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September 2017 LootSeptember 2017 Loot

agentmozellagentmozell9 months agoLoot
Hello once again! I'm a little late with my September loot, mostly because I was waiting on one final package and partly because I've been in a mood where I just don't want to do anything. Hopefully you guys know what that feels like haha

In any case! September's loot was actually not that bad. It was a fair amount but nothing I couldn't handle. I think it's mostly because of all the delays this year that have either caused me to give up or sell some of my items. FOr instance, I actually did have the GSC Sakura Stars Bless You ( ITEM #396841 ) on preorder and had GSC charge me back in April, but unfortunately a lot of things happened that made me give her away. She has a wonderful home now! And thankfully she didn't arrive with a broken to the person that took her over (those comments gave me a heart attack!!), the person even sent me photos and she's so happy ♥

On that note, if you ever get a damaged figure or something with a missing part from GoodSmile Company you can contact them here! Even your older figures/figmas/nendos! I've contacted them with missing or broken pieces and so long as they have stock of the item they'll send it out. ♥ For other retailers I don't know, I usually contact where I purchased the item and they contact the distributor on my behalf.

Now that my babblings done with, lets get to the loot!!

Side note! I changed my method of taking photos, let me know how they look compared to before. I think the new angle I used helps you guys see the figures better even thought its the same location.




♦ GoodSmile Company Max Factory iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls Jougasaki Mika Figma ( ITEM #160994 )

I got this from a MFC user along with Shibuya Rin ( ITEM #270125 )! I lost the PM so I'm very sorry! I don't have any photos of Rin since I'm still waiting on GSC to send me the cellphone as she didn't come with it (long story) so she's still in her box. In the meantime I set up Mika and she's absolutely adorable! I actually don't know anything about iDOLM@STER other than its an idol hell. But the characters are so cute! Mika especially so I couldn't resist her figma! Now I noticed that her joints are very hard to move, I think this is because she's an older figma. But this is the reason why I really don't have any figmas. I just found them super cumbersome. ButI think they've improved greatly because...



♦ GoodSmile Company Max Factory FIre Emblem IF Kamui ♀ Figma ( ITEM #464595 )

...did I use Fate or IF last month for the nendo? I'm feeling a little lazy so I'm not going to bother looking haha

I ordered her from GSC direct because I really wanted the bonus ♥ She's so cute! I do wish she came with more accessories and I really, really wish her dragon stone had a stand like her nendo does cause man, it slips through her hands a lot.

But her joints, especially compared to Mika's figma, are super fluid and she's very easy to pose! It makes me look forward to the other figmas I have on preorder. ♥ I'm still hoping that GSC will do more Fire Emblem figures and I'm still wishing for Chrom or male Robin. ♥ I should eventually get Lucina but eh.



♦ GoodSmile Company Kekkai Sensen Leonardo Watch Nendoroid ( ITEM #544018 )

SO SEASON 2 AMI I RIGHT? What a PERFECT time to show off Leo! I haven't seen season 2 yet but man, when I was in Japan in August I saw the ads everywhere and I was so fricken excited. Now that Klaus has been announced I'm even more hyped! I hope his figma gets colored soon now that the new season is here and MAYBE WE'LL SEE THE LEO FIGMA PROTO??

In any case he's super, super cute and he comes with a lot of accessories to create all sorts of poses! The base I'm using right now is actually from the Nendoroid Suit and I'm using his base for the nendoroid suit haha I just felt the smaller one would be best for this pose because he's super wobbly on the stand for the backpack. I hope I'm not the only one experiencing that. ; v;

Otherwise he's fricken adorable 10/10 best purchase....



♦ GoodSmile Company Re:Zero Life in Another World Emilia Nendoroid ( ITEM #549360 )

...OR NOT?

So I haven't yet finished Re:Zero but I ADORE Emilia! Like the kind of adore that makes you cry when you see her. ; v; I do wish she didn't come with the tearful face plate, mostly because it breaks my heart and I feel like you shouldn't have it unless you have Subaru--WHICH WE DON'T HAVE YET. I think she comes with a fair amount of accessories although my wish is to have her attacking in her cloak...which you can't do but hey IF we ever get a figma for her maybe we can do it for that?

Now for my NSFW loot. I'm putting it in the spoiler below so people don't have to see it if they don't want to.

View spoilerHide spoiler

♦ Native Sexual Police Scale ( ITEM #118029 )

So I'm a bidoof and forgot to take a picture of her. I have to be careful since I still live with my mother and I do know that she would NOT appreciate this. She's very beautiful but up close her face bothers me a lot. I found her preowned on AmiAmi and I'm a little bit of a) she's smaller than I expected b) her face bothers me and c) she is beautiful all at once. So I'm really just ???

Anyone else get that way for ANY figure they get?

Now for some fun. This isn't a figure, just some accessories I found and showed a friend that had us both like "we need".


I can't believe I bought this. I'm still laughing over--wait...Cyan no. Precious cinnamon role I think you need to go back home.


Oh no...she's recruited Kamui...You guys need to stop.




I tried warning you Kamui. You should know what these are for, I'm sure Niles told you all about this stuff (probably to Leo's dismay). Cyan baby. I'm sorry you had to see this.


Well thankfully she doesn't know. Hopefully everyone can help her forget what she just saw. Sorry Cyan!

Anyway...now that that stupidness is over I hope you guys are having a good month! Both last month and this month! A lot of things have been happening all over the world, my heart goes out to everyone who has been affected by these events. I'm sending good vibes your way!!

So you need month!
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agentmozell nerd extraordinaire
victorviper (9 months ago) #27033132ITEM #604806 is pretty hilarious. I actually contemplated getting one of those, but one question held me back. How do the handcuffs work (do you have to take them apart/reassemble them every time you want to remove them/place them or is there some kind of a release mechanism)?

Oh! I should take some pictures when I get home. I didn't even think of doing that. There is some assembly required to get them together but it's not too bad if you have pliers.

But again I'll take some photos when I get home (I'm at work right now). :>
9 months ago
ITEM #604806 is pretty hilarious. I actually contemplated getting one of those, but one question held me back. How do the handcuffs work (do you have to take them apart/reassemble them every time you want to remove them/place them or is there some kind of a release mechanism)?
9 months ago
citanes Pantsu Authority
Fantastic loot! Thanks for sharing!
9 months ago
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