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Today I received the Phoenix Wright figma from a fellow MFC user. he was still sealed and when I went to take him out to pose his right arm casually fell off, as if it had been knocked out of the joint in transit. And for the past hour I've been trying to get the joint back in place, but it won't go back no matter what I do.

I tried heating it with a blow dryer to soften it, I tried lotion, olive oil, baby oil, my own strength and even tried gently hammering it back in (with a rubber mallet). I even got pliers so I can get some leverage on the joint and nothing seems to work.

Is there a trick I'm missing or should I email GoodSmile about this issue and see if they'd send me a replacement joint? This is getting pretty frustrating to say the least.
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    Can you post of picture of the joint and part?
    7 days ago1ptReport
    FYI there's a set of joints that work well with figma, the brand name is called PPC or something like that.
    8 days ago1ptReport
    I would say email them, but speaking from experiance some figma joints work along better then others. when i received a new arm for my Lucina i tried a lot too but my father helped me put it back in with quite a lot of force.
    but just incase i would email goodsmile seeing you tried so many options.
    do tell them the methods you have tried to use. so you avoid getting advice that hasnt helped.
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    agentmozellRGBlv16 nerd extraordinaire
    Kirito-dono (9 days ago) #24420642Buy a new one.

    Yes I'll just go out and buy a new one because I'm made of money. That makes sense. I'll just email GSC for a new joint.
    9 days ago4ptReport
    ... the original reliable shop in Germany

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