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What's up MFC? Today I'm reviewing
Saya no Uta - Saya - 1/7 (Wing)
I hope you enjoy this figure as much as I do!



Now, I've wanted this figure for a loooong time. Ever since I found out about it (which was about a year before it came out) it's been in my "things to buy" bookmarks folder. When I finally got it in the mail I was very excited for it, and wanted to show it off so you guys could see it too!

Unfortunately, I'm lazy.

And unmotivated.

And forgetful.

So here we are a month later and I'm finally getting around to making the blog!


To start off, let's look at the box:




A fairly simple box with some pictures of her and large windows so you can sort of see her. It's kind of obscured by the layers of packing though. I love the big picture of her though! It really makes it easy to tell what you're getting, even if the figure inside the box is sort of hidden by all that plastic.

Speaking of that, let's go ahead and take some off that off of her now:




Packaging is a 5/10. Nothing super special, but it's nothing bad. It's sturdy, and kept her safe, but it's pretty hard to see any kind of real detail through the windows.

Now, a lot of people are having a little trouble putting this figure together, I had a bit of trouble myself actually. The big issues come from two places that I found. Details on how to correctly build her are in the spoiler below, if you're interested.

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First up is this part:

This area is tricky because you have to slide the figure up into it as far as it'll go, and keep going just a biiiiiit further than feels safe. Wiggling helps too.

The other "problem" area is this part:

It's easy to just want to put her together and put her right onto the stand the way she'll go on in the end, but you'll actually need to put her on wingless (the head is optional, I did it for the better picture angles) or it'll look like this:


See how the pillar is jutting out like that? Just make sure you put the wings on after you put the figure on the base, and you won't have that problem.



Like so!


Now, on to the review!

This figure seems to have a lot going for it!
Starting from the bottom, the base is very well done, and has a sort of glossy wet look that makes it seem visceral and kinda gory even without making it too much to display with kids around.



I give the base a 9/10; it's an integral part of the figure, and it makes the whole thing pop! There is an obvious seam though, hence the -1.

Stepping back to see the pose, she really stands out on a shelf as she gracefully floats on the pillar of flesh.

8/10 pose! -2 because (and this will sound very picky) I'd like one of her hands to be up near the ribbon on her chest, holding it, or next to it. The artwork this seems to be based on has her in a sitting position and the hand up, but I don't mind her standing, I just really liked the way she looked with her hand up instead of hanging down the way it is.


Now the sculpting!

The way her wings "bloom" behind her is perfect, and captures the scene perfectly.

The attention to detail great too! If you look closely at her sides,you can see her body shaded inside the dress:


Even though there's not really more sculpt under the dress, the painting makes it seem like there is. There's also little feathers under the armpits and across her back as if the dress itself was bleeding into the wings:


Then the face:


Almost bland at first, but if you look at it for a moment, it becomes a wistful, almost sad look that makes her less "blood pillar girl" and more "poor thing". (at least, that's how I see it)

The hair is up next:




If you've ever read my other reviews, you'll know that I'm pretty picky about hair on my figures. This is no exception. I love the fade to green she has going on, but as always I just wish there was a lot more detail on the hair... More texture, a few more strands, something more. I know I'm in the minority here, but I just feel that anime figure hair is somewhat lacking somehow.

Anyway, enough of the rant, on to the last section, the wings!



Not that detailed, but slightly shiny, and posed quite nicely. They wrap around her, framing her in the middle.

So that's a 10/10 on the sculpting!
Paint I give a 9/10 because of the way you can see the body inside the dress (and that base too!)


Overall, I give it a 9. The wings and hair could have been more detailed, but other than that? I'm happy with the figure! It's easy one of the best figures I've ever seen in person!

Thank you so much for reading!

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Very nice review. I'll admit that I haven't actually played Saya no Uta, but this figure has made me interested in trying it out. I probably would have by now if I wasn't such a pussy and feared for the integrity of my sanity. :P
5 years ago
Thank you very much for your review!

AAAAHHHH kirei isn't enough, gotta be utsukushii... I didn't play Saya no Uta, but I read many things about it, and when this beautiful figure announced, wooow... Goddamn tempted, because it's just that beautiful, and even more after reading your review :' Too bad I've promised to wallet-chan that I won't but anything I don't know the character well...

If I have to pick the thing I like the most, gotta be her expression... When I opened your blog and saw the first picture, it's just "ahh that expression", and you captured it very nice!
5 years ago
Nice review! I really liked her character design and was glad she finally got a figure
5 years ago
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