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Review of RAH Shirou and RinReview of RAH Shirou and Rin

OkenoOkeno2 years agoReview
Medicom Real Action Heroes (RAH) 736 Shirou Emiya and 692 Rin Tohsaka Reviews
I haven’t seen any picture reviews posted for these figures in English, here or on the wider Internet, so I thought I’d give it a shot. Please forgive me if this seems long. I write too much. I took a lot of pics so I am using spoiler tags to make it easier to read but you can expand the pics as you like.

If you look at my pictures, anyone can probably tell I really like the characters of Rin and Shirou from Fate/Stay Night, pretty much as soon as I watched the first season of UBW. If there is a decent figure of both of them in the same scale, I like to get both of them. Which are basically just figmas and nendos. I saw Medicom made Real Action Hero versions of both, and after looking at various pictures (for Shirou, mostly stock photos, since there are close to zero reviews) I watched for some reasonable prices and picked them up.

It was a hard decision because I’ve never owned a RAH or a 1/6 scale item. I tried to do research into these two figures (poseability, clothing options/materials, etc.) but there’s practically nothing out there, particularly for Shirou. So, hopefully this fills a gap. And it’s a good excuse to take pics of my preferred OTP :)

First Impressions
First impressions are that they are BIG. And using real clothing was a little weird at first. I’ve never owned a 1/6 scale figure (Hot Toys, Medicom or otherwise). The only toys of that size I’m used to are my daughter’s dolls. So it feels a little weird as a grown man to own two “dolls”.

I originally thought they would be more like up-scaled figmas (you’ll see me make many comparisons later). And to some extent, they are. But the use of clothing to hide joints allows for a freedom that creates more complex joints and a huge increase in poseability.

To me, Rin was clearly designed pre-UBW and shares a lot of cues with figma 1.0, particularly the hair. Shirou, on the other hand, is clearly based on UBW.

After working through a lot of stuck joint issues on Shirou, I like them enough that I might pick up more in the future, if I had some extra cash and the right character came out.


https://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2017/08/29/1820034.jpegBoxes closed side by side front
More Pics of the boxesClose
Back view
Side view
Rin’s box opened
Shirou’s box opened

Both figures are branded Unlimited Blade Works, so their design and artwork match well. If you are an MISB collector, I think they would look rather nice together. The boxes are sturdy cardboard with magnetic sealed flaps on both that you can open up and see the figures inside. Rin’s box is noticeably thicker and wider, both because of her increased accessory count and the size of her hair. Shirou’s is taller since he is taller!

Contents and Accessories
Both figures come with the standard RAH stand, which is designed a lot like a Bandai action figure stand (rectangular base, jointed arm, and claw grip to hold the figure.

Rin Specific Review
Accessories, Faces and Hands

Picture of accessories in tray

Rin has a lot of accessories and you feel like you are getting more bang for your buck.
  • Three faces
  • Five pairs of hands
  • Glasses
  • Azoth Dagger
  • Jeweled Sword Zelretch
  • Pendant used to summon Archer/save Shirou

Close-up of accessoriesclose

Close-up of pendantclose

It’s pretty much every accessory Rin tends to get, as Nendoroid or Figma, plus the first time I’ve bought a poseable figure with her pendant. This is a unique item among Rin toys and it’s cool, with a metal chain and tiny plastic clasp to the red jewel.
Ready for battle!

Other Weapon and Accessory PicsClose
Sword of Zelretch
Azoth Dagger
Dual Wielding
Flipping attack with jewels (inspired by Fate/Realta Nua OP1)
Rin with glasses

Rin ready to give some exposition to Shirou

The glasses are easy to use. You don’t have to take her hair off to fit them on. Like the Nendoroid, they are black, indicating it was prepared based off of game designs more than the UBW anime itself.
RAH compared to figma 1.0 + 2.0 hands

The hands holding jewels are also nice. They are in a much better pose than the jewel holding hands with figma 1.0. Compared to her figma 2.0 release, though, she is missing her flat-palmed and pointing one finger hands which are used when she cast spells like Gandr. So her action poses end up focusing on her jewels or blade weapons.
RAH faces with Nendo, figma 1.0 and 2.0

