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Cancel a Mandarake order?Cancel a Mandarake order?

EllisEllis5 years agoAsk MFC
I was wondering if it's okay to cancel one order from Mandarake. I've heard that you'll get banned if you don't pay in time, but is it okay to ask them to cancel one order?
I ordered a figure yesterday and got the order confirmation today, but then another figure came up on their site today that I really want. I can't afford both, so I really want to cancel the first order and buy the other figure instead.

Have you ever canceled from Mandarake, if so, did you get banned or was it okay?
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They banned me after 3 order cancellations,2 order cancellations with refunds,
they sent me a warning before blocking my account,making sure if I really want to cancel my order before blocking,I'm a habitue on Mandarake,there's some customers they don't want to lose.

They also emailed me a tip.


Please wait a few days for things to sort up.

Please do not send emails,as it will only worse things up.


International Sales Department

It's an email right after they blocked my account,I take it as a tip,coz I'm planning to email them later on,so I didn't sent a single email,they unbanned me after a few days.

tip:Don't spam emails,coz it'll worsen your case.

It's difficult if you're not a frequenter/super customer lol,some customers thought if they bought tons of items on Mandarake in every month,they'll be immune to banning/perma-banned,
they'll banned your account lasting for a few months,sometimes permanent banned,especially those first timers making too many cancellations right off the bat or those customers they unbanned and again making cancellations.

and yes,they're very strict
5 years ago
It's rough. You can explain why you haven't paid yet, or why you have to cancel, and it's not like they're awful people or out to get you or anything. You might get banned, or you might not; the best you can do is try not to cancel.
5 years ago
Hatsuma24 (5 years ago) #1008410Funny how strictly they are when they don't allow cancellations but they have no problem cancelling your order without a given reason..

Well if you're not going to pay for the order anyway then canceling your order would mean they can get the stock back up on sale on the site faster.
5 years ago
I also cancelled an item once. I emailed them and gave them my reason and they told me it's ok this time. however I'd try not to cancel a second time with them coz you know ... manda is great and this hobby would be so much harder without them. :D
5 years ago
I actually just got a little paranoid that I might've had to cancel myself, so I e-mailed them asking about it. They said they generally allow one cancellation (depending on the reason), but then you're banned after the second or third cancellation.

My friend ended up spotting me until I got paid, so I was lucky and worried for nothing.
5 years ago
Muntoe Lover of cacti ♡꒰*・ω・人・ω・*꒱♡
Haha, I was threatened with a ban if I even cancelled once. Guess it depends which store too. Keep in mind this store is NOT like the generic shops we all usually pre-order from (AmiAmi, HS, etc.). By the time they send you out a shipping request a team member has gotten the item from the shop, weighed it, packed it up, etc. Think about how much unnecessary work the employees would have to do if they allowed cancellations all the time. Your best bet is to avoid cancelling with Mandarake at all costs, they are very strict and definitely ban after a 2nd or 3rd cancel.
5 years ago
Some people have claimed that cancelling (even one time) can result in a ban. Manda doesn't tell it to your face but they silently blacklist you. Again, what I heard from people, and it's not always the case.
5 years ago
Hmm I've had one cancellation with them.. I would've had my second about a month, but I ended up paying for the order at the last second.

It's a strict system, but it's understandable.
5 years ago
Funny how strictly they are when they don't allow cancellations but they have no problem cancelling your order without a given reason..
5 years ago
A friend of mine got banned after two cancellations, Otacute allowed just one for me, maybe Mandarake has a similar policy. I don't think they'll mind if this is your first time and you have a reason but try to think ordering through in the future as my friend not only got banned they do not answer her e-mails anymore either.
5 years ago
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