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I'm over 18
NOTE: This blog is tagged NSFW for a reason – R18 pics/items/text are shown as well as gore/blood pics. If ANY of this bothers you, don’t open the spoiler. If you do open the spoiler, don’t complain later. You’ve been warned. TEXT & PIC HEAVY

Also, it was my first time uploading pics to the db. I thought that would make this blog easier but in fact it did not......linking items was a bitch, my pics came out sideways (probably settings on my end BUT STILL it annoyed me so I deleted most of them), and idk I just got annoyed adding pics to the db and might not do it anymore -_-

View spoilerHide spoilerHello everyone!! It’s been quite awhile since I made a blog post and I thought my newest one should be of my fist customs nendos!~ They were fun (and expensive..) to make and they are two characters from one of my favorite series and a new obsession of mine.

SOOOOO. I was really obsessed with Yuri on Ice when it aired (still am tho), I didn’t even start watching it until a couple episodes in, since I loathe waiting each week for an episode. Anyways, at the recommendation of a friend, I decided to watch it and I fell in love with it ;A; Victuuri is so sweet and their relationship is goals, then there are my faves Otabek and Yurio. But well, that’s all for later. After YOI ended in December that same friend of mine sent a manhwa my way and welp. I COULD SAY IT WAS LIFE CHANGING lol. It’s called Killing Stalking and as you may have guessed from the title, it’s not about puppies and kittens, and it’s certainly not YOI. From the official website that hosts the comic, you can read a short summary of it accompanied by the header picture (I’m not going to provide a link so that that my blog doesn’t get modded, but you can easily type in Lezhin Killing Stalking and find it. Also please note, I am in no way affiliated with Lezhin or the comic creator Koogi, I am only providing the summary for descriptive purposes)
View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://fs5.directupload.net/images/170821/chbfxkvu.jpg
Yoon Bum, a scrawny quiet boy, has a crush on one of the most popular and handsome guys in school, Sangwoo. One day, with Yoonbum's obsession towards Sangwoo reaching its peak, Yoon Bum decides to enter Sangwoo's home. But what he saw inside was not the Sangwoo he had dreamed of.

So, poor Bum just wants to be boyfriends with the guy who actually saved his life when they were in the army and who glanced at him once in class at college. But unfortunately for poor Bum, the boy he had a crush on was nowhere to be found. What ensues is without a doubt the craziest, freakiest, and most fucked up things I have ever read in my life. It's like a mix of the movies Misery and Psycho (well, kinda like Ed Gein with the mother business?) and so many horror movies and it's full of suspense. Of course it’s not for everyone with the violence and gore but well, I’ve been a horror fan my whole life so the dead bodies coming out of a washing machine in one of the chapters didn’t really bother me LOL but anyways, I love both the characters and Sangwoo is my favorite, and no, not just because he's hot. He’s so unpredictable and deep, and from the recent chapters I’ve just felt so sad about his past T_T So I HAD to make some custom nendos of these two boyfriends~ It took me so long, like, it took me a couple months but that’s mostly because I am lazy. I’m working two jobs again plus gathering all the parts was kind of a bitch and no matter how much people were willing to tell me/give me advice, doing thorough research on how to go about this was difficult and time consuming.

I had a set image in my head of how I wanted them to look and I think I did alright, although I’ll still be crossing my fingers for official ones. It could happen ya know? Given how insanely popular it is now, I actually don’t see why figures or an anime wouldn’t happen.

But enough of my blabbing, here are some pics! For this process, I used acrylic paints and some different sized brushes.

Starting with Bum, I had to have him in his trademark Country Whore attire. To those in the know, there was no other choice. For those who don’t know, this is his Country Whore attire, as picked out and named by Sangwoo who also just dressed him in these.

The skirt and torso are from ITEM #287725 and that torso was a genuine bitch to sand due to the little frilly things. My dad got me a dremel tool which helped a lot but as someone with RA, it really hurt my hands, yet another reason it took me so long to get these done. After getting some sandpaper to smooth it over, it still looked pretty rough. I bought a bunch of different colors of acrylic paint and had to mix olive green and black together for his skirt.



His crop top turned out to not be a crop top because I just couldn’t make it happen, so unfortunately for Sangwoo he’s not showing as much skin. Painting the top was a bitch and with the shaky lines you can tell it was all done free hand.
http://fs5.directupload.net/images/170824/66dwofnv.jpg http://fs5.directupload.net/images/170824/vn4vv3mm.jpg
(I know this pic is blurry and small but I later realized when I looked at the pics that the newspaper I used was from an obituary and well I'm not that horrible or disrespectful enough to show that on here so I cropped it out on a lot of pics as much as I could.)

