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BOOK OFF in Japan

akarinakarin1 month agoDiary
ok so I actually went to this place 3 weeks ago, but didn't realize it had a 2nd floor, "HOBBY OFF" and low and behold, I actually found some anime merchandise. (1st floor has.....books.....lol)

pic dump




my grilssssssss



so expensive yikes



apologies for the crap photos I kinda didn't wanna be seen since they were actually following me a little for a while lmao

tomorrow a group and I are going to animate so I'll prob take more crap photos. if anyone's interested in using me as a proxy for something there, lmk now since idk when I'll check mfc again. pm me for details tho since there are some technicalities to take into consideration...

also, if I'm allowed to advertise (prob not cuz MFC is shit nowadays), I'm offering a small proxy service to earn a bit of pay for food, lol. I realized I spend way too much $ on snacks, so I'd like to get some snack cash if possible D; info: club/72/discuss...

BOOK OFF is within walking distance for me, but animate's far, meaning I'd prob not go often because i'm surprisingly a busy person now lmao.

thanks for reading and sorry for the shit writing I'll try to be a bit better next time ; v ;
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I'm so salty how come so many people in the comments live in Japan ;_;
1 month ago
You guys can also check out the location on their website: www.bookoff.co.... and look by prefecture (if you can't read the kanji just do a google translate). It has all the locations for each type of "Off" store and by what you want that store to carry.

I went to almost any I could get to while I was there. The best is Book Off I found was Book Off Super Bazaar. So much stuff of every kind! Found so many figures, merch and artbooks at great prices. The other great part is the condition is fantastic.
1 month ago
Book Off is generally a neat store to visit. Lots of stuff and generally good prices.
1 month ago
akarin (1 month ago) #27464923In Kyushu! No where close to Akiba haha

Lol aw man! Was hoping it was the Akiba one because it looks so good X'D
1 month ago
Hobby Off is a great store, I just love the items they sell and their prices. It's quite similar to Mandarake in my opinion.
Book Off is amazing too, not just for books, but for videogames and animes boxes/Dvds/Blurays too.
This makes me want to go back to Japan again soon!
1 month ago
I'm in Kyushu as well! Please let me know where this is for future reference!!
1 month ago
Where is this located in Japan?
1 month ago
Jealous.... I live in the sticks in Japan so we don't have a "Hobby Off" (we have "Book Off", "Garage Off", "Hard Off", and one other "Off" though (^o^)).
1 month ago
R_Kasahara ( =₃=)*
Love Book-Off so much! If you're ever in NYC, there's one in Midtown, not far from Bryant Park and Times Square. There's also some here on the West Coast; sadly, the Honolulu stores are disappointing, but I hear the SoCal ones are pretty great.

They certainly don't beat Book-Off in Japan, though. The Super Bazaar in downtown Hiroshima is a must-visit, and I really like the Ikebukuro store, too. Doubt I'll ever make it to Kyushu, but it's good to know that there's a great Book-Off there as well :D
1 month ago
I LOVE Book-Off!! I've never been to a hobby-off but I really wanna find one next time I go to Japan ;-;

There was a Book-Off Bazaar two train stops over from where I was staying near Tokyo, and they had a little of everything there. Aside from the usual books, music, and games, they also sold used toys, sports equipment, clothes, and anime merch! I spent an entirely unreasonable amount of money there during my four months in Japan, haha... but I also found a lot of figures I wasn't able to find anywhere else!

I wanna visit Book-off again someday ;u;
1 month ago
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