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No more Fate stuff for meNo more Fate stuff for me

NegaNega9 months agoDiary
So it’s now been 2 months since FGO’s release in the US. Unfortunately it’s still locked to US/JP exclusively and us WW peeps apparently don’t exist to Type Moon.

Therefore, I’m getting rid of my Archer and Saber Lily Nendoroids and never buying anything Fate again. Such a shame, so many awesome characters and worldbuilding but they treat us foreigners outside the US, even Canadians like low class citizens.

At least we have Fire Emblem Heroes. It’d be good if 90% of WF wasn’t Fate ffs.
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I'm not a fan of Fate but it seems dumb that you'd sell off your Fate collection just because a mobile app isn't traditionally available in your country, it is very easy to just make a US apple id (if you're an Apple user) and download it using that. If you're selling your stuff because you lost interest in it that's one thing but trying to boycott a franchise you liked enough to get merchandise of isn't going to make the app get a WW release, it's lucky that it got at an english translated release at all since the majority of Japanese anime apps don't have one
9 months ago
Kousei ☆ ★ ☆
I mean, you're free to do all that, but it sounds like it'd be simpler to make a US account and download it that way if you really wanted to play. I'm having fun with it so far.
9 months ago
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I mean do what you want

but what
9 months ago
A bit much for a mobile app game. I can understand that you feel upset, but if you love the franchise, this shouldn't get you angry. I'm sure they are working on licensing, but you have to look at the business side of it. If they did all the work of bringing it to other countries and it didn't perform well, it would be a waste.

Pokemon Go took a while to get to Canada and that was popular.
9 months ago
It's probably a bit more complicated than "anything outside Japan and US not existing". There are laws, licensing issues, money (even if it's a free game, you'd need extra servers and manpower, and it has to be lucrative in some way. Companies don't work on charity)...

There are plenty of ways to get around to the region block, as others have already pointed out. If it's a principle thing, well, the original VN as well as the Fate/Zero light novels haven't had a worldwide release either?? If you were a fan of the Fate-franchise and its characters to the point of buying figures of it, it seems a bit silly to boycott something because it's not officially available. A ton of anime, manga, video games, and light novels are not yet available world wide. It's just the way it is. We're not entitled to get everything coming from Japan. It can be frustrating, but boycotting is counterproductive.

In the end you're free to do whatever you want. I hope you won't regret selling off your collection, though. Considering the popularity of the characters (especially Saber and Archer), it'd be difficult and expensive to reacquire those figures.
9 months ago
I got into Fate before GO and I've been enjoying Fate GO stuff before it was officially released in the West. Seems like cutting your nose off to spite your face.

As others have said, it's super easy to get a US account if you want. Or even a Japanese account. Makes me wonder if this is a trolling post or something...
9 months ago
Just use an APK like the rest of us...
9 months ago
Just spam them on fb and Twitter.
That hurts them much more and is A far better statement.
9 months ago
I really understand why you'd be upset about FGO's limited release. Not being able to experience FGO without having to jump through a hoop would put a damper to your enthusiasm for a franchise. Be sure to carefully mull over your decision though. FGO merchandise will likely retain their value and go up in price, so unless you are leaving the fandom for good it's going to be much harder to get these products back. That being said, for future purposes if having a local release is really important to you, I would wait for it to actually happen before going all in on buying stuff.
9 months ago
I mean...Us Americans waited 2 years for there to be an English version, playing the game regardless through translations and wiki help. I'm sure you can wait a bit longer if you actually care about the franchise.
9 months ago
I'm with the others here, you are free to do whatever you want but seems a bit silly when you can play it easily with a bit of effort and well...it's a phone game, you are gonna give up on Fate because of a phone game...I mean...jesus.
9 months ago
Sounds like your attachment to the series is kinda shallow if you're willing to boycott them over something like that that isn't even necessarily the company's fault.

Believe it or not, they aren't doing this to spite you or anyone because the world doesn't revolve around any one person.
9 months ago
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