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Mary: Full of DestructionMary: Full of Destruction

PekolaPekola9 months agoDiary
A few days ago, all I could see was destruction.

11 days without light and then two days later, my house was gone. With the coming of the hurricane, we lost everything.

Maria, a category 5 hurricane, razed everything in its path. Houses, trees, establishments. Anything it could destroy, it did.

My house was a humble home made of concrete and wood. Our roof was taken away, water came in. I'd just begun remodeling my room.

It's been a tough year. I've lost my job. My sister lost hers and now we have no home.

For those who don't know, the islands in the Carribean have been devastated beyond recognition.

Please pray for us.
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Please do not interpret a low number of responses as meaning that no one cares about your situation. It usually means that most of us can't think of how to put into words what we wish we could say.
9 months ago
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I'll definitely be praying for y'all. My grandma lives in Puerto Rico and we still have no idea how she's doing.
9 months ago
Wow I'm sorry. I'll be thinking of you, and everyone else around you. Stay strong <3
9 months ago
Oh my gosh... I'm so sorry. Me and my sister have you both in our prayers. My heart is sad for you both. I hope things get better for you and your family.
9 months ago
Pinokkio Want to be free!
The emotions that came during your ordeal must be hard for you and your family. Seeing everything around you getting destroyed...and more sad things came on your road, but you stayed strong! I admire that from you!

Houses can be rebuild, jobs can be found again and you can get happy again also.

Wish you and your family good tidings
9 months ago
I lived through a category 5 hurricane in the southern hemisphere 15 years ago.
Fortunately our home at the time was very sturdy and held good but not everyone around us was so lucky. I remember the destruction everywhere and I deeply sympathize with you.
Stay strong.
9 months ago
I'm so sorry. I know words are beyond meaningless in the face of something like this, but I am truly, truly sorry for your loss.

I hope you find the strength to move forward, and the help that is so desperately needed.
9 months ago
I wish things to get better for you and your family.
9 months ago
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