Next is the arms ITEM #41090 and lucky for me but unluckily for Bum, I was able to sand down some of the wrist thingie off the arms and turn it into a bloodied bandage over his wrist. This was as a result from one of the recent chapters so it actually didn’t matter that I had the little wrist thingies on his arm, since I could disguise it as bandages. I wanted it to look sloppy since Sangwoo didn’t do too well of a job bandaging him up, but I didn’t want to add that much blood since recreating that effect wouldn’t look good in nendo form, I think? So I opted for a smaller amount;

I tried to sand off as much as I could off the other arm but as I didn’t have any other bare arms at the elbow, I just had to deal with what I had so Bum has bandages on both his wrists. I included bandages under his neck too, although they aren’t easily visible.

I put little bandages on his feetsies ITEM #78407 too but without the bruises, since I wasn’t really sure of a good way to replicate that without it just straight up looking like obvious paint on his legs. Maybe dabbing it on with a sponge or something? It’s something I’ll try later on.

His face was a bit of a cop out for me. I chose this faceplate picture/109864&... because the character is crying and Bum is crying like, 99% of the time in the comic. The shape of the eyes is all off, but I can’t draw eyes so I tried with what I had, give me a gold sticker for trying please. Anyways, in the comic the characters have dark rings under their eyes and the black outlining on everything is heavily used, kind of like in Hellsing, but of course KS is in color so it isn’t as obvious. However, Koogi tends to use grey colors for the eyes wherein most of the time the characters have no pupils at all and if they do, they are simply black. This was nice for me, so I just used different shades of grey (don't you dare make a joke about that stupid movie) in the eyes and kept the shine and tear drops in the eyes.

I’m not too satisfied with his face to be honest. It doesn’t really look like Bum but rather just the character whose face I used, with different colored eyes. There wasn’t much I could do about that since I can’t draw eyes but I mean, I guess it’s alright for now. I wanted to just color the whole eye in grey but these eyes are way too big and I felt it would look so strange. The black bags under the eyes were not easily replicated either since the bottom of the eyes on this faceplate are so much smaller than the top. That was something I really didn’t like but again, it’s the best I had to work with. I really wish I could have used eye decals but I just couldn't find much information on them or what I really needed to do for it. The eyebrows were copied pretty well I think at least.

The hair was so damn easy, and I was actually pretty proud of myself for it lol. I used Levi’s hair ITEM #180481 (now I wish I hadn’t sold [well it got damaged ;-;] my cleaning Levi nendo because the hair and mask would have been PERFECT for Bum //cries) Levi’s hair is brown however so just in case I used some primer to kind of start over with the black paint. When I sprayed the primer for some reason it had little spots that came out, maybe from not shaking it well enough. I was worried this would impact the paint but luckily it didn’t. I was able to apply the paint smoothly and evenly and well I think the hair was the best paint job I did on both figures lol
http://fs5.directupload.net/images/170824/uy5soke2.jpg http://fs5.directupload.net/images/170824/lxsw55i4.jpg

With Bum finished, here is Sangwoo.

I love him so much, but god damn him for having such trendy and difficult hair. I used the hair on ITEM #235621 and had to cut some of the sides and back off and carve it myself which didn’t go well. Sangwoo also has two toned hair and has more hair up top and a shaved area around the neck/ears which is black in color. Kind of an undercut but not really. I had to literally sand off half his hair and it was a pain. I was so unsure on how to handle his sideburns since to create the effect of his hair being thicker on top the sideburns needed to be closer to his head. I absolutely did not want to paint a black line on the faceplate so I just basically sanded the sideburns down a little and painted them black. I had to carve some of the sides of his hair too which I fucked up REAL bad and I ended up gluing chopped off pieces to the side of his hair to create the sideburns and kind of “put back” the pieces that I shouldn’t have carved off. This did not result in the look I wanted but well >.> On Bum it’s the face I didn’t really like and on Sangwoo it’s most definitely the hair. Why aren’t there any current nendos with an undercut like I need?!?! Well, I could have used the Otabek or JJ nendos but OH WAIT, they don’t exist, and Yurio is sad about that.

Another problem I faced was the faceplate not fitting well with the hair. Thankfully it’s not noticeable. Also when I was paining his hair the paint was too thick which I noticed too late and therefore the hair looks pretty crappy. I'm really saddened by how bad the hair turned out on the sides and with the painting so I'm not showing close ups of that XD

For his hair color, it’s different in different panels but mostly it’s a light blonde/brownish color and for this one, I decided to go with the more brown color that kinda has a tint of auburn to it. I actually used this image as an exact reference for his hair and Bum’s shirt.

