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Figma Kurisu by Max Factory!Figma Kurisu by Max Factory!

MagusfiguresMagusfigures11 months agoReview
Hello hello! A little later than promised, but--it's time for my next figure review!

Incidentally, the figure we'll be looking at today is... my 100th figure!! ;u; I never expected to make it into triple digits..... Granted most of those 100 are tiny trading figures, but. Details!!

Anyway, today we'll be looking at
Figma Makise Kurisu by Max Factory!
ITEM #42054


This figma actually has a bit of a story behind it, since it's also my first experience with AmiAmi's preowned section.

After having it on my "to watch eventually" list for the longest time, I recently binged all of the Steins;Gate anime with some friends--including the extra episode and the movie! (My friends wanted to watch the dub, and I actually had a really good time with it? I think it's one of the rare anime where localization actually makes a huge difference for enjoyment. They turned all the Japanese internet meme references into English ones! But that's neither here nor there). It was a slow build, but once it got going, it was a wild ride. It left me with so many feelings about Kurisu and Okabe ;~; So, I decided to keep my eye out for their figmas--Kurisu especially. I've always really admired her design so I was happy to finally have an excuse to buy the figma, lmao...

Well, for the most part, Kurisu figmas were super expensive secondhand!! (though, I suppose they're still cheaper than what figmas go for at market price these days...). Anyway, I couldn't justify dropping $50+ on one, especially with my already pricey spring/summer, so I kept my eye out for something more affordable. Finally, I noticed one in AmiAmi's preowned section that was only 3480 yen--however, it was marked as an ubiquitous "Item C/ Box B". The comments said "stains, top of head".

Hm. "That's kind of alarming????" -- is what someone would think normally. I certainly didn't want to think about what kinds of stains. But I'd also heard that AmiAmi tends to overestimate the damage to a figure, and I've seen plenty of posts from people who ordered C items only to find them in great condition. So, what the heck! I tossed her in with my June order and crossed my fingers.

Fast forward a few weeks, and Kurisu arrives. The damage is....

Nothing more than a manufacturing defect???
I was expecting something wayyyyy worse, haha.... It doesn't look too bad in most shots, thankfully. Years ago I might have written in to try to get a replacement, but it's been so long since her last release, I don't think I'll bother. Besides, this just means my Kurisu is unique! ☆ Maybe I'll find her a little hat....

Anyway, with that assessment out of the way, on to the rest of the review! I haven't bought a figma in four years (Lelouch was the last one I bought) so I wasn't really sure what I should do for my review, orz..... But considering I have ITEM #553119 coming in the fall and ITEM #464590 in January (god willing), I might as well practice!

Here's what all she came with! As well as the standard figma parts bag, not pictured. (After all these years you would think nendoroids would start coming with parts bags too!!) She comes with a wealth of different hands and accessories, making for a ton of possible poses! And with all of that potential at my fingertips... I spent the whole review uncreatively reproducing the promo pictures, whoops. see also, why I havent bought figmas in four years

Trying out the cell phone hand, as well as a sort of floating pose. I love love LOVE her long legs!!!! (you can always count on huke to design girls with legs for days...) However, I discovered almost immediately that she's really fiddly. It was hard to get her to pose just the way I wanted. I don't know if new figmas have shown any improvement; I'll be looking forward to what Gwen and Joker are like. I still haven't bought any figmas newer than Miku 2.0, either, so I have no idea what the new hand joints are like...

Speaking of hand joints, when I was swapping out her hands I noticed that the striped cuffs of her sleeves aren't actually attached!! This was quite a shock. Like with the collars on the Aoba and Mink nendoroids, I realize that this is done to allow freedom of movement at the joint, but... it's still a little obnoxious. Especially since Kurisu's front-hanging lock of hair is made from a flexible plastic. I will give that the cuffs were generally easier to deal with than the collars on the nendoroids.

Trying out a pose with the baton, angry face, and pointing finger!! It looks like she's directing traffic! (Though... I don't remember the significance of the baton in the story...)

The angry face was the most underwhelming for me, so I don't think I'll be getting much use out of it.

And now for.... an overwhelmingly cute pose!! It was a little hard to get this one set up, and there was a near-constant fear of breaking something hanging over my head, but she's so cute what the hell???? That coy winking face is almost too much....

I'm so weak.... (and this coming from someone who usually prefers dudes!) The power of moe is not to be underestimated!!

Trying out the Dr. Pepper accessory! It almost looks like there's really soda inside... I almost wish it wasn't attached to her hand, so I could use it with other figures too.