As for her faces, it’s pretty much a core selection of faces, almost identical to her nendo and figma options – neutral smiling, shouting and embarrassed. The embarrassed face looks a little weird with the open mouth, more like a mix of shock/surprise as well. I prefer figma 2.0 or the nendo’s 3rd face options. But they are still leagues better than figma 1.0's faces.
RAH Rin holding figma 1.0 to compare hair

Which actually brings me to a slight beef about this figure. Although labeled as UBW, her design more mimics figma 1.0’s Rin. Her hair is flowing outwards which pretty much makes it seem like she is always in the wind or an action posed. The color is brown, not black. The pigtails have extremely limited posing, just like Rin 1.0. Basically a little bit of up and down motion but they can’t really drape over her shoulders in a relaxed pose. They always look like they are in the wind.


Fortunately, unlike figma 1.0, the pigtails will not snap off if you look at them funny. The hair is attached to a ball joint coming out of the head (whereas figma 1.0 had the ball joint on clear plastic as part of the hair and then attached to the head). So the pigtails are much more durable, but I wish they had more poseability and I wish her hair was colored black like figma 2.0.
More hair comparisonsClose
Back view - very similar
Side view
figma 2.0 head comparison

For clothes, she comes with two and a half complete outfits, depending on how you count them:
  • Casual outfit
  • School uniform
  • School uniform with red coat

She’s really only missing her anime-only casual red coat and yellow scarf.
Complete list of clothing piecescloseWhite underwear
Brown shoes
Red casual shirt
Black mini-skirt
Black thigh-high socks
Black waist-high stockings (optional for her school outfit I think, but traditionally she’s shown with thigh-high socks whether at school or casual)
Black long skirt
White collared shirt
Beige vest
Red coat (made of a thicker material)

Pictures with each outfit onclose
Casual Outfit (with figma 1.0)
Casual Outfit with Long Skirt from School Uniform
School Uniform (no vest)
School Uniform (with figma 2.0)
School Uniform (sitting)
School Uniform with Red Coat (with custom figma 2.0)
School Uniform with Red Coat (closed as far as it can go).

All of her clothes have discretely located Velcro (either on the back or where buttons would be on the shirt) to allow for easy removal. There are a couple of lose threads on mine, and some of the wrinkles on the clothes look a little random, but overall the construction seems nice.

Picture of Rin with coat floating

Although there’s no noticeable wires in the coat, the material is stiff enough that it can actually be bent and hold a pose.

Issues with Rin - Color Transfer from clothes
Close-up of black stain on leg

Likely due to continuous storage, her thigh-high socks have left slightly black rings around her legs where the rubber has been pressing it against her thigh. The stains are also down her legs at any seams and joints (you can see that in the pics I posted recently under Rin's construction). I won’t risk erasing them, since I’ll always have them on anyway. Fortunately her skirt piece has white lacing underneath which protects the upper body/waist.

Protective plastic on torso

She has a plastic piece wrapped around her belly, likely to protect it from red stains.

Shirou Specific Review
Accessories, Faces and Hands

https://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2017/08/29/1820086.jpegPicture of accessories in tray
Shirou’s accessories are pretty much what you’d expect, and aren’t that bad, it just feels like a lot less for the money, particularly with the clothes. Here are the non-clothing accessories:
  • Three faces
  • Four pairs of hands (although functionally it’s more like three)
  • His two signature swords, Kanshou and Bakuya
  • A magic reinforced piece of pipe (kind of a signature weapon from UBW)

Since they already made it, it seems unfortunate they couldn’t have at least slipped in another copy of Rin’s pendant. There are two of them, after all!
Various Poses with WeaponsClose
RAH Weapons compared to Figma and Nendoroid
Wielding Pipe
Pipe Attack!
Projecting Swords! Inspired by one of my fav scenes from episode 10 when he projects them for the first time to save Rin

RAH Shirou hands compared to figma 2.0 hands

Compared to Rin, or figma Shirou, his hands options are a little more limited. Two hands are basically duplicates of functions – he has gripping hands for Kanshou and Bakuya, and separate gripping hands for the reinforced pipe (because it’s very thin). His open hands are also a more passive open hand, not the “tense projection” hand the figma releases have had. Figma 1.0 and 2.0 had the same hands other than 2.0 adding the green-lined tracing magic hand (RAH lacks that hand as well).