His face was a bitch too (I'm saying that a lot aren't I). I used this face picture/1597049... because I thought it fit well with the image and scene of Sangwoo I was trying to create;
I really wanted Sangwoo to have a crazed look in his face especially if I was going to give him a knife. In the first chapter you see Sangwoo as a bored handsome college student and when Bum sees his real side, you see a very psychotic looking image of him and that’s kinda what I wanted to convey. Well, as much as you can in nendo form lol

Lucky for me, the lines Koogi uses around the eyes have the brush strokes visible and uneven, resulting in a more unkempt look that brings across the disconnect in his character that Bum was unaware of. I was able to I think faithfully recreate this under his eyes. His eyebrows are kind of funny since they are in a permanent state of /o.o\ and are kind of like caterpillars as the meme community has pointed out so after wiping off her eyebrows I painted them with that in mind and I think I did pretty good lol. Removing the eyelashes was difficult and I used nail polish remover and a low percentage as well as a high percentage of rubbing alcohol for them. You can see a bit of them still there if you look close enough but it gives off that crazed look so it works out I think. The part however that was the most difficult was removing the pink lipstick or whatever that’s supposed to be. As you can see I couldn’t remove it so I eventually just painted over it with white paint and it’s really obvious which I didn’t like but oh well.

The body was easy and was just ITEM #335258 I was actually going to use the fundoshi set I have but because this had little hands that could hold something, I used it instead.

Sangwoo wears an apron a couple times throughout the comic and it’s a really long blue apron, typically paired with his booty shorts but I didn’t make them….yet.

I used the apron from ITEM #370230 which turned out to work just perfect. I think I actually did a really good job on the apron LOL I painted it from side to side instead of vertically since when I tried that way the little bump in the apron for the hips gathered the paint and it didn’t look good. The knife is actually from an Elizabeth Bathory figure I have, it fit perfect into his hands lol

The final results....
Finished Sangwoo and Bum! I didn’t have a small cake so Sangwoo gave Bum a sucker instead, especially since I think that's all Sangwoo will let Bum suck on for now LOL

All in all, I had fun making them even though it was a pretty daunting task. I learned a lot and still have quite a bit more to learn as well. I showed these to Koogi on twitter and she actually retweeted them and liked them! I was so happy, I couldn’t believe it! ;A; Unfortunately people have already taken the images and reposted them on instagram and other sites with no credit but well, so are the ways of the internet v_v For my next ones I will put a watermark on the images though I’m not really sure how to go about that.

So yes! I plan on making more custom nendos! I am definitely going to make the hiking date/let’s bury a body versions of Bum and Sangwoo! Bum in that hat……..is it cute or is it a crime? I don’t know yet. If anyone could tell me some good nendo parts that would work well with these clothes pictured, that would be a great help! I think this time too I will make Sangwoo’s hair a bit lighter, more blonde this time.
View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://fs5.directupload.net/images/170816/3s63q8tk.png
Sangwoo matched them it's so freaking cute ;A;

I made a poll of some characters I’ve had on my mind for awhile now that I would love to see as nendos. If you guys vote for which I should do next, please leave some parts suggestions! I’m kind of excited to do more, but we will see.

Potential Custom Nendos
View spoilerHide spoilerAi no Kusabi – Riki & Iason
Totally Captivated – Ewon & Mookyul
Super Lovers – Ren & Haru
NieR: Automata – Adam & Eve
NieR: Automata – 2B & 9S
Devil May Cry (1-4)/Bayonetta – Dante & Bayonetta
Blood Bank – Shell & Eric
Warehouse – Dohyun & Sungho

I wanted to thank a couple people who really helped me out in making my nendos! A HUGE thanks to LilAtomicX10 for answering all my stupid questions and guiding me through the whole process, xueren & FatalReticence for their very helpful suggestions and of course my dear friend SkyBlue for encouraging me through it all ^_^ Thanks so much everyone!
Some merch/loot!
View spoilerHide spoilerAnd while I’m at it, I thought I might show my current Killing Stalking merch! These are all fanmerch as there are only two pieces (well three) of official merch out there. Anyways, I have a couple keychains, some stickers, and prints! Oh and a daki with Sangwoo on one side and Bum on the other!!!! I still haven’t found a good pillow for this, if anyone knows of a good one please let me know! I need Sangwoo on my bed. And he’s holding Bum’s undies in his hand with his knife aaahhhhhhh XD I also have some cute masking tape of them too! There's another set of keychains on their way to me, but they were shipped July 10th and as of August 11th, the tracking updated that they were still in Mexico. Wtf! Why is a small package of two keychains taking over 40 days to get to me????? Is this normal for packages from Mexico to the US??? :(







Funny enough, the person who drew my fav KS print also drew my fav otayuri print I have. It's amazing too because I have found so many KS fans who are also diehard otayrui fans like myself. From the cutest ship in the world to the most toxic one LOL. I'll probably make a loot post soon of all my otayuri stuff since I have a boatload of it.

