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GreenDagnyGreenDagny2 years ago
Hello everyone, i have seen tutorials on what is the best paint, approach etc to customizing figures on from mfc subscribers. I am also trying to study on youtube. Basically i would appreciate and input, esp. on types of paints, shading, and any vids you might find helpful. I am a beginner at this, so if anyone answers keep that i mind! I appreciate it!
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Also I don't know why I haven't suggested that first but you should definitely check the blog section of the DIY club
2 years ago
I'd recommend looking up up doll customizers on Youtube. They mostly paint onto Monster High or BJD, but the info on airbrushing and which paints to use will come in handy.

This airbrushing series is helpful, but not finished. However it's a great starting point when you're looking to buy.

2 years ago
Thanks! Appreciate it.
2 years ago
Mikatan blog from Good Smile has a number of interesting articles on the subject.
I suggest this one for starters:

You can find links to all the articles in this series here:
It's about eyes but frankly you can apply it to many things
2 years ago
If you're going for brush painting, I found Vallejo and Citadel to be really good. Vallejo is way cheaper, but just as effective (Citadel is just easier for me to pop to my local and buy if I run out)
Water your paints down to milky consistency, make sure you don't try to put another coat on too soon (otherwise you'll smear the coat underneath)

If you're airbrushing, I mostly use Tamiya now, having recently just started airbrushing, but god Gaianotes is really nice.

First time I sprayed top-coat, I realized I wasn't wearing a mask, looked up at the light to see mist, realizing oh sh- I'm inhaling that. Your lungs won't like that after a while.
2 years ago
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