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Western tv shows that NEED an anime adaption.Western tv shows that NEED an anime adaption.

Well hello there fellow MFC members. I wanted to start a little discussion about what western tv shows(or just non anime shows/films) that you would love to see as an anime adaption.

I have often thought about this and I've picked a few shows and movies that I would love to see as an anime. So first of all I will list a few of my favourites that I love and need to be anime adaptions and a little description as to why.

1. Game of Thrones.
- ok so I jumped on the Game of thrones wagon at the beginning of series 2. I didn't even know the show existed before! (I didn't have sky or HBO, that's my excuse anyway.). Game of thrones is a show that has impressed me so much, I love the storyline, the cast and the scenery. There are some stunning sets for the movie and my favourite is Ireland. Irelamd is very rural and reminds me of my home in Anglesey. I believe these sets would look very pleasing to the eye if animated. The characters are very unique in Game of thrones, there are several different ethnicities and even DRAGONS!. Anyway, I don't want to go into plot detail because I'm not a spoiler :p.

2. Breaking Bad.
- this show is amazing and if you haven't seen it then I suggest you do. This series has one of the most gripping stories I've ever seen. I binge watched this show and still need more. I feel like binge worthy shows would make great anime adaptions. I would love to see the camper van and the orange suits animated. It would be so great. Right?
3. Edward Scissor Hands.
-this film is one of my all time favourites. I'm a massive johnny Depp and Tim Burton fan. To be honest all Tim Buryom films would make incredible anime series. Edward Scissor Hands already
Looks like he's been pulled from a series like Black butler or Tokyo Ghoul. So half the job is done.
4. The Tudors.
- I love history themed anime. I don't think I have seen one and disliked it. To be honest I love history based films and tv shows too. The Tudors is a series which I actually randomly picked up the box set. I watched it all within a few days and loved it so much. The story is based on Henry the 8th. You get to see all his wives and Henrys life. Henry the 8th is one of my favourite kings. Not in the sense of kindness etc, more because of his story and how interesting it is. If you haven't been taught about Henry the 8th, then I suggest you look him up. I think the story will at least intrigue you.
5. The Godfather.
- this one is purely based on the favt that I LOVE the Godfather trilogy. They have become my favourite films. I love them so much that I named my Rabbits Robert and Al. These gangster stories are so well written, you need to check them out. The acting by the cast is outstanding. You really get absorbed into the world of gangsters. Also who wouldn't love a gangster anime?.
6. Stranger things.
- this show is so strange that it is PERFECT for anime. I mean how cool would a Demigorgon be animated?
7. Orange is the new black.
- I loved Orange is the new black. The show is pretty realistic and has a story that I haven't really seen before. We get to see what prison life is like and even the small things that we may not always consider. Ok, so maybe not everything is 100% realistic, but surely that makes it even better for an anime.

Right, so there are plenty more films and shows that I could name, however I'll let you guys list some and explain why you chose them. I may not have been the best at describing, however I hope you can get where I am going with this. So please seek free to join in. Also imagine the figures that could come from this and what company would you like to see make them?

* PLEASE KNOW that I only posted this for fun. These are shows I love and films I love. I'd watch them in any format. I do not want to change the meaning of anime or anything extreme. I am literally a person who got bored and wrote a blog. I just wanted a positive discussion. I mean no harm. I love anime for what it is and I love the uniqueness of anime. This is just a bit of fun. Thank you.
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To be honest I don't really think that any Western live action TV show needs an anime adaptation, it just looks weird to even see them drawn in that style... I would however love to see some anime adaptations of Western cartoons. The Powerpuff girls one was great.
1 year ago
If it ain't broke... Those shows are great in their own medium, imho. Miyazaki reflected that the great thing about anime is that it's limitless in depictions, so for me best suited to things that can look janky in live action. Something teen like Hunger Games may work well as an anime, but on breaking bad or Godfather I just feel it would be wasted. Why mess with Coppola, or the acting performances in Breaking Bad with such minute expressions?

Likewise, why mess with Ghost in the Shell? What a friggin disaster.
1 year ago
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I never claimed they would be better. I just said I'd like to watch it.

Also Henry the 8th is far from generic. I also do not support what he stood for, I just find the story interesting. dymitr (1 year ago) #24819888I highly doubt that western shows get better when animified.
Adaptions usually deminish the quality in comparison to the orginal, because they don't hold the same spirit.
Also, the tudors...I doubt a show about a generic british noble family, could be any good as an anime, unless they turn it in a comedy,completely making fun of everything they stood for.
1 year ago
I highly doubt that western shows get better when animified.
Adaptions usually deminish the quality in comparison to the orginal, because they don't hold the same spirit.

