Where to buy manga in Paris?

Hello MFC! French text below.

I'll be in Paris soon and as an avid manga collector who also collects French manga I wanted to check out the book shops while I'm there, which leads to my question:

Where to buy manga in Paris?

I already found this website 'Acheter où?' but since I don't know any of the stores/chains mentioned there I'd appreciate any further help.

En français:

Je collecte des manga en plusieurs langues, aussi en français, et parce que je vais rester à Paris pour quelques jours j'ai pensé d'aller dans des librairies.
J'ai dèjà trouvé ce site 'Acheter où?' mais je ne connais pas les magasins (je n'habite pas en France). C'est pourquois je voulais vous demander:
Où acheter des manga en Paris?

Excuse my French, I hope I put it clearly enough for you to understand, replies in both English and French will be appreciated!

Thanks for reading!
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    There's also the japanese Bookoff chain (lingonbook.fr/) they used to have 2 stores in Paris but one closed down, one is still open though. They have manga and other stuff and games and very cheap artbooks too sometimes :)
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    Thanks to both of you, I'll definitely check those out!

    Ricotta (3 days ago) #24625129
    Je pense que mon français n'est pas suffisant pour communiquer avec les vendeurs haha mais merci beaucoup, je vais aller à ces boutiques!

    kyoshinhei (3 days ago) #24625356
    Thank you! And I'm glad to hear you found my tutorial useful! :)
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    I agree with all the previous replies, I also want to add the "Cash shop" like Planet-Cash, Cash Express or Easy Cash. Those are generalist pre owned shops who are everywhere and where I live they all have manga volumes at 1€. I often find awesome stuff because they don't even know what they are selling. They also have artbooks, almost always at less than 5€.

    It's in those shops that I found the 9 volumes of the Panini Comics Full Metal Panic manga release (orange covers for those who knows) and the Spice&Wolf artbook. If you see them on your road it's definitely worth to take a look.
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    I don't live in Paris anymore so my info might be a bit dated but here's the places I remember :
    I'd recommend checking the "Rue Keller" in the Bastille neighborhood you'll find shops with books and various merchandise, new and used. There's a good chance that you'll encounter some passing goth lolitas on the way there so you can ask them for directions ;-)
    These shops, however, are often quite small and when you're looking for a complete series, they may only have the most recent volumes.
    You can also try your luck at the FNAC near Montparnasse which is a huge book/video/multimedia store that has a decent manga section.

    BTW thanks for giving me the idea to use paper risers a while ago. I put that to very good use! ^^
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    Je recommande sans hésitation la boutique Hayaku Shop rue Dante, métro Cluny la Sorbonne, on y trouve aussi bien les nouveautés que des titres plus anciens, et le vendeur est très sympathique, il discute toujours avec les clients. Il y aussi quelques DVD, figurines et goodies à prix intéressants.
    Je peux aussi recommander Komikku à Opéra, j'ai mes raisons pour ne pas les apprécier, mais ça reste une bonne boutique (plus axée sur les nouveautés). Sinon, il y a pas mal de boutiques rue Keller dans le 11ème, mais je ne recommande pas, il y a beaucoup de contrefaçons, et l'ambiance y est plus kikoo vu la population qui les fréquente.

    EDIT: Sinon, pour ce qui est de l'occasion, je recommande vivement les boutiques Gibert Jeune et Gibert Joseph boulevard Saint-Michel, j'ai réussi à y trouver des raretés à prix très intéressants !
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    Hello !
    La Fnac is the most accessible shop to buy manga ! I do not live in Paris and I know there are other stores, but I don't know them ...

    Sorry for my english !
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    Protecting you from high prices!!

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