A good friend of mine went to AX this year and was brave enough to visit the Lezhin Comics booth so she got a couple of these official posters for me including the Killing Stalking one!!! There were more I wanted, like the If You Hate Me So one (highly recommend reading this btw) but they didn't announce all their posters ahead of time so I didn't have enough money left to send her, plus I couldn't ask her to brave that booth again......it was crazy busy from what I saw. I’ve never been to a con before but I’m planning on going to otakon next year since its closer to me now.

I was kinda bummed about the KS print tbh though. They advertised this print as the one they would be selling, it's so adorable and I really wanted it on my wall.

The one we got though was just two images from the comic mashed into one as you see below. And they aren't even my fav pics of them but oh well. The posters are made of a really nice sturdy material though, they’re really nice at least. The other posters are of Blood Bank, At The End of The Road, and A Guy Like You.

On to the second piece of official merchandise, it would be the coin cards. I didn't realize there would be different images per coin card depending on what amount you buy so I wasn’t able to get this but I did get two of the Blood Bank one. If anyone has the KS or At the End of the Road ones that they’d like to sell (reasonable price, coins redeemed totally fine) please let me know! I really want them.

But here is the Blood Bank one I have (another one of the pics I had to delete because it uploaded sideways >.>)

So then the third piece of official merch is the PRINT COPY FOUND ONLY IN ITALIAN GOD DAMN IT. Yup, I didn’t realize it but apparently Killing Stalking is super popular in Italy, enough so to be the first place in the world, ahead of Korea, to get a print copy.

I’m sure we will get it in print in English, but I’m just salty about it LOL Plus there's the matter of which company will license it here? SuBLime is out since I know the woman who heads the department doesn't like it, and anything she doesn't like doesn't get licensed (makes total sense) and June likely won't license it without a Kickstarter or something. So who is left? Netcomics? Can Lezhin print this here themselves? I don't know v_v I actually ordered the Italian copy off Amazon but it’s not in stock yet, or anywhere apparently that will ship to the US at least. If anyone knows where I can get my hands on a copy please let me know! I need everything of KS.

Another obsession of mine recently is NieR: Automata! If you haven't played it yet, you should. But, be prepared to cry ;A; It's now one of my all time favorite games. I really hope the original NieR and Drakengard games can make their way to a PS4 port. This is of course all fan merch but I still need to order the café standees however they are so expensive. If anyone finds Adam, Eve, and 9S for a good price please message me! I really want them.



Was it necessary for this tapestry to be this fucking big? It was $30 to ship.....for a $20 tapestry gdi

Since I got these in the mail a few days ago, I thought I would post pics! There's a lot of great stuff in here!~ Some more otayuri stuffs, one of the porniest DJs I’ve ever purchased, even more porny stuffs with some anthologies from Libre, Super Lovers (OMG THE FIRST SEASON IS RELEASING IN ENGLISH THIS OCTOBER FROM FUNIMATION I LITERALLY CRIED I'M SO HAPPY PLEASE BUY IT SO WE CAN GET S2 AND THE MANGA IN ENGLISH) and then some randoms XD

The censoring in the two anthologies pretty much doesn't exist lol

With the exception of the Sakuragi, Super Lovers, and Love Stage bookmarks, the others are for sale so please PM if you want them (US only)

The first wttm official merch. I died watching it oml O///O

Sideways >.> I have so much fanmerch from minoru. This is her second DJ so now I have both of them and my god they are porny XD

That bishiebox standee is unnecessarily large jfc.


A few special items I got some time ago but still wanted to share was my new Ai no Kusabi merch! It is absolutely my favorite BL of all time and I am on a quest to own anything and everything of it. These were my newest acquisitions and I have more on the way! I also included my most recent pic of my collection. I don't have everything pictured that I own but when I get these new items in the mail I'll have to redo my setup and take new pics. Until then though I'm very proud and happy with everything I have! I remember reading the fan translation online some years ago and along with Totally Captivated and Finder, this is what got me into BL when I was about 17/18. It's been quite the decade+ for me and I am still loving this series with all my heart.







My Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors keychains! I'm going to actually hang these up around my game cases when I get more displays since I have so many now. DW is one of my fav game series of all time and I've been with it since the PS2 days. Can't wait for DW9!!!!

