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Nendoroid Yamatonokami Yasusada!Nendoroid Yamatonokami Yasusada!

Hello everyone! It's Magu again with yet another review!

This item was supposed to come with my September AmiAmi order, but got delayed a month. It was probably better for my wallet that way, but I was still sad that I had to wait a little longer... As of yesterday, the wait is over!

Today we'll be looking at
Nendoroid Yamatonokami Yasusada by Orange Rouge!
ITEM #464633


*hamilton voice* loOK AT MY SON!!!!!!

Before Hanamaru aired I would describe myself as, at best, aware of Yamatonokami’s existence in the Touken Ranbu franchise, but didn’t know enough to really form an opinion about him (as was the case with…. most of the swords, and kinda still is). Once Hanamaru aired, though, I ended up declaring him my son. This boy taught me the appeal of moe and I understand why moe sells now. I’ll protect this sweet boy with my life!!

(also I had to shoot this review mostly in the dark bc the overhead light in my room is bad and it was dark out by the time i got home from work!)

Let's take a look at him!

Here he is from the side! You can see that his ponytail is faithfully sculpted; I have trouble capturing it from the front. It looks so fluffy! However, in this picture you can also see the prominent seam between his front and back hair parts. Seams like this are unavoidable in nendoroids, but for some reason, Yasu’s hair parts don’t fit together very well.


From the back! You can see that his scarf is fitted with joints, allowing you to pose it at any angle you want. His ponytail also has a joint, but it’s much more limited; you can only move his hair side to side.

From the other side. Overall, he’s sculpted very well.

Next I’d like to draw your attention to a few details…

…. like his face mole! A simple touch, but it adds to his charm.


Also, I noticed that from low angles, you can see that his default face actually does have teeth painted in!


Close in on the details of his outfit. The gold decals look good, but the paintwork everywhere else is... honestly pretty sloppy. If I were confident in my hands I’d try to fix the paint issues myself, but they’re probably not hard to fix in photoshop either.

The gold decal work is absolutely fantastic, though. The paint shines, and the details are dizzyingly intricate. Orange Rouge really outdid themselves with this one!

Not pictured anywhere in this review: not only does he have a fundoshi under those hakama, it actually had a bit of plastic wrapped around it to keep it pristine. I had to take the pants apart to get to it orz


Here’s everything he came with! the standard two extra expressions, several arms and hands, two swords, and the much-anticipated dango parts!!

They’re so cute….!!!! And the plate they come on is ever so slightly flower-shaped, too.

While I’m satisfied with this selection of parts, I would have also liked to see some parts from Hanamaru–such as the tanabata strip with “I want to see Okita-san again” or the flower hair clip. Those things will be easy enough to make myself, though!

And now… let’s get to posing him!

Tried out a pose reminiscent of his standing pose from the game, which is what these parts are meant to recreate. I’m not a big fan of the style he was drawn in, and I think the nendoroid smoothed out the design a lot; at the same time, the expression part has him looking forward, so it still doesn’t quite resemble the art…

I also discovered that it was a little difficult to get his different arm parts on. (Not to mention his stand… I managed to get it on snugly, but definitely not without a fight)


The gold crests really catch the eye!


The hilt of his sword is also very detailed; it’s obviously too small to be truly hollow like the actual hilt, so the pattern is engraved instead.


As I was getting ready for the next shot I noticed, for the first time, the kanji on the back of his haori…!! Orange Rouge’s attention to detail is incredible (at least for decals…).


And now, a combat pose like the one in the game! sort of… Again, the different expression interrupts the experience a little. I’m actually not sure why they included this attacking expression; it doesn’t really evoke any of his art from the game (though I guess it does seem to match his “Lose your head and die!” battle line). It’s possible they chose this part because if they’d gone with the expression in the art, his faces would have looked too similar…

Otherwise, though, I was able to recreate the pose with little trouble.

Tried a different action pose, this time making use of the other sword part. Like with the previous Touken Ranbu nendos, you can detach the hilt/handle of the sheathed sword in order to display him with his sword drawn.

I was a little sad there’s no way to display him with the sheath at his waist like my other swordboys, but I suppose it makes sense considering the design…


And now, the final expression part… the cheerful smile!!

He’s so cute????

Especially when paired with the dango and dish parts, this expression is incredibly good. He looks so happy…. ;-;


With one of my other Touken Ranbu props (ITEM #331772), I can recreate a peaceful day at the citadel…

This almost makes me wish I had ITEM #287703 so I could have another dango to put on the plate… (even though I don’t care for Kashuu as much... though the Hanamaru co-de version ITEM #464640 is cute)

The sleeve pose is also very good!! Makes me wish Mikazuki had this kind of sleeve capability…

Speaking of whom…


Touken Ranbu nendos look great by themselves, but in my opinion… they should be displayed with friends!!


A family can be three swords and a fox

It’s been a long time since I last bought a Touken Ranbu nendo, but now I have three of them… enough to start a little citadel!!

It’s a lofty goal, but one day I’d like to have my own carefully curated tiny swordboy army…. There are just so many swordboys with designs I like! The only thing previously stopping me from buying more was whether I was invested in the character or not (hence why I bought Yasu in a heartbeat). What with Hanamaru and now Katsugeki, I foresee myself adding a few more small swordboys to my collection in the future… (I’d really like to get my hands on ITEM #464636; I kinda regret not preordering him…)


My favorite part of nendoroids? Part swapping, of course!