Also, the tudors...I doubt a show about a generic british noble family, could be any good as an anime, unless they turn it in a comedy,completely making fun of everything they stood for.
1 year ago
Just like the live-action adaptation of some anime look ugly as sin (especially when said anime doesn't have a more or less realistic background and plot) like Dragon Ball Evolution, some TV shows look weird when drawn anime-style (but then again, that's way too vague, seeing as there are a lot of styles: Takeuchi, Kurumada, Toriyama, Takahashi, the list can go on...)..

There are some anime that I wouldn't mind seeing a live action adaptation of, like Black Lagoon, Monster (we'll see if Del Toro can do it) or the impossibly risky Gunslinger Girl. Now, if I had to choose to see Japan's take on something from the West, I'd probably follow solluxcaptor's footsteps and choose cartoons.

What would Horikoshi do with a team of superheroes like the JLA or the Avengers?
What would Trigger do with The Mask or Freakazoid?
What would Oda do with Tintin's or Spirou's adventures ?
What would Miura do with Astérix and Lucky Luke?

I'd really like to see a realistic (but not necessarily Berserk-tier grimdark) version of those two, kinda like Gotlib did as a Clint Eastwood spoof for the man that shoots faster than his shadow. As for the little Gaul, I remember reading in a tribute magazine for Astérix's birthday something that was drawn realistically, where magic potion only allowed Astérix and Obélix to slay Romans more efficiently. Good Lord, how I'd like to know who the artist was...
1 year ago
maxwell (1 year ago) #24778981
Heh, I was actually going to mention My Life as a Teenage Robot! It's already popular in Japan and has considerable Japanese influence. While I love the Fleischer-esque art style and the core cast of characters, I found many of the "not fitting in" plots a little tiring. I would have loved to see a Gainax version of it.

I'm mostly gonna throw in Western animation, since I don't watch a lot of live action:

-HiHi Puffy AmiYumi: Considering how many idol shows exist now, maybe it was ahead of its time. Either way, I feel it would be more at home as an anime.

-Chalkzone: Honestly, I just want to see how it would turn out. How would an anime studio design the titular Chalk Zone? I'm also curious how an anime of this series would turn out if it were a serial and not episodic. I'd like to see NoitaminA tackle it, if at all.

-Fairly Oddparents: While I'm fond of the show, especially the earlier seasons I've always been a bit bothered that a lot of the interesting side characters were only around for one or two episodes. Among other criticisms, but eh. I'm mostly just curious at how an anime would tackle the same idea. Maybe have more recurring characters and rivals, more consistent rules for fairy magic, their version of the Fairy World. To be honest though, I can't help but think it would be similar to either Full Moon wo Sagashite or Death Note.
1 year ago
fun fact: gainax ALMOST did a japanese version of my life as a teenage robot, but ended up never pitching it at all. not sure why it never moved past the idea phase, but i'm kinda glad it was never made. sure, the animation would have been better, this was gainax before all the really stylish animators left to join trigger animation, but i would have been worried about the writing and characters. (don't taint my precious cartoon daughter jenny "xj9" wakeman with your Anime Nonsense Cliches) then again, jenny's original voice actor is a japanese woman, so they could have kept the same voice actor, which could have been cool.
1 year ago
To be honest, while it would be awesome to see anime adaptations about certain series (Like Merlin or Sherlock), I'm more looking forward to comic book or manga shows. At least the TV series are already viewable on TV. XD

But, to stay on topic, my top pick would probably be Merlin. I think it would make a lovely fantasy series and I'd like to see how the magic would be animated.
1 year ago
WindsorSeven (1 year ago) #24769475Supernatural does have an anime adaptation! It's kinda odd though, and the main reason why I don't think live action translates well to animation, and vice versa.
Well then! Ya learn something new every day! I don't think so either. It really just depends on the type of show it is.
1 year ago
WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
Lina (1 year ago) #24768405I clicked on this assuming Supernatural was going to be on the list. Haha. Sherlock has a manga though.
Supernatural does have an anime adaptation! It's kinda odd though, and the main reason why I don't think live action translates well to animation, and vice versa.
1 year ago
Ok the properganda bit I do not get. The shows I picked have nothing to do with that. If you mean I'm sharing properganda, then that's also daft. I was just bored and pondering these things in my mind. These shows won't ever be adapted into an anime (well most likely anyway). I just love the shows and personally would like to see it. It's my taste and people may disagree. I think we all have different internal representations of how things could look. That's what makes us unique.

Dribz (1 year ago) #24765992"Western propagandas"....okay? Whatever the hell that means.
I pretty much agree with the majority here - none of these shows would make for good anime. They're good because of what they already are. And with the struggles currently going on in the anime industry, what with lower budgets and overworked, underpaid animators, the anime adaptations wouldn't come close to doing the original series justice.
1 year ago
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