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WildstarWildstar9 years ago
I hate doing a blog post for this, it seems a lot of people don't use the foruns...

So, I'd like to know if there are any japanese webshops out there that sell doujinshi. To foreigners and preferably with an english interface. Other than Mandarake and Rakuten.

Mostly I'm searching for Rokku's stuff like this, but he seems to sell figures at Comikets/wtv, and I've seen one pop up at Surugaya-a-too, so there are sellers out there...

Any tips?
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gksilkamina By the Power of Gitaroo
Ah, great blog post. I've been wondering this myself. I've primarily used eBay for my doujinshi...at least until now. It seems the sellers that sold doujins at reasonable prices ($5-$15 a book) are going under. Katsu Neko Ya shut down not too long ago, and jpngoodskoba vanished off the face of the earth (which worries me since they vanished after the tsunami disaster in Japan).

There are still quite a few stores but many of them are asking $25-$30 a book! Mandarake almost never has what I'm looking for though I've gotten some great stuff from them in the past for dirt cheap. Happy Otaku Site had a limited selection but good prices, but seems they've also closed up. JPQueen shut down, then reopened, then shut down AGAIN.

:/ I don't want to start using proxies but there aren't many options left these days.
9 years ago
I've used Manga-Pal to get the Witches of the Sphinx doujinshis. Maybe you can try there?

9 years ago
Well, thanks guys. I had a little bit of hope there would be something besides the proxies, but I guess there isn't, lol.

Beani9 years ago#1013214I have a feeling that you will have a very hard finding any of Poyoyon Rocks work in stock anywhere given his popularity. Yeah. Back in the day the guy wasn't popular at all, but then Bakemonogatari hit it big... His first artbook, for example, used to go for ¥2500 at Mandarake, but now they're asking 6K, and it's at Y!J for 8K, crazy!
9 years ago
Proxies are your best best, really. RiderProxy and Big in Japan are my personal recommendations, and they'll allow you to buy from Toranoana, MellonBooks, Animate, pretty much anywhere.
9 years ago
This site doesn't necessarily have what you were looking for but It is a good site to check out once and a while for rare/used doujinshi auction.ransky....

Good luck!
9 years ago
Beani (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
I have a feeling that you will have a very hard finding any of Poyoyon Rocks work in stock anywhere given his popularity. If he releases a new book I would certainly suggest buying with a proxy through Toranoana or Melonbooks soon after release (if not preordering) but the after market for his stuff will likely not be friendly to your wallet.

You might be better off going for his artbook if you just want some of his work but don't mind what: www.amazon.co.j...

Edit: Just noticed you ordered that artbook already anyway :p Unfortunately I don't buy enough doujinshi to know places beyond Tora and Melon so am not much help.
9 years ago
I buy from Toranoana and Melonbooks. Both are Japanese so you have to use a proxy but it's well worth it considering the price and selection. Conventions are also a good place to pick up doujin if you have any near you. I often bring a lump sum and just buy a years supply worth of comics.
9 years ago
Pre-owned figures in top quality and good value

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