RAH Shirou faces compared to Nendo and figma 2.0

His face options are more limiting than his figma or Rin’s. He has a serious/angry expression (mouth closed), a yelling expression, and a smiling expression. Unlike the Nendos or figmas, there is no “condescending” or “embarrassed” face. Finally, the smiling face unfortunately has the eyes looking to his left, which pretty much limits their use to any pose where he would look left. Unless there are poseable eyes, I prefer eyes to look straight! I wish they went for a straight replication of the types of expressions as figma 2.0 (smiling, shouting and embarrassed/condescending). Again, still better than figma 1.0's two faces sculpt-wise.

Unlike Rin, the designs of Shirou's face and head are clearly anime / figma 2.0 type designs. The features are softer, eyes are bigger, etc. just like the UBW anime. compared to the harsher angles and smaller hair of the game and Shirou figma 1.0.

Shirou's clothing options are extremely basic. Although only marketed as one outfit, I discovered he basically has 1.5 outfits, even if that’s being generous.
  • His outdoors UBW casual outfit, which takes the original game’s casual look and adds a jacket.
  • His indoor/game casual look (same as above but no jacket).

List of specific clothing itemsClose
Black Scuba-suit / muscle suit for legs
Black socks
Inner shirt/gym shirt

Shirou with his jacket off

I was curious whether his inner shirt was fully formed (or only the necessary visible parts). It’s not advertised in any way that you can remove his clothes and I heard some RAH have clothes stitched. Fortunately that's not the case here. All of his clothes are unattached. I discovered this because of a very frustrating situation.

In the process of unsticking some terribly stuck swivel joints in his upper arms and knees, it became necessary to figure out how to remove his clothes and it turned out to be easy to remove his jacket. Unzipper it and pulling it over his head (there’s no Velcro on the jacket, unlike Rin’s clothes). Good for battle-damaged/indoor looks or fighting Gilgamesh if he ever comes out.

It would have been nice if they included his school outfit like Rin, but I think they were clearly operating under the school of thought of expensive exclusives: "You should be lucky we made him." Which is sort of true! Male VN or "harem" leads rarely get action figures (although F/SN is not a harem game).

Construction of RAH bodies, design of joints, potential for switching clothes, etc.
Not everyone may be interested in this, but as a newcomer to RAH, I really wanted to understand the body construction and limitations, and there’s nothing out there easy to find about them and these specific toys.

TL;DR version: Rin’s body construction is fine for an anime figure without any clothes on, so there’s a lot of potential for “dress-up” in different 1/6 clothes, including swimsuits and such. Shirou, on the other hand, is extremely weird looking without clothes, so you’re limited to outfits with pants and long sleeves, in my opinion. My more detailed comments will be behind a spoiler so you can skip if you’re already familiar with RAH.

Comments on Rin constructionClose
RAH Rin with no clothes

Probably due to the inherent nature of female figures having skimpy/less clothes, the RAH female body is designed to look okay if skin is showing. So you can likely switch her clothes with third party stuff just fine.

Example of how far the joints bend backwards

Poseability is extremely good compared to a figma, not only with the use of clothes hiding the joints to let the design be crazier, but also simple design of joints. Legs can be lifted almost 180 degrees. Joints are generally pin-joints or swivels. Elbows and knees are both double-jointed. There is a soft-rubbery plastic “shell” over the torso to design the breasts and make it look seamless and hide the mid-riff torso joints. There is a waist joint, but it was stiff out of the box and does not have a lot of range of motion due to the rubbery plastic shell.

Example of how far the leg joints bend upward, particularly compared to figma 1.0

The most interesting part to me are the shoulders, which are a combination of interjoining swivel pieces joined together at various ninety-degree angles to allow a huge amount of motion, quite close to the operation of a human shoulder, including limitations in how you can pose them (i.e. shoulders cannot go above a certain height or they will break, but you can rotate the arm to get what you need). They stretch in and out. It’s quite cool and with the clothes hiding them, allows for a great deal of poseability that would otherwise make it look ugly if they were exposed.

