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So, two three of my most expected protos to be colored were probably CANCELED.{ITEM #320015 , ITEM #396964 & ITEM #368552[which is actually already colored]}

The two characters I wanted to be made into scales eventually weren't made into scales or really shitty ones (I'm talking abt Aoba from new game and Kanna from dragon maid).

Also, the bunny boys were a big DISAPPOINTMENT picture/1802182....

The only thing that stopped me from crying was that Juzumaru proto picture/1801937..., as well as this beautiful masterpiece ITEM #604572.

Is it just me or was this wonfest a fucking FAILLLLLL (fate fans r not allowed to answer)
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    • 13%was gr8
    • 15%HORRIBLE
    • 28%meh
    • 21%Fate overkill
    • 2%Too early to call, database still being updated
    • 2%lulz
    • 2%so many lewds \o/
    • 2%Too many projects, too few actually made greatly.
    • 1%Not enough fate nendos 0\10
    • 1%The best
    • 3%okay
    • 2%MY WALLET LIVED!!!!!
    • 3%Only 1 interesting thing atop a bunch of uninteresting things
    • 1%too many boat girls
    • 1%tfw no kaito 1/4
    • 1%Most awesome Wonfes ever, cry more.
    • 1%So much great stuff! - Disappointed at not continued announcements :( no cancellation pleaaaaase!
    • 2%Too many new announcements with no progress on previously announced projects
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    Honestly I'm surprised there was nothing from Boku no Hero ....
    23 days ago
    I'm just salty about the lack of Fire Emblem figures nendo or otherwise

    But as a fate fan I'm ecstatic
    23 days ago
    I keep voting for the wrong team , thats it , fate it is...?
    20 days ago
    So sad that ITEM #464656 was not updated and there were no new Love Live or Idol M@ster announcements via Alter... But I am very pleased about ITEM #549367, ITEM #604706, ITEM #603756, and ITEM #591957.
    21 days ago
    I'm content since most of Saekano scales announced past wonfes were either painted or have a prototype. As for new announcements, pretty meh. No new Saekano scale/figma (good break for wallet I guess) or news about one particular Idolm@ster girl.

    Can't lie, I was pretty excited for Nike ITEM #604556, Betty ITEM #604404 and Cu ITEM #603994. Not sure I will order them though..
    21 days ago
    All of the stuff I want is still in announcement or prototype form, so looks like no preorders for me. I was thinking about Dress Gwen but I don't want to buy her unless Oswald turns out nice. I'm happy that we got more male figures but unfortunately the majority of them were from series I don't care for.
    22 days ago
    Very, very low key for me. I really didn't know what to expect going in and there's a lot of nice stuff being made, but there was really only one reveal that interested me and it was ITEM #603756. On one hand, I'm super relieved because it means my wallet gets a nice break. On the other hand, it's always nice to have stuff to be excited for.

    I was a bit let down when there was no Koe no Katachi items. At this rate, I might have to make my own Shouko and Shouya nendos, lol.
    22 days ago
    I'm a Fate fan so I can't complain much in that regard. I do feel like it was nice because it was not just Saber like AAAAALLL past Wonfes, this one had variety and it was refreshing.

    That being said, I felt like the problem with this Wonfes was that there weren't much intricate sculpts shown or anything that could be called a winner. And no Nendoroid Kanna is a total mistake.
    22 days ago
    Anyone knows which figure this is?

    22 days ago
    For me it was surprisingly good (and I don't care about the fate figures)

    I didn't know about the LOGH figures until this wonderfest so that was an especially exciting discovery for me

    Seeing they already have the Roy Nendo prototype and he was only announced a few days ago

    The colored scales of the Your Name leads looks fantastic

    And as for new figures new Kenshin scale, Lina In This Corner of the world & casual clothes YOI nendos (although now I kind of wish I didn't order the skating ones)

    I mean I can only afford so much as it is and I am not even sure I can afford everything I do want.
    22 days ago
    Disappointing as usual.
    22 days ago
    I was really underwhelmed this time... There were a handful of things that made me think "oh, that'll be nice!" or "I want to see that colored" and maybe a few that got me excited... But I think my interests have narrowed again, so while I was into a lot of stuff during the winter wonfes and could get excited about a lot of figures, there were less things that caught my eye this time, you know? There's just not a lot that I want and it made me a little sad...

    I'm excited for some Miku figures and I want to see the Utena figma colored, as well as a few others, but it was kind of just a boring scroll through the twitter tag for me.

    I really feel you on that Mikatan figure... I loved Punchline and I wanted to see her colored so badly, but it looks less and less like we're going to get her.
    22 days ago
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