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Log_#1//Case File: Irma - 03/09/2017Log_#1//Case File: Irma - 03/09/2017

PekolaPekola9 months agoDiary
It was a normal day I woke up to. But it was slightly different. The strange sound of rope tensing on metal could be heard. It was too early, I thought. 9:00 AM-- it wasn't. Normally I'd wake up at five in the morning and gotten ready for work. But I no longer had a job. Both my sister and I had lost our jobs almost exactly at the same time, so waking up early was a suggestion more than a neccesity.

My mom and sister were preparing for Irma. While the storm was prognosticated to pass by the North of Puerto Rico, it was better safe than sorry.

And so I got up into a set of stairs to prepare. No biggie. Move some wooden planks that needed removing just so they wouldn't fly and throw them on the floor. Rinse and repeat.

Once done, I got down no issue. Or so I thought until I felt the force in my feet. A nice big nail had gotten stuck on my foot. It wasn't particularly painful, just shocking.

From there we had to rush to the hospital...only to wait for six hours for a tetanus shot.

The storm wouldn't begin for two days, and yet we were already experiencing what would only be the beggining of something we never thought possible.

(for those wondering what this is, I've decided to log my experience with Hurricane Irma and Maria and how it affected my figure collecting and my future outlook.)
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