I didn’t do any face swapping this time, but I decided to mess around with the other nendo I have with food parts…


Yasu: Katsuki-san, this katsudon is delicious! Thank you for sharing some with me! I’ve always wanted to try it…
Yuuri: I’m glad you like it! I thought it would make a nice housewarming gift. We should be thanking YOU for bringing the dango!
Victor: Wow, that looks tasty…!


Yuuri: Huh?? Wait–Victor, that one’s mine!!
Victor: Not anymore~!

Normally I’d have more skits than that but it was like 9 pm by this point and i was tired lmao

Anyway, let's move on to the scores!

Sculpting: A 9 here. Overall he's sculpted very well; his ponytail is appropriately fluffy, and attention was paid to small details. Short of a perfect 10 because his hair and head parts don't quite fit together so well, leaving an unusually visible seam.
Painting: Gave painting a 7; while the decal work was very impressive, a lot of the hand-painted stuff was much sloppier. His haori in particular bleeds onto his armor in a way that's hard to miss.
Posing: 9. He came with a variety of parts to allow for a range of poses. It was easy to recreate the poses in the promotional pictures, as well as come up with a few of my own. I do wish his ponytail had more range of motion, though.
Accessories: Accessories get an 8; most of them are appropriate for the character and have lots of potential, but I still have mixed feelings about his battle face. Not being able to match the art exactly does bother me a little... but otherwise, I love all his spare parts! The cheery face and the dango are particularly fun.
Enjoyment: 10--which should be obvious to anyone who's read my reviews before; I don't tend to buy figures unless I know I'll love them. Yamatonokami is no exception! I was worried that my love for him had chilled what with so much time between the end of Hanamaru and Yamatokonami's release, but once he came in I fell in love all over again! His normal smiling expression is so peaceful, but I think the cheerful smile brings out the cuteness that drew me to the character in the first place. He's lots of fun to play with, and he looks great with the other swords in my collection--but now I just want more of them!!

Here's how I've decided to display him for now:


For the pose, I couldn’t decide between the default pose or the dango pose, so I just compromised and did a mix of both. I also decided to put jiji and Kogits on the back shelf for now, but I might see if I can’t get them another riser for some extra height… I definitely hope to add more Touken Ranbu nendos to this shelf in the future >u>

Two swordboy nendos in particular that I'm eagerly awaiting updates on are Higekiri ITEM #604399 and Kasen Kanesada ITEM #604403. I didn't really give the characters much thought when I first saw their designs, but Katsugeki and Hanamaru really endeared me to them, brief as their appearances were in each. Since Yamatonokami came out so well, I can't wait to see how Kasen and Higekiri look!

As for the boys I'd like to someday add to my tiny citadel, I've already started a list.... LIST #93253

Anyway, I think that’s about it for now. God willing my next review won’t be until January, when figma Joker ITEM #464590 comes in. (but i s2g if i see another swordboy nendo ive been wanting for a decent price, lord help my wallet…)

And so, the summer(?) of endless anime purchases finally comes to a close… If you've been reading all of these, thanks for reading!
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So cute ^^
Thanks for the review and skits! xD
1 year ago
ahh i relate so much!
i did have some bg info on tkrb but never played it and only watched hanamaru + katsugeki
but after hanamaru kashuu is now my #1 and i never thought i'd even have a #1 ;__;

yasusada looks so cute <3 thank you for the review!
1 year ago
airportlights (1 year ago) #27454740
I have never played the game (I don't know anything about VPNs or Japanese and really, I don't have the time), but adored both Hanamaru and Katsugeki. A large part of my figure collection is now sword boys despite never even having played the game, it makes me feel like a bit of a poser, but they're so cute!

[...] The trouble with sword boys is that if you don't have a bias from playing the game, it's hard to know which ones will charm you until an anime comes out!

I bought my first swordboy figure way before the anime was out, so I definitely know the feeling of being a poser lmao... I tried playing Touken Ranbu Pocket on my bf's ipad when that came out (I have a jp itunes account) and even with my Japanese degree I have a hard time playing it! I was really glad when Hanamaru started airing so I could actually feel like I go here, haha...

And yeah, I am deeeeefinitely feeling that anime bias right around now... I was already biased toward Mikazuki and Kogitsunemaru (Nendo Mikazuki was my first exposure to TR and I wanted to buy him even without knowing a thing about it, haha!) but now with the animes I'm discovering so many more swordboys I like... and even changing my mind about some I liked less!
1 year ago
Yasusada is so cute. I hope he stays the MC in Hanamaru 2.
1 year ago
I really liked this review! I also love Yams to death and considered getting this nendo, but I have his full scale and Nendo petit, so I didn't want to get too crazy!

I have never played the game (I don't know anything about VPNs or Japanese and really, I don't have the time), but adored both Hanamaru and Katsugeki. A large part of my figure collection is now sword boys despite never even having played the game, it makes me feel like a bit of a poser, but they're so cute!

I just got the Izumi nendo- if you're looking for not-insane prices, I saw some reasonably priced ones on Yahoo Japan auctions :) I'm sure he'll either get a re-release with Hanamaru hype or his price will come down. The trouble with sword boys is that if you don't have a bias from playing the game, it's hard to know which ones will charm you until an anime comes out!
1 year ago
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