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Good Smile Company PackageGood Smile Company Package

I want to get a limited exclusive Nendoroid from Good Smile Company - Reimu 2.0 to be exact (ITEM #549350).

But I heard their packaging of products is anything but good (such as a big open gap/ the protection inside the box is laughable)

I've seen such packaging from an figure (Cheerful Miku) but the photo is from 4 years ago.

Any further examples from such packaging? Did GSC did any improvements about this issue?

I need to know so I can prepare myself to what I let myself into (especially she's more expensive on AmiAmi)
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Most of the time your package will arrive fine. But sometimes not.

I bought some stuff from GSC shop about 2 years ago (and before) and every time the items had very little packaging, the items could slide atound the box. the third time, a figma box was a bit crushed on one side. Could have been prevented with proper packaging that stores like amiami and hlj do. so I very rarely order from GSC. (plus their customer service sucked. like they rarely modify orders and stuff.)

yeah, the figures are all fine, and GSC will replace a damaged figure. but the figure's box might get damaged and that will not be replaced.

it depends on how much you want the GSC exclusive, or how much you want to pay for it elsewhere. it isn't a guarantee that the box will be damaged, since I guess most people do fine.
9 months ago
I have only ordered Figmas from them. Not a single complaint, have always received the package via EMS with air bubble packaging, and a silk paper covering the box.

Only complaint is from AMIAMI, they tossed my Figma Gil box like so, in the box, so it got several damage, it got scratched heavily. Hate to order from them.
9 months ago
Never had any problems with damaged box or items.
9 months ago
T-dawg Fictional Idols are the death of
Lately all of the orders that I currently received from them the nendoroid boxes got caved in and the clear plastics got ripped. 2 out of the 3 that i received last month were like that :/ [yohane and riko nendos T_T] (because of the packaging pillow thingies. I hope when Zuramaru and Megumin nendo comes in the box wont be rekt.)
9 months ago
I only ordered about 4 times from them (Nendoroids). 3 of them came in great condition (although the box was really pretty small) but the fourth one wasn't as lucky as the others. Due to a really tight fitting box the stuff that should protect the figure got pressed against it and the window became loose and the box got bent.
I'm really sorry for the shitty explanation, but as I can see you are from Germany so please find below a German explanation :)
Personally, I would use them again if I really wanted to have the preorder bonus. I think that most of the time everything arrives safely but be aware that there is definitely a risk and I don't think that they offer compensation if something happens to the box. Their packaging secures the figure but you don't have a guarantee for the box.

View spoilerHide spoilerAlso bei meiner letzten Bestellung haben sie eine wirklich kleine Box genommen und "große" Luftpolsterfolie (die mit den wirklich großen Luftkammern, die man eigentlich eher für große Sachen nimmt). Dadurch wurde es so richtig eng im Paket und die Luftpolsterfolie wurde gegen das Fenster der Nendoroid-Box gedrückt. Ergebnis: Das Fenster ist fast komplett lose und die Front ist eingedrückt, d.h. die Box biegt sich nach innen. Ich denke dass meistens alles gut geht, aber wenn etwas passiert dann bekommst du halt keinen Ersatz (außer die Figur selbst ist beschädigt). Wenn dir die Box also wirklich wichtig ist,
dann solltest du vielleicht bei Amiami bestellen, die verpacken besser.
Wenn es aber für dich nicht so dramatisch ist und du notfalls mit einer beschädigten Box leben kannst, würde ich dort bestellen. Wie gesagt, ich denke meistens geht alles gut :)
9 months ago
If you're getting a single Nendo, these days they put a cardboard frame around the Nendo box to brace it within the shipping box. Sure, they don't wrap it with plastic pillows or packing paper, but I've never experienced any issues.
9 months ago
I've ordered from them once and I must say the packaging's a bit lacking. The size of the shipping box is just right for a single nendo. I can't remember if there's air cushion but I'm pretty sure that there is no waterproofing. No bubble wrapping, no paper padding. It was sent via EMS and delivered on a fine, sunny day so my nendoroid arrived safe and sound.
9 months ago
agentmozell nerd extraordinaire
I've never had an issue, but I have heard stories.
9 months ago
I recommend the method of getting a Japanese proxy to preorder and buy GSC store products (iirc. 300 yen national shipping) and then having them repacked into SAL small packet. I do it with ZenMarket (so 300 yen fees) and it ends up just about the same price (~2000 yen) as if you just have EMS to your country from GSC direct.

Figures are well packed, insured and less likely to be hit by customs (in the UK)
9 months ago
i think there wouldnt be so much different like my nendoroid re-class.
but its different story compared to my nendo senjougahara with looot of bonus.
9 months ago
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