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Help with my FigmaHelp with my Figma

So essentially I basically placed on order on AmiAmi over the summer where I ordered a figure, but then later decided to start putting it together not so long ago: The figma was Yuki Nagato from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. However along the process of putting the pieces of the Figma together I had encountered an problem: The problem was that the hands don't come of easy on this figure as I have to really struggle to get them but I do not want to break my figure.

As far newer Figures are concerned such as the Mikasa Ackerman Figma the hands come of much more easier. Is there a solution on how I can get the hands of without destroying my figure?

Thank you


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Sorry if this is incredibly late...D:..Just a message to say Thank you for answering my question ^__^.
11 months ago
First generation figma hands are really annoying for this reason. The best way to get them out safely is with heat - low level is fine for less than a minute. Even some of the figma instruction manuals back then recommend it...

When removing the pegs from the handholder or the figma, grip at the bottom of the hand on the wrist peg so that you are pulling on the peg not the hand itself, to minimize the chance of it breaking.
1 year ago
atunafish (1 year ago) #27235143I have friends with similar issues with their figma. Other than softening the part with heat, would something like WD-40 help as well? Especially for delicate parts.
I wouldn't recommend it.
I have no idea what the chemicals would do to the paint.
1 year ago
I have friends with similar issues with their figma. Other than softening the part with heat, would something like WD-40 help as well? Especially for delicate parts.
1 year ago
That's the problem with old figmas, at least Haruhi ones, their hand pegs have balls on the end. I just pull them out without heating anything, trying to hold a hand by the peg part and hope nothing breaks. I think one day I'll try to cut those peg balls off and see if it works. That hand design wasn't good enough obviously, and they changed it pretty quickly for other figmas.
1 year ago
If parts on figma seem to not work along aswell i tend to use warm water, nothing to hot but warm enough to soften it some, keep it in there a little bit, dry it with a soft cloth and try again, it usualy works a lot smoother then :)
1 year ago
I have a tendency to unpack my Figmas next to the hairdryer due to this issue - most of the time the stand hole is the issue, but other parts can refuse to disassemble/reassemble. Also making the parts pliable means you don't have to gouge any plastic out to get them to fit (which kinda happens if you don't).

I use my hairdryer on the lower setting, and put my hand behind the part I'm heating. I put my hand behind, as that prevents me from heating things for too long (gets a bit warm :P). Once you've done it a few times, you'll get used to the amount of time needed, and how warm the part will feel when it has become pliable.

I have used water to bend things before, but especially when it comes to assembling stuff, I prefer the hairdryer as it's quicker.
1 year ago
Seconding heating up the plastic to soften it. You can also use a hair dryer, but do be careful using it on small, delicate parts like figma hands. I used a hair dryer to soften up some parts of my Ultimate Madoka figma, and now she works like a charm and has become my favourite figma to play with ^^
1 year ago
Older Figmas can be a bit difficult to deal with.
You can heat the wrist to soften the plastic and facilitate the removing/insertion of hands
Here's a technique for heating the plastic: BLOG #32592
It's originally for leaning figures but it should also work in your case.
1 year ago
Great Figure, Amazing Service, Fantastic Price!

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