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Neko_OniNeko_Oni5 years agoDiary
After waiting all this time to even write my first blog on here, this week I decide to write two of them. This time however, rather than do a review, I decided to share part of my "other collection with everyone. ^_^

I've been a collector for quite awhile, but only started collecting figures in earnest about two years ago. Before this, my collecting was more or less limited to collecting Japanese dolls of all types. I had been brought up around them and it always seemed so sad to go to flea markets and yard sales and see these poor girls in such bad shape. It's also a collection that not a lot of other people collect so I wanted to share some pictures of what my husband and I have come across over the years. Not only do we collect, we also make them and I've restored a few for fun. (Or work, sometimes I pick up ones that are really damaged just to see if I can bring them back to their beauty.) Enjoy!

The ones below are called Ichimatsu dolls, and the center one in the back is made by Sekiguchi, which also makes the Momoko and Petwork dolls as well as Monchichi. The others are made of wood pulp and an oyster shell compound called gofun

These wooden ones are called kokeshi and they can be made ou of different types of wood.

The silk faced ones are called Sakura dolls and most of these were made in the 50's. These were made by a company called Nishi, which is no longer around. The smaller ones on the shelf below are Hakata dolls and some of these are very cute! <3

Some of my antique Girls Day dolls along with some Hime-Dharuma. The one in the center is one I've recovered and restored. Some of my figures on the bottom shelf.

The full Girls Day set was an anniversary gift from my husband. I bought some Re-Ment sushi to display with them. The case below shows some of my smaller dolls.

A closer look inside the cabinet. More Ichimatsu, a Tanbata doll, a few Shibaten Kappa...and a large kokeshi made by the late Master Watanabe Masao. Some more on him here:

These two are some of the pride and joy of my collection. The large Sakura doll was made by our sensei...in 1979! She's very beautiful with rooted hair! The large Fujimusume doll was another anniversary gift.

Another cabinet with a bride doll on top. This cabinet is for the kimekomi dolls and figures. As you can see, space in my home is at a premium...

A look inside the doll section. A large Kappa and the kimekomi dolls. (wood pulp covered in fabric, which is tucked into grooves.) A number of these in this case I made/restored. The large kokeshi with the horn on its head in this case was made by another late Master, Ishihara Hideo. His kokeshi are really hard to find and are getting expensive: I lucked into mine

So! As you can see, the battle for space is great, meaning that I carefully think about which figures to bring into the house. Now for the story: As many others on here also did, I fell under the spell of Ultimate Madoka and since I love the series, could not resist ordering her. Did it with a quickness! Can't wait for her!
But...wasn't sure where to put her and was really sweating this fact.

This thing has been at my work for many many many years prior to myself. Motor died, no longer working, it was going to get tossed. I showed interest in it as I have the Shirahoshi POP, Chogokin Going Merry and others on the way. I can put shelves in it! Space for figures! Sweeet! :D

Bring it home and proceed to wipe years of funk off the thing. Happily cleaning when my dear husband walks up and inspects it. He then proclaims that "she" will look fantastic in this case. Delierious from lack of sleep, I ask: "she"? To which he says this: Ultimate Madoka, of course! This is why I brought it home...right? Then it dawned on meL Madokami not only made space for herself in my house...but procured her own space. The case? Not only does the light still work great, but it fit right in the space I had for it. Coincidence?! XD

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed the dolls! ^_^
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Japanese dolls! Your thoughts?

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  • 25%Very cool collection.
  • 32%They're a little creepy....
  • 9%Gah! They're looking at me! Get me out of here!
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stargazer713 (5 years ago) #1021070Wow cool! I finally got to see your dolls collection :)

My husband has some too, they are just in another room. His are...very unique and as a matter of fact, he happens to have the two most expensive ones in the whole collection. Maybe I'll take some pictures on his dolls this week. ^_^
5 years ago
stargazer713 the 0th Mirage Knight
Wow cool! I finally got to see your dolls collection :)
5 years ago
Fred4rk (5 years ago) #1016055How do you clean your collections? I can see they are suffering from being crammed into so little space. Sad... TToTT
I love your collection on figurines and old japanese traditional dolls. I wish I have some too. I can understand some people think they are creepy but I still love them. :3

Actually, the fact that they are in such a small space is better: less room for dust to have their way with them. The only real issues that I have to keep in mind are the fact that I have lots of heavy covering and blankets on the windows since too much light fades them. NO SMOKING of any kind in this room too. Also, in all of the cases/areas, I keep cedar blocks as moths really love these fabrics.

As far as cleaning? Very carefully: so much so that it takes me more than one day to dust just this room alone. The figures are less demanding for cleaning!
5 years ago
Wow! What a beautiful(and extensive) collection! I especially love the girls' day set,the sakuras and the hime darumas(I've only seen the regular darumas before). It must've taken quite a while to collect them!
5 years ago
To tell you the truth, I'd be scared living in a house with those type of dolls :o
5 years ago
Amazing! You have quite a beautiful collection! <3 A friend of my brother's just yesterday came over with him (we went to see my aunt) and gave me two Japanese dolls. They are pretty big compare to my anime figures but I was wondering if it was safe to put them with my figures as they are made from different material (silly I know). Seeing your collection though has made me decide to put them in my detolf on a shelf of their own. :3
5 years ago
Very nice pictures of your collection :)
5 years ago
Those Japanese dolls have this eerie beauty that typical anime/video game figures and dollfies simply can't match. Those Sakura dolls are simply wonderful.
5 years ago
Nice collection!
5 years ago
awesome collection of japanese traditional dolls, but several of them remind me of japanese horror film too .. :)
5 years ago
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