August 2017: What's coming into your collection?

TyjosAzari2 months agoAsk MFC
Another month starting and it's time to see what's coming into the collection.

Right now I'm not waiting for anything, added a lot in late last month and the last figure I was waiting for arrived today.

First additions for the month were:
Tales of Xillia PS3
Tales of Xillia 2 PS3
ITEM #635

Got a few Transformers in late last month and and took care of getting the ones that were on my list so I am not looking for anything this month except two figures.

These are the additions to the collection at the end of last month.

ITEM #143936
ITEM #406494
ITEM #209602


Ended up getting ITEM #441195 at Gamestop since she was on clearance for $20 and both the Meiya figures were cheap so had to add them back into the collection.

So far I'm planning on getting this month:

ITEM #198435
ITEM #156661

Star Wars Black Series Obi-Wan Kenobi Lightsaber
-I'll end up getting this one from one of the local Walmarts here possibly or when the new light sabers show up at Target or just get it from Amazon or BBTS,if all goes well I should be getting this one tomorrow-

Update: Picked up the Lightsaber so now it's down to those 2 figures and the Poster to be picked up.

Transformers Titans Returns Walgreens Exclusive Wingspan and Cloudraker Set
-There are a lot of Walgreens in my area so this is one of those sets that's cheap that I'll be hunting up and it's slightly over $20 so it won't affect my budget that much.

Star Trek Voyager LCARS Master Display Poster www.amazon.com/... I want this one and it's part of my plan to further shift my room display over to Star Trek and that seller has more LCARS posters for Defiant and Enterprise D so I'll have to get these one at a time and find poster frames for those too.

Got a new Bookshelf so there is room for new additions now but I don't plan to do much this month so I'm hoping to work on saving up a lot more so I can get ITEM #549543 when she comes out and I'm hoping that ITEM #464871 gets released this month since I want another Xiao in my collection.

Well it's been a long time since I broke a figure piece but I ended up breaking Meiya's sword ITEM #143936 when I got her opened and was trying to put it in her hands and now that reminded me of why I got rid of that one in the first place since I didn't like the way Kotobukiya Designed it but at the moment when I was putting in there I was distracted so I'll have to have Meiya on display in the Glass Display case with the other Muv Luv Girls without her sword.

Also working on a trade deal with one of my good friends that I have done deals with over the past few years to get some Star Wars vehicles into the collection again [Y-Wing Fighter, B-Wing Fighter,TIE Interceptor] since I want some Star Wars vehicles on display mixed in with all the Star Trek ships that are taking over the room.

What are you adding to your collection this month?
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I don't have much coming in this August. Only a Victor Nendoroid. I mainly wanted to keep August relatively empty because I'm moving my collection. I got more space just in time for my September order which is... ridiculous, but I am sure there will be delays.
2 months ago
you're so lucky you got that emma frost for so cheap!! i almost bought her but then decided not to b/c i already had the original black one.

this august i'm mostly getting fire emblem rubber straps, but also ITEM #547826 and ITEM #464601
2 months ago
I'm expecting ITEM #592557 and ITEM #600149. Since I am a new collector, these are my first ever preorders coming in :o I ordered them both off Amiami, and I'm unsure if I should combine their shipping. I dunno how much it will save me, or if I'll be upset possibly waiting for one to be released while the other already has. I'm so excited :o
2 months ago

ITEM #512116 (My second one, he got delayed by GSC due to manufacturing errors)
ITEM #512118 (Two of them! From HobbySearch and GSC respectively)
ITEM #562342 + ITEM #591524 (From AmiAmi, full set of each, I'm particularly excited to get the nendoroid More set!)

I'm also waiting on a bunch of YOI merchandise to arrive, it was shipped last month but hasn't arrived yet XD
2 months ago
July items that are still on their way:
- ITEM #464678 (Kotobukiya's Serena)
- ITEM #542378 (Nendoroid Link)
- ITEM #580015 (Erwin Smith mug)
- ITEM #580018 (Levi keychain)
- ITEM #580022 (Erwin Smith keychain)
- ITEM #580029 (another Levi keychain)
- ITEM #580032 (another Erwin Smith keychain)

This month (hopefully), I will receive:
- ITEM #396840 (GSC's Ononoki Yotsugi)
- ITEM #298531 (Orca Toys' Erza Scarlet)
- ITEM #331504 (Orange Rouge's Shishiou)
- ITEM #396867 (Orange Rouge's Monoyoshi Sadamune)
- ITEM #463456 (Kotobukiya's Edward Elric)
- ITEM #583914 (Eren Yeager chick)
- ITEM #583915 (Levi chick)
- ITEM #583916 (Erwin Smith chick)
- ITEM #455378 (Nendoroid Hatake Kakashi)
- ITEM #549461
- ITEM #557438
- ITEM #557439
- ITEM #562340
- ITEM #562341
- ITEM #562342 (Nendoroid More's suits)
- ITEM #549496
- ITEM #561696 (Nendoroid More's Halloween)

I also got my ultimate holy grail today, sealed + new for €110,-:
- ITEM #153810 (MegaHouse's Hatake Kakashi)
2 months ago
I decided to go all out this month since starting next month, I'm going to try to put some breaks on my spending habits.
Figures I'll be getting this month should be:
ITEM #520671, ITEM #551106 and ITEM #11405

And the other stuffAnd the other stuffITEM #597396
ITEM #597395
ITEM #597394
ITEM #579642
ITEM #105363
ITEM #254395
ITEM #54354
ITEM #369537
ITEM #602947
ITEM #602945
ITEM #602943
ITEM #602938
2 months ago
Nana, Saber, Xiao Mei, Purple Heart and Saya this month. Doubt they'll all come release though.
2 months ago
Hopeful that Myethos will release Stardust, then a mug ITEM #588948. Then some goods from late July too.
2 months ago
ITEM #219760 which I never thought I would get to have, also my first none scale although it will be taller than any of them. ITEM #176651 this because even though he;s not my favourite I feel like I would regret it more having him than not being able to get him later when sousuke is out, ITEM #175643 because megahouse makes good figures and I love basketball, and this ITEM #72238 because Ed's pretty cool and my other g.e.ms are great. I kind of regret ordering so much at once though...
2 months ago
- Scale Fumika Sagisawa ITEM #464585 though I doubt she will not be delayed.
- Nendoroid Megumin ITEM #464596
- Nendoroid Ram ITEM #485604 delayed from July
2 months ago
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