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Best wall shelves?Comments • Best wall shelves?

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    Years ago I put up white 3/4" slatwall plyboard (4x8) over the plaster walls, fastening to the studs behind. For display I used 12" long acrylic shoe holders (SW22). One shoe holder could support about 5 lbs. Worked well for diecast trucks. One drawback was cleaning off dust since this is not an encasing method; rather, open display.
    1 year ago
    Invisible shelves will have a limit of how much they can hold - so you may have to go for bracketed shelves to further distribute the weight. Will also second using the drywall (aka plasterboard in the UK) screws.

    I've got some twinslot shelving mounted on plasterboard, and they're still up. Don't think there's anything super-heavy on it, most of my figures are pretty light tbh, but no issues to report.

    If you want something less visible, there are pelican brackets. They'll usually quote the max weight for them, so you can calculate if the shelf+figures will be too much for them. Again, ones into plasterboard, we used plasterboard screws.
    1 year ago
    I have installed many wall shelves in my room both on drywall and plaster. For Drywall, I use shelf drilling drywall screws


    I found they held the L bracket very well.

    Working with plaster I found was an bitch. I need to buy an drill and buy these


    The hardware store in my local area had a good price for white board that is 1 ft by 8 ft. I got them to cut them into sections.

    I'm going to make a post later on this month and how I installed mine.

    The brackets I used for my wall was similar to this

    1 year ago
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