Comparison of legs with both extenders (right) and without any extenders (left)
Rin with both extenders
Rin without upper (hip) extenders
Rin without both (hip and ankle) extenders - I didn't place Rin quite right this time so it's harder to see the difference other than the thigh socks go super high.

The design is clearly modular as well. The upper arms and upper and lower legs can accommodate lengthening discs to be inserted to make the arms longer or removed to make them shorter. Rin has 1 disc in her arms and two discs in her legs (one in the thigh, near her feet). They are actually easily removeable to change her height. Being anime-style, Rin has extremely long (which might be a good idea because her legs do feel like they “go on forever” and it makes her a little tall, but still shorter, next to Shirou).

Shirou confession scene from Episode 13

It’s not a Phicen “seemless body” type, but it shouldn’t be. It’s still a toy, and the concessions for poseability has to be there. This is the first Rin toy I’ve had where she can actually sit “hugging her legs” or rest her chin almost on her knees. Which is pretty cool!

Look ma, no stand!

Joints are actually fairly strong. Notwithstanding her extremely heavy hair, she can stand on her own and even hold a number of other poses without assistance. But anything more extreme or with one leg up requires the stand. And if you are displaying her off the ground, it’s a necessity, because gravity will pull her down by her hair eventually.
Some modeling poses

Comments on Shirou constructionClose
Whereas Rin’s joints were all ready-to-use out of the box, Shirou was a bit of a nightmare. My RAH Shirou had four stuck joints out of the box, one in each knee, and one in each upper arm swivel.

This was pretty scary to deal with because Shirou was much more expensive and harder to find than Rin. There was no way I was going to try and fix the joints without actually seeing what was going on. Which meant removing the clothes.

This is where things get interesting/weird.

Body with no clothes or other pieces.

His feet and a portion of his lower legs are attached via a peg. It acts as a system to make is legs look longer. But when they are exposed they are super skinny. He definitely needs the pants to cover them. With the feet removed, his pants are easy to remove. His fly is actually Velcro. Open it, and it’s wide enough to easily slip down his hips.

And this is when I learned why bending at his knees had a weird soft-resistance to it. Under his pants is this weird mildly thick almost scuba-suit looking pants. Although tight, they are also easy to slide off with his legs straight. And then you can see why he needed them – his legs are super-skinny, almost malnourished looking. The black scuba suit is to bulk him up like the weight-lifter characters from SNL!

Naked legs and muscle/scuba suit pants

So with all that removed from the lower body, it was easy to grip his knee and lower leg and carefully work the joint free. It looked like glue or something had gotten into the knee joints.

As for the upper arm issue, that was more difficult. As I mentioned before, the jacket was easy. The under shirt was not. Taking the arms out of the sleeves was easy, like you would take it off a real person. ButI had to remove his head to get it over the body. I needed a hairdryer to soften it a little first.

Close-up of torso wrap thing

Anyway, with the shirt off, I discovered more bulking up! This figure is SKINNY! The arms look like Rin’s arms in thickness. There’s a little rubbery plastic to hide some chest joints, but others are exposed. And there’s a slightly thick cloth-ish stretch piece (with Velcro) like a girdle around his waist to add some bulk to his upper body! As well, you can tell quite quickly that the multiple layers on the arm are clearly meant to make his arms thicker, because normally they look anemic.

Back view of RAH Shirou with no clothes

No swimsuits for creepy-skinny Shirou!

Once the clothes were off, I worked at getting the swivel joint unstuck. I spent one hour a day for two days working on the stuck upper arms. I first used a hair dryer for about a minute at a time and extremely carefully tried to rotate each direction and bend a little bit (to break off stuck paint inside, I hoped). Not much luck. The next day I boiled water and put it in a cup and then put the joint in a few times and repeated. Still didn’t feel like much luck. I didn’t want to do the freezer trick for fear of making it brittle. But if I did, I knew it had to be the joint only, meaning I had to get the arms off down to the minimum.

Disassembled shoulders and elbows

Fortunately the arms are attached to the shoulders with screws, so that was easy. I was also able to pop out elbow joint pins carefully from the other side after heating and pushing with a flattened toothpick.

So before freezing, I tried one last technique that I read about – pushing the two pieces together instead of pulling apart, and turning slightly as necessary. That worked! No freezing! I finally got one off. A couple boil/push/repeats later and I got the other arm off. All poseability was now freed up!

