so pretty and the glossy stockings are to good, I'm so happy i got her !!
the box was pretty banged up but the figure is flawless so it's not a big deal !



I'm very happy whit what I got for the price I payed and the quality/condition of the items so I'll continuing ordering from suruga-ya in the future
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lollikins (7 months ago) #23727888Does BiginJapan let you choose shipping method? I'm trying to see which forwarding service I should use.

Ive only used ems but it looks like they do offer other kinds of shipping!
7 months ago
Does BiginJapan let you choose shipping method? I'm trying to see which forwarding service I should use.
7 months ago
my SSS Dia and Yoshiko figures got here today and whilst Dia was fine Yoshiko had a black mark on her hand as well! But I guess we can't grumble we still get our girls ^^ those Kotori figures are so cute they're gonna look so pretty nestled in with the others C:
7 months ago
Hi, Sorry to bother you >.< but I'm trying to order on Suruga-ya and am having an issue with checking out. Everytime I get to the page where you confirm your order, aka push the orange button, nothing happens. I was just wondering if you have experienced this?

EDIT: nvm >.> it was a browser issue lol
7 months ago
darkfader lolicon
Nice K-On! figures! I also love Suruga-ya a bit too much. (more than Mandarake)
7 months ago
WanderingWastrel (7 months ago) #23451149Random thoughts while reading loot post:
Kotori makes anything look good.
Yes, that Mio figure is becoming known for having the foot pegs shear off, or the entire foot stand piece break. My own Mio figure did the same thing. Oh, Mio, my Mio. (I bought a replacement. Have to keep the band together.)
Waitress Mugi is bestest Mugi!
Thanks for sharing the loot!

Kotori sure makes it work <3
ahh I didn't even check the coments on her mfc page to se if their was any common problem with her.. ;n;
Luckyly it seems like who ever fixt her did a good jobb so for now she's stable! ( I might repalce her in the future Mio and Tsumugi are my faves!)
I want more cute Tsumugis!! but Waitress version is best for now <3
7 months ago
hugtower (7 months ago) #23453562That dark spot on Mio's leg is huge O_O I'd have been devastated... but at least it's in the back and you managed to fade it ;;

I'm so glad it's in the back othervise I problably would have thrown her out honeslty !!
7 months ago
moonstarfc (7 months ago) #23458634Nice loot, especially the idol figures :D I have the Ruby figure from that set and she too has a black spot (it's on her hand). I guess I should expect that with prize figures!

My You hade the spots on her hand as well !
and for sure it's prize figures so it's to be expected!
7 months ago
lollikins (7 months ago) #23461737Awesome loot. If you don't mind my asking how was BiginJapans fowarding service? I have a bunch of things I want to order from Suguruya too.

I don't mind at all !
my experince with Bij has been nothing but positive so far.
ive used their forwarding service maybe 3-4 times and they have alwayes sent me the paymet request for shipping the same day as they recive the package (as long as ive payed the forwarding ticket atleast)
and shipped out the package as soon as I've paid shipping! :)
7 months ago
solluxcaptor (7 months ago) #23469454Nice loot, I love the K-On! figures and your cat is so cute :D

Thank you so much ;u; !
7 months ago
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Great Figure, Amazing Service, Fantastic Price!

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