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Anime Expo Favor!

Due to family circumstances I am unable to attend Anime Expo this year...

However there are some prints from the Artist Alley that I really want/need OTL I was wondering if anyone would be willing to buy them for me since the artists don't sell online :(

I would of course pay for the prints and shipping to me (I live in Arizona but will be in San Diego all of July if someone would find it more convenient for me to pick up?). I would also pay a little extra for all the troubles :)

Oh do you think you could have the artists sign them as well? ~

I really want this print the most!!! It's by Kurot at C27(I have a signed print from her from the last 3 years...)


-Godoka and Homura [Girl with pink hair with other girl with red ribbon] (2nd from bottom left column - above pokemon)

The other print by Kurot's sister KL-chan at B45


Thank you so much I'd be forever indebted ^_^
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charle got them for me!!

Thanks everyone for your absolute kindness! <3
5 years ago
Hey I'm going to tomorrow if you're still interested. Sadly, I'm going to for one day...If you still need time to decide, you can ask Jofuu for help since she's going there longer.
5 years ago
Jofuu 〜Q☆N*・♪
I will be attending AX Saturday and Sunday. I was going to offer you my help but charle beat me to it :) Their work is really nice. I might pick up the T&B and Kuroko ones if I spot them. Best of luck with the prints and if you need more help just send me a message.
5 years ago
I love shopping around the artist alley. I'm going to Anime Expo for one day, and I'll be at San Diego for Comic con. I don't mind helping you! Just PM me to schedule a meet-up(or shipping if you prefer)!

They're cute and talented sisters. :)
5 years ago
Some pretty nice pictures :) if i come across them i help ya out and myself Haha
5 years ago
itsame00 (5 years ago) #1006376I don't know what these are but are they posters? Fan made posters?

yeah they are fanart printed as posters in the artist alley
5 years ago
I don't know what these are but are they posters? Fan made posters?
5 years ago
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