Nekopara Felt Board - Displaying Rubber Straps + KeychainsNekopara Felt Board - Displaying Rubber Straps + KeychainsTutorial

kashiwazakikashiwazaki3 years ago


I decided to make a felt board to try to nicely display my bf's Nekopara strap/keychain/button collection, and it came out pretty well! I wish I'd taken more photos during the process, but zzz...








Some pros and cons:


- Felt is super forgiving. I was able to move everything around with ease, especially the buttons, which I had to rearrange a few times.
- Easily customizable, can suit whatever aesthetic you're going for
- It really didn't take all that long to make.
- It wasn't very costly to make, either.
- You could definitely scale this down for a little desktop frame, too.
- Makes for a nice setup you can display in a room that doesn't distract from the straps themselves.

- You're confined to whatever size frame you get; it's not like you can make the space bigger without buying another frame and more material.
- Still exposes straps to dust, etc. There's no layers of glass sealing them in.
- The adhesive dots wouldn't hold onto things very well. You'll need to either hot glue them (which would probably ruin the merch), or stitch through the felt across tiny parts of the straps/keychains to make sure they stay put.

I'd definitely recommend trying it out!

(The image by Kinjava444 that I linked can be found here.)

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Oho, this is great! I'm always on the look-out for more aesthetic ways to display charms and other hanging goods, and this is delightful!! Thank you so much for sharing. <3
3 years ago
Hi, just a heads up, Imgur hosted pictures wont show up on MFC.
EDIT: Except when I press the back button, they actually showed up.
Huh, weird.
3 years ago
Milady-Alluca3 years ago#25043643snip
Thank you! I also... usually don't have the attention span for videos, so when I decided to set up a channel, I told myself I'd make videos for... people like me wwww. I'm glad you liked the design of it! It'd be really, really cute to set up a little frame for just one set, I think.
And that's nothing to apologize for at all, it's a huge compliment! Thank you so much!!
3 years ago
Milady-Alluca Obnoxiously Wordy
Honestly I usually pass on videos bc it's clunky on my phone but I'm always a glutton for tutorials and watching other people do crafts soo xD You did a really lovely job, I love the display and ideas! The roses are especially adorable, they totally contributed to making me wanna watch the whole thing so see more shots of them with the straps, so creative ^^ Also sorry to make a personal comment but your voice is so pretty and soothing :U I kiiiiinda wanna try to do this with some of my straps though right now I kinda like my chaotic cork board display xD Maybe a small frame for my GSNK straps could look cute tho +V+ Thanks so much for posting I love articles like this!
3 years ago