RAH Shirou backwards poseability

Poseability is very good. The bulking clothes on the legs only restricts the knee joints a little bit. They can still bend quite a bit. The pants restrict Shirou from doing the splits, but that is the same in real life for slacks/jeans. But you can still get a lot of realistic movement – you just have to take your time to turn the joint and readjust the clothes.

Frontwards poseability - looks like he's doing a sit-up!

Arms are also very poseable even with all the layers of clothes. The real problem is that there are a few joints (like the elbows) that are weak and the layers tend to bounce the joint back a bit.

MSRP was 23,600 yen (before taxes) for Rin and 24,800 yen (before taxes) for Shirou. Shirou was a limited/exclusive release through only a handful of vendors in Japan and through CJ Mart for overseas buyers.

I bought Rin for 13,000 yen on a Yahoo Japan auction (using From Japan proxy). I bought Shirou on an e-bay auction for $200 USD (about 22174 yen) at close to the same time. These prices don’t include shipping and proxy fees.

As of right now, there are still some close to Shirous at close to MSRP on e-bay, and it is still listed on CJ-Mart international (not sure if it’s really in stock). Rin Tohsaka is slightly older but a wide-scale release so it is easier to find. E-bay’s prices for Rin are creeping up, And if you are patient, you may find cheaper ones particularly on Yahoo Japan auctions, mandarake, AmiAmi, etc.

Closing Thoughts
These things are expensive! That’s my first and last impression. I’ve never bought a non-transformer this expensive before. Which makes me more conservative in playing with them.

I’m not sure which I prefer more. Probably Rin, because I like Rin a lot as a character. Rin definitely gives you more bang for your buck, but I am disappointed with the hair design. Shirou, though, is actually somewhat effective in his simplicity and there’s no particularly annoying design choices like Rin’s hair. But honestly, I would have never bought only one. I would have always bought them as a pair or not at all.

The stuck joints on Shirou really had me feeling down for awhile. I was looking into alternatives if they broke or if I couldn’t unstick them safely. I feel better now that they are unhindered.

I like them together. I’m honestly not sure if I will keep these toys. I have nothing else in this scale at all, so they exist in an island by themselves. And I may eventually feel obligated to get Archer and Saber to finish the teams. But for now, I like them together and I am satisfied with the purchase. They exceed my, admittedly uncertain, expectations.

Random pictures
Now that I know the clothes are removeable, I may play around with alternate 1/6 scale clothes if I can find some reasonably priced/interesting options. But for now, here’s some random pictures posing Shirou and Rin, showcasing poses, faces and accessories. Most importantly, though, a bunch are just posing them together. I couldn’t find a single google search in Japanese or English showing RAH Rin and Shirou together other than in a trade-show display, so hopefully these pictures can now correct that deficit! They look great together, but I am biased.


Creating poses from the animeClose
The poseability made it fun to try and mimic scenes from the UBW anime. And it was often close to do-able (other than Rin’s hair getting in the way and limits on face choices).

More pics togetherclose

More than simply an upscaled figma. I like them, but I am not sure I would recommend getting them unless you are a hardcore Fate fan, are okay with 1/6 scale figures, and can get them for less than MSRP. Price to feature ratio is much better on Rin, but Shirou was a limited release so you may not have much choice unless you troll Yahoo Japan for a used one.

Pros: Very poseable (particularly Rin) with many extra joints in the arms that a figma doesn’t have. The use of clothes allows the figure to mask what would normally be an unsightly mess of joints. None of the clothes were stiched onto either figure, so it is possible to change their outfits.

