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June 2017 HaulJune 2017 Haul

Ose_93Ose_931 year agoLoot
I thought this haul was smaller, but when I was gathering everything together, I realized just how much I had purchased in June.

This month, I got quite a few charms for my ita bag. I am pretty sure I have more charms and buttons than I need now but... Oh would you look at that! More cute Yuri on Ice things!

Don't like videos? No problem! Take a look at everything under the cut.

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The first thing isn't even mine and it's not from June. I bought this from another user for my good friend who has a birthday this month. I am steadily growing her Tales figure collection, haha.

I never know if it's okay to list who exactly I purchased things from, but since I've seen people do so in the past, this came in from Kewlmyc, who is a great seller.


I got a few prize figures from Mandarake. I promised myself I'd stick only to Touken Ranbu nendoroids but... they are just prize figures so it's okay, right?


This guy just had to get a re-release announced the month after I got him, didn't he? Thankfully he wasn't too much more expensive on Mandarake when I picked him up. And now Play Arts Kai is after my wallet again, this time with Fenrir and Cid, sweet sweet Cid on the line. Just take my money already, damn you.


Did I... mention how much I like Mandarake yet? Apparently a lot, as you shall see. I managed to pick these two up for great deals.


Don't believe either of these items are in the database yet. I got this Durarara x2 bag for dirt cheap on Mandarake. It is a collaboration with Super Groupies, who is also after my life blood. The watch was missing a charm and was heavily discounted because of it. It is a collaboration with Honey Salon.


Ain't it a beaut?


Thought you saw the last of Mandarake, didn't you? Think again! I picked up three badges from them for my ita bag. The strap is from AmiAmi.


Speaking of AmiAmi, here is the new card. Lilco is so darn cute.


My AmiAmi was pretty small this time around. Aside from the strap, I only got one figure...


...And a whoooole bunch of socks!


My TOM order finally came in in June. With the corrected box and everything, so I didn't mind the wait... too much.


Rightstuf had a Viz Media sale, which of course meant shoujo


and BL.


Finally, I just had to get some fan made goods for my ita bag. Check out my video to find links to the stores.

Did you get anything cool in June?
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chachachow je suis gomen
I was wondering who Kewlmyc sold the other Tales figures to! Sorry I took a couple myself P:

Great June loot! I love the fact that you can now wear the Axis Powers on your feet o7 I hadn't realized that RS had a Viz Media sale orz Guess I'll start signing up for their newsletter. And you gave me the obvious realization that Manda would have SuperGroupies collab gear on sale! Looking for a few things myself that I haven't been able to find on Otamart or Y!J Auctions. Time to spend more money |D
1 year ago
Ciciely (1 year ago) #23723890I knew of Mandarake...but I'm going through a love phase as well. I can't believe the deals you can find!! Great loot~!There certainly are! It's pretty much a black hole for my wallet because of all those deals. XD
1 year ago
I knew of Mandarake...but I'm going through a love phase as well. I can't believe the deals you can find!! Great loot~!
1 year ago
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