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Question about anime art on walls and one other thingQuestion about anime art on walls and one other thing

PasiatLSSJPasiatLSSJ9 months agoAsk MFC
Hello everyone.

I am writing this blog because I need some help/recommendations.

I will be moving out to my new home at the end of the year so I was thinking recently about two things:

1. I would like to have some anime/manga related art(like this for example [Link]) on my walls but I don't know how/where to search for these kind of art prints/posters. I would like to not buy from unnofficial sources when they are stealing artist works.
Do You know some official sources or is it better to just print them myself(with help of someone who have industrial photo printer for example)?
I am not sure if this should be framed art print or framed poster or maybe canvas but I would like to have it bigger – something around 40-50cm from one side at least(b2/a2 format or bigger), vertical or horizontal. Something like this [Link] would be nice too.

2. I would like to have one room dedicated to artbooks and manga. Library/books room of some sort. Do You have some ideas how it could look like maybe?
For example I found one nice picture -> [Link]. I like this armchair and lamp at the center when You can browse artbook/manga without any problems. I was thinking maybe some shelfs could be with my favourites when front cover would be visible or something like that.
Well, i am not sure. I would appraciate some ideas from You here too ;)

Sorry for these not figure related questions.

Thanks in advance ;)
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Thanks everyone for help.
9 months ago
I would recommend buying prints from artists at cons in the artist alley section, theres always lots of selection there! Cons usually also have other anime posters and wall scrolls to choose from too. If you cant go to one though, theres sites like AmiAmi or Mandarake, etc that also have different scrolls and art.

Also usually a lot of artists will sell their art on sites and will link it somewhere on their pages where they post their art for where you can buy their prints (like on twitter/pixiv/etc) so that way you can support the artist directly.
9 months ago
I'm posting this with some hesitation, as the shop I'm about to refer you to is one I've had difficulty at times with. But Tokyo Otaku Mode does have a nice selection of art prints and posters available in anime style.

Just be prepared to page through a lot of stuff on their site, and to wait anxiously for your order.
9 months ago
I would suggest getting anime prints/artwork from conventions. I always do that and I know that I am helping the artist and can pick up their card to get more artwork from them (sometimes I forget though). I would never print stuff off the internet, since it never helps the artist (unless you get their permission). Also I would buy art from Japanese stores too (like AmiAmi, Hobby Search, etc). You will mainly find wall scrolls on those websites, but there are sometimes canvas arts as well as posters. If you don't like how wall scrolls hang, you can always frame them (which I will make a tutorial on sometime this week).
9 months ago
I want to know too as I would like a poster or wall scroll of something more artistically styled or subtle but still anime related. Seems hard to find.
9 months ago
Nih ~Spiritless~
Printing stuff yourself or getting it printed on some random printing website is essentially the same.
You pay them for the material, time and use of machines.

It's only polite to ask the artist first ofc, and ask if they have a larger resolution of the said image.
It obviously pays better off to be very humble and praise them for the art.
even offer to pay a tribute to at least amend for getting it printed through a 3rd party.

This is what I would say is the ideal way, if it isn't possible to get your desired print through means the artist have available.

(asking for high-res image could potentially be gray zone)
every person is different :p But they all love praise and fans.
9 months ago
I would buy posters from Amiami or any site that is on this website or do some research on who owns the art before being it if you're going to buy from an artist herself/hiself
9 months ago
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