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Fate Hell (and others)Fate Hell (and others)

But before I get to Fate Hell, and how I ended up in it, I've got some other goodies to show off.

First up is my exclusive Sasha Funko Pop! Unlike my Armin one, she actually came with the exclusive sticker on her, confirming that she's a proper exclusive release via Forbidden Planet International (and not just a store managing to get leftover stock or through a secondary distributer). She's really cute, and I love the little detail with the potato.


Next up is another Funko Pop purchase - Iida! He finally got a figure! I couldn't pass up the chance to get this, especially as we haven't had any more BNHA nendoroid announcements yet, and Iida's probably my second favourite character. I hope I'll be able to pick up ITEM #540262 at some point.


I know a lot of people complain about Funko Pops, but I'll keep buying them as long as they keep making characters I want merchandise of.


Yuuri looks absolutely adorable as a nendoroid, I love how well he (and his costume) translated into nendoroid form, although I do wish he came with a second back hair piece like Armin and Nishinoya do.

I didn't pre-order Yuuri initially and, to be honest, even though I've ordered the other two in their skating outfits, I'm not 100% sure that I'll keep them, except Yuri (because he's my favourite.) I'll maybe end up splitting Victor and Yuuri at some point in the future.



This is probably one of the best deals I've ever managed to get (another one is later in this post.) I passed on buying Sakura for about £35 a while back because, while I do love her, I didn't want to spend that much on a nendoroid that I was mainly interested in because it was from one of the first animes that I watched as a kid (the other being Digimon - god help me if they ever make Digimon nendoroids.) Her aftermarket price just kept getting worse, and there was no re-release in sight, so I decided that I was probably never going to get her.

Then, a few weeks ago, I found a genuine for less than £30 including postage, from the UK, on eBay of all places. She's absolutely adorable, although I had to give up on the flying pose because it just wasn't working. Whenever I put the hat on, parts would either fall off, or she'd come off the stand and fall apart. She looks really nice on my magical girl shelf, though.


I was originally going to skip Suga, but I found him for less than retail on Yahoo Auctions Japan, so I snapped him up to pose with my Kageyama - two setters! The only thing I'm disappointed by when it comes to Suga is that he doesn't even come with a bent leg. I mean, come on, OR, that's an extremely basic part to include with Haikyuu nendoroids.

Of course, I then had to pre-order Daichi because I couldn't be missing the captain, and I re-purchased Oikawa for about £25 from Suru (and got Iwaizumi for about the same.) I'm still not getting Ushijima but I will get a Tendo if they announce him because he's one of my favorites.



More Haikyuu, and this time it's the lovely Asahi and Nishinoya nitotan straps. I have their nitotans, so getting the matching straps was a no-brainer, and they're so cute! I'm really loving the look of the new noru chara mascots with the inverted colours for the other uniform they wore in the manga, so I'm hoping to be able to pick them up, too.


More ZenMarket, and some things from GOs! Not pictured: things I got for other people, and the JOYPOLIS Jean/Armin card that I forgot to include when I took the photo.

The rubber clips are the cutest things ever, the metal mascots are smaller than expected but absolutely adorable, the JOYPOLIS items have a cute design and the acrylic keychain was larger than expected, and those straps!

Yes, those 7-11 exclusive straps on the pink backing card (and the Jean one just off to the left because I ended up with a double) have been the bane of my life! I've been trying to get them for so damn long, but I was always either outbid, they sold out before I could buy them, once they literally sold out between me adding them to my basket and going to the checkout seconds later, but they're finally mine!

*evil laughter*


I finally own him! I've been trying to get this strap for so long, and I kept just missing out on him, but I finally got him from Yahoo Auctions and added him to my Nishinoya strap board.


And the last non-Fate item in this haul is the new SnK character guide. Yeah, I only bought it because Isayama revealed what happened to Armin's parents, their character designs, and their birthdays (but not their names, so I hope we get them at some point.) I can't read a word, but I needed that information for my collection.

I made a silly mistake. I thought I could play Fate/Grand Order without getting hooked on the overall universe. LLSIF should have taught me that I couldn't.

After successfully avoiding Fate Hell for a long time, I finally fell into it. RIP bank account, it was nice knowing you.


First up was Mash, who I absolutely adore. I also feel a bit sorry for her, because so many of the charaters in the game keep hitting on you, and she's getting more and more distressed and exasperated over it. Getting her to hold her shield was an absolute pain in the neck, though.

I got her from a UK store called Gamersheek that I'd only used once before, but her price was pretty similar to purchasing her from Japan and the price of shipping.


