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Rant: male figures are a non-issueRant: male figures are a non-issue

NegaNega9 months agoDiary
So as I preordered Nendoroid Mei from Overwatch I thought I'd glance at the MFC page to see if there was a release date yet. Then I see the top comment is someone whining about "BAWWW WHERE MAH MALE NENDOS?!" like every other fucking female character figure on this site.

New female character from a series with a prominent male? Let's complain about the lack of said prominent male!

I can totally understand that more male figures will be great but witch hunting all the girls cause you want a bishie from the same series is just absurd.

Ok, I'd LOVE a Reaper nendoroid which probably won't happen (probably cause he's a guy even) but threatening to quit collecting cause of no male Overwatch Nendoroid? WTF? Genji is coming out too which is pretty cool.

Finally, aren't there way more males than there have ever been? Look at all the Fate stuff (which I boycott btw cause of the racist company behind it) and Touken Ranbu has the most figures of any series these days. Altair? GEM? Yet people still complain their husbando never gets a figure. My waifu, Alisa from Tekken has ONE good figure. Yet I don't complain about all the freaking Kazuyas and Heihachis.

Let it go and let it happen! Male figures should be suggested but not by witch hunting the females.
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So... What can we do for you exactly?
9 months ago
People are free to say what they want (whether your agree or feel indifferent about it)

I will agree that male figures are lacking. It's really in the numbers that female heroines sell a lot more than their male counterparts to both audiences.

My issue primarily is with people who complain that a company should make this character instead of this, refuse to buy other characters in the line/rather hopes for a bargain bin. It's reasons like that why your character isn't or won't be made.
9 months ago
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I just wonder if this newbie is mistaking MFC blog function to Facebook
9 months ago
You: there's no reason to headhunt all the female figures!!
Also you: "Ok, I'd LOVE a Reaper nendoroid which probably won't happen (probably cause he's a guy even)"

You just... literally gave the reason why so many people are complaining.
9 months ago
okay and
9 months ago
my issue here isnt really that youre complaining about m/f figures and complaining about people complaining about m/f figures

my issue is youre calling a company racist.... for not releasing a game in canada........ do you seriously lack critical thinking skills that severely to where not having a localization = racism? lol okay.
9 months ago
nyugvo6 (9 months ago) #25854702wtf did I just read?
also please explain how type-moon is racist, I'm curious since I never heard about it.

Because Aniplex of America didn't realize fate g/o in other countries lol
9 months ago
Figure companies don't make what everyone wants, they make what sells well because it's a business. And because in Japan the culture is mostly male centered well that's what they are going to sell to. So yes we all have stuff we wish was made and might not ever be made, but that's how it goes.
9 months ago
eriri (9 months ago) #25850665aren't you the person who said they were boycotting fate because a mobile game isn't traditionally available in their country lmao

That is hilarious, this blog did seem quite odd & now it all makes sense.
9 months ago
the top comment on Mei isn't even that bad. you are taking it too hard. ^^;;
people will always want more, after all we collect and continually hunt for new figures to begin with. :)
you will just have to get used to comments and complaints and ignore what you don't agree with.
9 months ago
this hobby is only really catered to men so we only get Sexy girl figures and hardly anything else, not that theres anything wrong with nice girl figures, but so many shows with a male protagonist who are ESSENTIAL to the shows plot, usually have zero figures if not one. (im looking at you no game no life) i feel like people are allowed to complain about this sort of thing, no need to get all angry about it....honestly its not even just boys. ive seen a lot of cases where an important female character gets shafted with zero merch, but 20+ figures for one side character

and whenever we do get male figures the aftermarket prices are always crazy :/
9 months ago
I mean, Valve had 2 males made for TI last year. Anti-Mage by Figma and Dragon Knight by Nendo. Just takes Blizzard not cashing in on waifus.
9 months ago
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