Thank you for reading everyone!
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Sekhmet3 years ago#26043766Aaahhhh thank you!!!! That really means a lot to me coming from someone who has done so many amazing customs! I'm actually pretty proud of myself for Bum's hair, I think that and the apron are the best pain jobs I did hahaha XD Yeess thank you so much I really could not have done these without your help! And I just took a look at your other blog the molding is a great idea!!! I'll have to do that for my next ones. I'm gathering the parts now for several custom nendos so I'll have to use that, especially for the nendos that are a bit expensive/rare.

Hey! You did an awesome job! I'm glad I was able to help you figure out the custom in some way. haha And if you did all those by hand than I think you did an amazing job on painting them both. XD

And I thought other people might take something away from the tutorial if they wanted to get into custom figure building. xD Because getting parts isn't as easy as everyone might think. lol Especially if they are from rare nendos! lol Keep up the good work though!!! xD
3 years ago
Sekhmet Killing Stalking
LilAtomicX103 years ago#25794377This was so cool! xD You did an amazing job, and I'm not just saying that. lol the hair parts are by far the hardest to make in my opinion and your hair part came out fairly well. xD and hand painting all that is a feat in itself! :3
Also, you are very welcome for all the help! lol I'm here if you need to pick my brain again as I've learned a few more things since I gave you advice. haha

Aaahhhh thank you!!!! That really means a lot to me coming from someone who has done so many amazing customs! I'm actually pretty proud of myself for Bum's hair, I think that and the apron are the best pain jobs I did hahaha XD Yeess thank you so much I really could not have done these without your help! And I just took a look at your other blog the molding is a great idea!!! I'll have to do that for my next ones. I'm gathering the parts now for several custom nendos so I'll have to use that, especially for the nendos that are a bit expensive/rare.
3 years ago
This was so cool! xD You did an amazing job, and I'm not just saying that. lol the hair parts are by far the hardest to make in my opinion and your hair part came out fairly well. xD and hand painting all that is a feat in itself! :3

Also, you are very welcome for all the help! lol I'm here if you need to pick my brain again as I've learned a few more things since I gave you advice. haha
3 years ago
Sekhmet Killing Stalking
shiroiusagi3 years ago#25281167They're so cute!!! You did a great job! I love how Sangwoo turned out :) You found the perfect face for him^^
If you do Wharehouse custom it will be pretty easy to do the kidnapper as he is the evil twin of Doudanuki from Touken Ranbu XD
I would love to see Ai no Kusabi and Blood Bank nendo too :)

Thank you! I thought that face was good for him haha. Omg aahhhhh Doudanuki would be a perfect match! I'll have to add that to my list of nendo parts to get XD After I do the hiking date/bury a body KS versions I will be doing the Ai no Kusabi ones! Riki will be easy but Iason will be difficult :')

Yatofan3 years ago#25281751They look awesome! You did an amazing job!! *o*
Thank you so much!!!! I'm so thankful for all the compliments it really means a lot to me ^_^
3 years ago
They look awesome! You did an amazing job!! *o*
3 years ago
They're so cute!!! You did a great job! I love how Sangwoo turned out :) You found the perfect face for him^^

If you do Wharehouse custom it will be pretty easy to do the kidnapper as he is the evil twin of Doudanuki from Touken Ranbu XD

I would love to see Ai no Kusabi and Blood Bank nendo too :)
3 years ago
Sekhmet Killing Stalking
Daichukiyo3 years ago#25099455Oooh these turned out great! I love how similar they are to the characters! You did a great job ~ A friend of mine also recommended me this manhwa and now I realllly want to read it ><
Thank you!! It means a lot to me^^ Ahaha well if you can handle gore and violence it's worth a read LOL It's pretty intense tho, I don't recommend it for the squeamish :')

yurirainbowz3 years ago#25165148Im so glad you made these, they look cute but I can tell its them~ Im also hoping there is a print english version released
Thank you! I was so worried people would be like who the hell are these supposed to be???? haha. I'm sure an English printed version will happen, the question is just who will do it and when.
3 years ago
Im so glad you made these, they look cute but I can tell its them~ Im also hoping there is a print english version released
3 years ago
Oooh these turned out great! I love how similar they are to the characters! You did a great job ~ A friend of mine also recommended me this manhwa and now I realllly want to read it ><
3 years ago
Sekhmet Killing Stalking
Ok this new comments section business is really shitty I'm sorry to anyone who I replied to and the quoting didn't turn out right.....and I'm sorry to those about the poll I went to edit something in my article and now the poll is gone. I have no idea what happened. The 9S and 2B options were winning at around 35% tho.
3 years ago
Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!

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