I'm more likely to sprout wings and fly than get Jeanne in the game, but I just had to get her nendoroid, and a random store called The Gamery has her in stock for about £46 including shipping, which is way better than anywhere else that I've been able to find, so I snapped her up. I absolutely adore Jeanne in the game, although I'm not sure if I'll get Jeanne Alter (I have a lot coming out at the end of the year and the beginning of the next.)

Her flag is absolutely massive! I ended up carefully putting the end in one of the holes in the base because I was worried about it managing to fall over or weaking the attachment of the hand to the wrist over time. It's actually making me wonder how big Fu's weapon will be if the new YuYuYu series leads to more nendoroids of the main characters.



That best deal that I mentioned before? Yeah, this is it. Rin is my absolute favourite Fate character, but the huge price of her nendoroid made me think that I'd never be able to own. Still, I took a chance and asked if anyone was selling her - and it turned out someone I'd previously sold a nendoroid to was, and I ended up getting her for £50!

I can definitely see why she's got a high aftermarket price. This nendoroid is excellent. A great range of poses, three perfect faceplates for the character, and adorable glasses. I'm going to try and do a review of her soon.

Funnily enough, it's pretty unusual for Rin to be my favourite because I don't usually like the tsundere characters (most of them seem really forced with little personality traits under their tsundere parts.) But, damn, she's just such an interesting character, and her overall personality is excellent (and provides a great reason for why she's an tsundere.)

I'm very tempted to pick up ITEM #549541 after it releases. It's so beautiful. Or the figmas. Ack, I probably shouldn't be thinking about creating another character-specific collection (especially since I'm planning to cut back on goods and focus on nendoroids only) but Rin has some nice scales for low prices, nendoroid petites, and TWO figmas.


The last nendoroid of the month is Archer! And, oh my God, he was a pain in the neck. I took him out the box, and his upper and lower body were separate. I tried to put him back together, but no matter what I did, the joint wouldn't stay in. I think it's too small and the hole it's supposed to go into is too shallow. I got the last one in stock from Gamersheek, so I didn't really want to bother trying to get a replacement or return him, so I just ended up carefully using glue to attach his lower body to his upper one. I can't make him turn at the waist, but at least he's in one piece!

Other than that, he's a great nendoroid. I didn't have any problems with the joints on his arms, and they give a great range of posing options because it means that you can have more angles than you usually get with one piece arms. He looks absolutely fantastic on my shelf, although I am also tempted to View spoilerHide spoilerget a Shirou hair piece and repaint it white to recreate his hair in his last scene in UBW.

Fate Hell doesn't end there! Nope.

I have Rider on pre-order after getting her in the game and falling in love with her personality, and I'm getting the casual Saber nendoroid for either my Christmas or birthday (my mother and I do the thing where you just tell the other person what you'd like so that you get each other something you'll actually use. She's just glad that there are things other than Amazon or book vouchers that I want these days; she's also getting the Lillie nendoroid for me because she recognised her from the game, which she got for me for my last birthday.)

My main want in terms of Fate right now is probably the Shirou nendoroid. I know where I can get him for a good price. I'd love to get Nero/Saber Extra, but she's so expensive, and the only one I've found for a good price was removed because it was no longer available. :(

I don't have a lot coming out in September, just the Yamaguchi nendoroid, so I think my next loot post wil probably be in December, or early next year after my January nendolanche. *shudder* Please no delays, I have splits in December...
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Fate Hell is serious business. x_x Enjoy it! We certainly are, right wallet? No?? T_T
1 year ago

Found Nendo Emiya on order.mandarake...:
4,000 yen
not opened / package damaged

Love your Fate Hell collection :)
1 year ago
I feel you, the only reason I didn't get dragged into Fate Hell is because I'm broke and I have no money to spend on anime merch.
1 year ago
Everyone got Yuri and here crying,omg I'm in fate hell as well.Currently watching Apocrypha/UB and playing GOXD
1 year ago
There's some really great loot here! :) And that's a fantastic price for Rin - I'm hoping she gets something new nendo related when HF releases (though I guess it's more likely to be Sakura) but the first one definitely looks like a lovely figure. She's my second favourite in Fate so I've been trying to track her down for a while, but you must be really glad to have her and at such a reasonable cost too!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy collecting Fate - it's definitely very fun and fast paced with the sheer amount of stuff they put out for it, at the very least! :)
1 year ago
To quote the great Alice Cooper, only with one different word:

"Welcome to our nightmare.
I think you're gonna like it;
I think you're gonna feel like you belong."

1 year ago
Welcome to Fate Hell! At least there's a lot of nice ladies there.
1 year ago
Buy from Japan. Easier than ever.

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