And, last but not least--my favorite pose!! The standoffish, arms folded pose! To make this pose, I had to remove her usual arms and attach the already crossed ones. It was a bit hard to do... the holes for her arm pegs were pretty tight, and in the end I don't think I got it on all the way... But!! This pose has so much attitude, I decided to display her like this.

Something I've never really tried before: you can convey a lot of emotion with figmas by angling hips a certain way, or tilting the head. Even rotating the legs to change the angles of the feet goes a long way in conveying different body language. I will have to try this in the future!

By the time I got to this point in the shoot, I realized that I forgot to do my standard turnaround shots! Oops! Not wanting to detach her arms again, I decided to just do a turnaround with what I have...


As usual for figmas, the joints are pretty noticeable on the back of the knees.... but from most other angles, you actually can't see them that well. Her stand also has a special attachment to reach under her hair.


From the side. You can tell I had trouble getting her arms to fit together...

Here she is next to my most recent figma purchase (and oldest figma) Lelouch ITEM #180. Lelouch is extremely tall!! I suppose it makes sense, since Kurisu isn't supposed to be very tall herself...

The "newest" figma in my collection is Labrys ITEM #117923, who came out in April 2013... I can remember the exact month because I was studying abroad at the time. Labrys and Kurisu are the same height, and could probably share accessories (if Kurisu wanted to have robot hands, that is)

They make an odd trio....
I've been keeping Lelouch and Labrys in storage lately because I've been running out of room on my desk Q_Q

I would have done a silly skit like I do for nendoroids, but by this point I was tired and couldn't really think of anything they could say to each other, orz.

Anyway, on to the number scores!
Sculpting: 8. I didn't really give much thought to the sculpting (I kind of got lost in the novelty of posing) but after a second look I'd say she's sculpted fairly well. I love the look of her legs and shoes especially. Her chest can look a little weird without her arms to frame it, though.
Painting: I'd give painting a 7. Paint lines are all generally clean, and the shading is all pretty good. The splotch on her head is an unfortunate error, though, and it's something QC should have picked up.
Posing: 8, I'd say. She has great range of motion and lots of potential, but her fiddly joints made it hard for me to get the exact pose I wanted. I noticed her waist in particular moves without much provocation.
Accessories: Definitely a 9 here!! For the most part, she comes with a great variety of parts, and has lots of potential in that department as well. The coy face is especially good!! It's only short of a perfect 10 because the angry face was kind of meh, and I'm not sure what the baton is for.
Enjoyment: 9! Which may seem surprising, considering I usually give figures a 10 for enjoyment (why would I buy them if I wasn't going to love them?). I'm still getting used to figmas, so she's a bit hard to work with at the moment--but I'm looking forward to seeing all that I can do with her, and unlocking her full potential.

Here's where I'm displaying her for now, though she will almost certainly be moving once my other summer Nendos come in:

I'd wanted to put her on the riser, but her stand takes up so much space she wouldn't fit... So, for the time being, she'll be front and center. It's not a bad place for her. Though, she seems lonely without Okabe...

Anyway, I think that's about it for this review! Overall I'm satisfied with this purchase. For Kurisu fans, I'd say the figma is essential--this is one instance where I actually ended up preferring the figma to the nendoroid (normally if I have a choice, I'll go for the nendoroid). I hope one day I can find an Okabe to go with her. Actually, I'd like to see other Steins;Gate figmas too! After Kurisu, Mayuri, Ruka, and Suzuha ended up being faves of mine. It would be cool to see them getting the figma treatment as well.

As far as AmiAmi preowned goes... I will definitely be keeping an occasional eye on it. All things considered, this wasn't a bad first time. Will I buy another C figure in the future? Well, that depends on what pops up, haha. If the character is worth it and the price is right, I'm willing to take the risk.

If you've made it this far, thanks for reading!! I'll have another review coming up in just a few weeks, when ITEM #512116 arrives. Oh, and I'm also planning a big June loot post, so please keep an eye out for that too!

The summer of irresponsible figure purchases continues....
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Lilie (11 months ago) #24044422Very well done review! I'd try nail polish remover with acetone on that paint on her head, has worked for me on similar damages.

Ohh, I didn't even think of that! I'll have to give it a try. Thanks for the suggestion!
11 months ago
Very well done review! I'd try nail polish remover with acetone on that paint on her head, has worked for me on similar damages.
11 months ago
Great job! :) Thank you! :)
11 months ago
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