Cons: Black clothes leave marks on the plastic (particularly Rin’s long socks). It would have been better if Rin’s hair followed figma 2.0’s design rather than figma 1.0’s design, as it can restrict some poses or not look natural. Shirou’s construction and bulking up restricts some of his poseability in his legs. He is also not designed to switch clothes easily, although it is possible. YMMV – My RAH Shirou had four stuck joints out of package that took hours to free up.
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ameri (2 years ago) #25299197Awesome, thanks a lot! Daww, she looks so cute and short next to Shirou without the extenders! Too bad about the disappearing zettai ryouiki though, hehe xD;;
It definitely changes the style of the relationship when she is that short!
Interestingly there's also a single disc in the upper arm so her arm can be made a little shorter too if the proportions are off.
2 years ago
Thanks! I think they look very nice too!
ptitange23 (2 years ago) #25296693Good pic !! She's beautiful and him too !!!...... *Jealous*
>_< :)
2 years ago
Okeno (2 years ago) #25282796Hi. I thought I'd let you know I added pictures showing the extenders and what she looks like without them - they are under my Review part analyzing her construction near the end (in spoiler tags) but also avaialble here:

Awesome, thanks a lot! Daww, she looks so cute and short next to Shirou without the extenders! Too bad about the disappearing zettai ryouiki though, hehe xD;;
2 years ago
Good pic !! She's beautiful and him too !!!...... *Jealous*
>_< :)
2 years ago
Hi. I thought I'd let you know I added pictures showing the extenders and what she looks like without them - they are under my Review part analyzing her construction near the end (in spoiler tags) but also avaialble here:
ameri (2 years ago) #25221247thanks for the awesome review! shirou is my favourite of the two, rins legs are weirdly out of proportion to me, otherwise she would be perfect..
2 years ago
Glad you liked it! I'd like to have that goal too, but if I ventured into Rin scales I'd go bankrupt :) So I've limited myself to items that exist in the same style for both (Nendo, figma and RAH so far, I'm thinking of getting the Palm Scenary little ones next).
chachamarurin (2 years ago) #25274287thanks for the review!
I'm a major Rin (and Shirou) fan and collecting all their available figures is my goal in this hobby :)
I was close to getting the RAHs but like you I would want to get both of them but the added shipping and tax is so expensive that I probably can't afford them as of now. Maybe someday!
2 years ago
thanks for the review!
I'm a major Rin (and Shirou) fan and collecting all their available figures is my goal in this hobby :)
I was close to getting the RAHs but like you I would want to get both of them but the added shipping and tax is so expensive that I probably can't afford them as of now. Maybe someday!
2 years ago
This is like the year of Jeanne with the Fate/Apocrypha anime and a Jeanne figma along with various scales so there's a pretty good chance! Probably one you could place money on. harvvu (2 years ago) #25266358I hope they make a Jeanne
2 years ago
I hope they make a Jeanne
2 years ago
Thanks for the nice comments so far!
ameri (2 years ago) #25221247thanks for the awesome review! shirou is my favourite of the two, rins legs are weirdly out of proportion to me, otherwise she would be perfect..
I thought so too at first, and it depended on the picture (probably camera (an iPhone) is to blame for distortion). I got used to the length of the legs in hand. But, what's interesting is you can actually make the legs shorter quite easily by removing one or two of the discs in her legs. I gave it a try but I forgot to post it. I'll try to photoshop a comparison pic or something tonight or tomorrow.
Sayuri-P (2 years ago) #25229206Nice review. I liked reading through it.
You're definitely right that there are almost none english reviews of RAHs and that's sad.
I'd really like to have Rin, too, although she's pre-UBW. Since I snagged ITEM #298188 for 'cheap' I'd really love to place them together in my detolf but I don't know if I can really afford it besides I might get lucky again XD

Yes, I hope this review and somewhat in-depth look at the body construction helps other people in the future, because I had so many questions... Lucky you got Saber for "cheap" (I assume still over $200 but not the $450 elsewhere). I had to change my definition of "cheap" to justify buying Shirou :) You can definitely get Rin for a decent discount with some patience!
Heldrik (2 years ago) #25232714That was an amazing review: heavy on words but definitely not boring to read, lots of nice photos. A+ work here, Okeno.
It's always a pleasure to see how you do that sweet couple justice, and I hop (or should I say "know") that you'll continue on the same path.

Thanks, Heldrik! I tried to cut it down but there was too much to say. And fun taking pictures!
evariche (2 years ago) #25235837Thanks a lot for this review! I've admittedly yet to watch UBW (or any of the F/SN stuff, ah ha) myself, but your fantastic recreation of scenes has only gotten me all the more intrigued.
I look forward to seeing more from you!
Thank you, evariche!
2 years ago
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