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June/July arrivals!June/July arrivals!

MagusfiguresMagusfigures11 months agoLoot
Hello all! I had been hoping to do this post actually in June (because most of this was bought/came out in June), but nearly all of it didn't get here until well into July...

Anyway, it's time to make a small loot post! I rarely have this volume of stuff coming into my collection...

First--there was a small local artist alley in my neighborhood at the start of June. I went in with a budget of $20 and expected not to spend any of it, but, surprise surprise, I burned right through it. Here's what I got!

Unfortunately, I didn't think to grab the business cards of the artists who did the korok stickers and Mimikyu button... ;-; There's going to be another one of these art markets in the fall, so if those artists are there again, I will for sure be grabbing their cards!

The Joker mask pin was probably my favorite find--and the artist had a pretty nondescript table stationed right near the door, so if I hadn't been paying attention I would've missed it. You can find her on twitter @alagaeshaart! I put the Joker pin on my purse for now; I'd love to decorate my bag with more P5 stuff...

Anyway, now on to the main part of the loot! This consists of my June AmiAmi order, a doujinshi I'd preordered, and a couple of impulse buys. Here's everything together!

It's a bunch of little things, eheheh... but for me it's a lot! I'm also still waiting on a fanmade charm that I ordered in June; hopefully that will get here soon ;-;

I don't normally splurge like this, but a combination of getting a raise at my job + going crazy waiting for more official Persona 5 merch contributed to the pile you see here.

First, let's take a look at the AmiAmi order part!

My June AmiAmi order was just four things: ITEM #512154, ITEM #42054, ITEM #576100, and ITEM #536186. It might not seem like much, but I usually only get one thing from AmiAmi at a time lmao. Originally, the Breath of the Wild Link nendo was supposed to be in this batch too, but he got delayed ;-;

I looked at Mink and Kurisu in my earlier reviews, so I'll talk about the charms/straps a little bit here!

When I saw new merch was announced for Gurren Lagann--and that characters other than Yoko would be featured--I almost couldn't believe my eyes! And not only that, there was new merch for my favorite iteration of Simon! Needless to say, I slammed the preorder button as fast as possible haha...

I've never bought an acrylic stand before (never really saw the point, when figures are nicer?) but I will say that this one is kinda fun. Even in chibi form, Simon is so handsome... *dreamy sigh* I plan to keep this on the shelf for now, but I might convert it into a strap and hang it from my magnet board once more of my summer figures start coming in. (I don't think I would ever use it on my bag or phone though--I prefer rubber for that kind of thing. Rubber charms may get dirty, but acrylic charms scratch off!!)

The Yuri on Katsudon strap was kind of an impulse buy (something I saw on AmiAmi and thought "Wow, 600 yen is cheap... I'll get it!") Actually, I forgot which one I'd bought, and was expecting ITEM #536188 to come instead... In the end, I'm really glad I got this one--it's adorable, and I think I like it more than the Victuuri one.

Next I'll talk about the doujin; the only other thing that came with multiple items.

I'm not really a big doujinshi buyer, for the simple reason that my Japanese reading ability is poor. I studied Japanese in school, but reading still takes me a really long time. I like looking at the pictures, but I often find myself wishing I had a better grasp of the dialog. Before this one, I had only three doujinshi--and for two of them, I'd already read English scanlations online, so I knew what was being said. (this was a long time ago, before I knew how much that hurts the artists...)

Anyway, recently an artist I really admire, Cezaria, announced that she would be printing one of her P5 Protagonist/Akechi books in English! I was over the moon!!! I've been following her tumblr for a few years now, and she was the one who brought the ship to my attention ehehe... I thought about it for a day or so before deciding to jump on the opportunity!! It ended up being a little pricey, but... god, it was so worth it...

Here's what the book came with--she included some preorder bonuses for English-speaking fans! The two postcards are the cover illustrations for the Japanese book, and they're printed on a pearly card stock. They're so nice, I fully plan to frame them ;u;

The book itself was absolutely gorgeous--about 70 pages of beautiful art and heart-rending emotions. I'm so thankful to be able to read it in English... I had to lie down after I finished it. I could read it over and over, but I almost want to forget what happens in it so I can experience it for the first time again!


C also made a little charm/stand to go with it and--I'm crying???? they're holding hands??? I saw previews of it online in advance but that couldn't prepare me for seeing the cuteness in person ;-; The way Joker's looking happily at the stars, but Akechi only has eyes for Joker......


On the other side of the charm is a cute illustration of the two of them in their thief outfits! Both sides are cute, but I think the stargazing side is the one I'll display facing me....

You can see a preview of the book on C's blog (and on pixiv in Japanese), but unfortunately all the books are sold out now.... But! If you like protag/akechi, please check out the rest of her art. You won't regret it!

Anyway, now that I'm done fangirling uncontrollably, on to some of the one-off purchases I made!

Alright, I know, Grunt isn't from an anime... but Sanshee had him for just $10 as part of their summer sale, and I decided to hop on it. He's so cute!! And extremely cuddly, too. Maybe I'll get off my ass and finish Mass Effect 3....

Yet another Akechi-themed item... are you sensing a pattern?
This one is by Astrons on tumblr! She made knifecat versions of all the thieves, but I ended up getting Akechi because I feel like this charm perfectly captures my feelings about him, haha... You can find the others here!

Aaand finally, I went to Kinokuniya with a friend and saw that there was just one Touken Ranbu picktam left, so I decided to get it. It's Mutsunokami! ITEM #331793

The new anime is giving me a soft spot for him, so I'm glad I ended up getting one (really, I was hoping for anyone but Kashuu lmao). I got a different Mutsunokami (ITEM #331686) the last time I tried a touken ranbu blind box though... I wonder if I'm cursed

I think that's about it for this loot! I have a few more things trickling in this summer, and then.... my behemoth of a September order on AmiAmi.....

And so, the summer of irresponsible anime purchases continues...
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Very cute loot! :D Thanks for sharing!
11 months ago
11 months ago
Valestein3 (11 months ago) #24093980I love that Akechi knife-cut keychain! I wanted that whiny, know-it-all jag off dead later on in the game.
That Urdnot Grunt plushie looks really cute. Don't forget to give it some ammo.

Akechi is actually my favorite... I just enjoy dunking on him also, because it's easy to make fun of him ^^; The Akechi knifecat charm was definitely my favorite from the set, though!
11 months ago
Valestein3 Here with you to Knight
I love that Akechi knife-cut keychain! I wanted that whiny, know-it-all jag off dead later on in the game.

That Urdnot Grunt plushie looks really cute. Don't forget to give it some ammo.
11 months ago
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