New and Used?

So I've been on MFC for around one month now and I've noticed that people sell their figures on this site, that's well and fair, however I have also noticed people labeling their figures as:

New and Used

However.... That isn't what new means, you just contradicted yourself, just say it was used instead.

However I might be wrong and over annalysing it, what's your opinion on this perticulair subject?
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Mekuneko (1 month ago) #25919252I use the used and new when I have only opened the figure but never displayed them. Sounds pretty fair?

This is my understanding of it. Essentially that the figure was purchased, but never opened or displayed...so it's it's still in new/unopened condition, but technically is second-hand, so could also be classified as 'used'.
1 month ago
I use the used and new when I have only opened the figure but never displayed them. Sounds pretty fair?
1 month ago
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Will add that I think it's okay to describe figures any way you like, but I hope people will explain what they mean in the sell's description (etc).
1 month ago
I agree, just say used. If it's opened, it's still used to me. It may be in good condition but its still used.
1 month ago
Thanks for all the comments I understand it now :D
1 month ago
Its Used like New. meaning its been used but its still in a very good as new condition.
that or you may notice the figure and box conditions.
Ive bought figures who have been "Used, as new"
they are basicly figures that geenrally have been on display for awhile and then put back in the box, no damages or anything.
1 month ago
I've never seen that wording specifically, but I assume it means it's unopened. So technically new, but also technically used since you're getting it secondhand.
1 month ago
I think they mean that the item it's new but since it's a pre owned and old one... It's considered like 'Used'.

But you have a point. In that case they should write : pre owned, unopened.
1 month ago
Maybe they mean that it is used but like new?
Like a figure that has only been displayed for a really, really short period of time (a few days or so) which is "used" but still practically like new?
The best way to find out is to ask the seller himself - the definition of "New and used" probably also depends on the person selling :)
1 month ago
It possibly means preowned but unopened? So the condition is essentially new but it has been owned by someone so it could be classed as used.
1 month ago
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