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Opinions on 18+ figures?Opinions on 18+ figures?

Emily_katieEmily_katie10 months agoAsk MFC
If you were too look at my profile you would most likely come away with a simplistic understanding of myself as a person, a pink fluffy idol anime fan. However through my entire collecting life I have had this odd affinity for 18+ figures (especially ones involving girls who could well be in an idol anime >_>). I don't gain any 'satisfaction' from them per say, more I find certain figures like Natives 'Cat Lap Milk' to be well... cute?

So I find myself at a crossroads. I really want to buy myfigurecollect... but as a female collector I feel like those in the community would find it weird, especially since I just think she's cute, and lets not even talk about what my room mates would think >_<

So I have a question for you MFC, what's your opinion of 18+ figures? if you collect them, why? and how many of you are female collectors?

Thanks for taking the time to read ^_^
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Whats your opinion on 18+ figures?

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okami34 (10 months ago) #23589494It depends on what you're in to. I'm a female collector and I personal find 18+ female figures and bit repulsive. I stay far away from them. I'm into hot bishies,but I hope to buy one of the Fetish Boy figures this year. Since they're shotas, I won't get that sexual high from them, but I just want to support the market for male 18+ figures. (Most of the 18+ figures are female and I feel like the play field needs to be even out more.)
I may not know what you "swing" to, but if you're straight, I can't really understand why you would want a female 18+. If I was you roomate and saw your 18+ figures, I wouldn't judge you, but I would find them to be odd.

Even straight females can find the female body pleasing to the eyes without any sexual attraction.
10 months ago
WanderingWastrel (10 months ago) #23578150I completely understand about the reason you have for liking a figure being so misconstrued by others. As I have said about ITEM #144282, 'some of us just really like ducks'.Are you saying that people have misconstrued the figure you linked? How can it be construed as anything other than: naked underage girl in a suggestive pose? I find it a bit odd that so many people on this site see nothing problematic with that figure series, but that's just my opinion.
10 months ago
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I'll be honest, If my roommate wasn't my 16 year old little brother, I'd probably have tons of 18+ Sonico figures. As it is, I just have ITEM #175533, (pretty tame for Sonico) and I'm not entirely sure about displaying that one. Once I get my own place however, I'll expand a lot into the ecchi and 18+ figure side of collecting.
10 months ago
Emily_katie (10 months ago) #23654013I had a similar conversation with my Boyfriend last night. I think its down too the fact I'm not a confident person so I find characters like Sonico (although she isn't real) inspiring? she owns her own body :3 Your boyfriend doesn't understand your hobby? Also, what are you not confident about your appearance? I personally don't find myself all that, but I don't think I'm ugly. XD

I believe I understand you a bit more. Sonico is ok, because she doesn't have that "lollipop figure". (You know slim all around, but has a huge bust. ) Instead, Sonico had a bit of evened out weight to her.
10 months ago
I'm a lesbian and I find blushy/embarrassed girls to be the cutest thing ever, especially if that shyness comes from what they are or aren't wearing haha. So I'm all for 18+ figures and media, even if I personally don't get turned on by it. I also have a great mom who doesn't mind at all that I have naked girls all over my room.
10 months ago
okami34 (10 months ago) #23641795I don't mind any figure or art that depicts the female body in general. However, I don't understand how something sexually explicit can be "empowering". :/
Can you please explain this "empowerment" to me so that I can better understand where you are coming from on this? (I'm really curious about it.) :)

I had a similar conversation with my Boyfriend last night. I think its down too the fact I'm not a confident person so I find characters like Sonico (although she isn't real) inspiring? she owns her own body :3
10 months ago
Mostly I do like them (when it's nothing but nudity), but sometimes they can get a bit digusting (lots of juices, and sometimes even gore).
10 months ago
I own ITEM #144282 along with many other lewd lolis figs and I dont give a shit about what people think.
10 months ago
As a gay male I love a lot of native's figures even though they're mostly of girls. (Honestly, there isn't anything wrong with you being a girl and liking these figures, so let's just get that out of the way.) I find the figures to be cute and don't really look at them sexually lol. I love the designs and how creative some of the figures can get.
Definitely don't feel weird though. There isn't anything wrong with appreciating 18+ figures. While they may not be for everybody, as long as it's something that makes you happy then I think it's okay.

That being said, my family is coming to visit me and I have no idea where to put ITEM #293234 lmaooooooo. I really don't want to have a discussion about him so he probably has to go back in his box for a couple of days. SO I guess the awkward situations of having these figures is inevitable since not everybody understands them.
10 months ago
Crescent Noob Collector
Well if you really like it then why not? I just don't buy these things just because I don't want to start a religious war at home. I already received flak from the figures I already bought, not that it ever stopped me from buying more haha.
10 months ago
Funny enough, most 18+ figure collectors I meet are girls
10 months ago
indian_summer22 (10 months ago) #23590034Even straight females can find the female body pleasing to the eyes without any sexual attraction.

I didn't mean to imply that they couldn't; that was not my intension. I'm aware that the many women can find the female body interesting.
10 months ago
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