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finally opened shishioufinally opened shishiou

finally home for a day from college, opened shishiou and got other mail that i ordered. so, shishiou is my beautiful delicate son, he has some tassels and ropes that are a little bit bendable/moveable. they were all individually wrapped in plastic sleeves. i'm seriously afraid of picking him up, he's so delicate looking! due to the nue on his shoulder and his (honestly) chicken legs, he's top heavy and seems unbalanced. i don't think he'll stand on his own like my luffy figure can and i don't want to try and test it. i picked up him by the middle, like fingers around the stomach and back, or i grabbed the nue / his shoulders first. i think for protection i'm going to put him back in his box and leave him at home when i return to school.
oh, my tall daughter rin (prize figure) is still my tall daughter, he only comes up to maybe her shoulders or nose as seen in this picture.
my only complaint about him is his stand. i guess it's a bit picky, but compared to my three nendoroids' stands, and my rin and luffy's, well, its just seems too thin and flimsy! i feel like i could bend it a little. also you have to kinda push his feet onto the pegs because they don't line up very well right out of the box.
so because of the kinda disappointing stand, i'd say like 9.5/10 but mfc doesn't have that so i just put 10/10 stars. but really, he's super nice to look at, so much detail in one little guy! if you play touken ranbu and really like shishiou (he's one of my higher level swords, always made captain lol), consider getting this figure.

edit: realized i forgot to add pictures? altho i thought you couldn't because of space limitations or something? idk, but i guess i'll try. i hope i did the links correctly so people can see what other figures and their stand's i am referencing.
edit edit: ok i guess the pics i took with my phone are a bit too big for the site, so i'll just put them on an imagur album. they are a bit more informal and were taken with my phone. most of them are just the unboxing - imgur.com/a/f8S...
editX3: huh the picture button works now and some of my pictures came up. i wonder why it didn't work when i wrote this on my home computer or edited it on my laptop earlier? anyways, here are two better, not-phone pictures of shishiou.
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I don't wanna be rude or anything but if you are gonna do a review you better give us some pictures to look at otherwise I won't bother reading all that text. My imagination is good but not that good considering I have no idea which product you are talking about.
1 year ago
agentmozell nerd extraordinaire
...where are the photos?
1 year ago
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I just opened my Shishiou yesterday and he's amazing! I have yet to take any pictures of him but he's so great! I managed to get him with a $50 coupon from TOM with the daily spins in the summer and is def worth it!
1 year ago
enjoime_CB Crown Clown
We're still alive! Yay! =)
1 year ago
I had a Hot Pocket. It was meh.
1 year ago
Pics or it didn't happen
1 year ago
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